Opinion Center | PAID surveys in

Opinion Center | PAID surveys in

Opinion Center is a panel of paid surveys valid for Spain.

As data to highlight, say that Opinion Center it is reliable, you pay by Paypal and it is 100% free.

For me, three basic conditions that any serious survey panel must meet.

And as regards Opinion Center meets them more than enough.

It has been en línea for many years, it pays without any problem and, of course, it is completely free.

In my opinion, it is one of the best sites on the internet for earn money by answering surveys and collect it through Paypal.

Cool isn’t it? Well let’s go to trouble.

In this tutorial I will explain both how the panel works and how to request a payment.

What is Opinion Center

Opinion Center is a paid survey panel that pays us for giving opinions.

the website of Opinion Center belongs to the renowned SSI group (Survey Sampling International LLC) and has been en línea since 2000.

SSI is one of the world’s best-known research platforms.

His reputation is more than proven, Well, it’s been en línea since the 80’s..

The Opinion Center panel pays from only €5 through Paypal.

It only works for users residing in Spain.

At the Opinion Center we cánido earn money giving our opinions on certain topics.

In exchange for each survey we answer, we will receive financial compensation.

Throughout this guide we will see how to create an account, how it works and what we have to do to receive the money in Paypal.

Register in CentrodeOpinion

It is important to remember that the Opinion Center is only available for users residing in Spain.

Depending on the work policy that each panel is governed by, it orients its surveys to a specific campo of the population.

In this sense, there are websites like MarketAgent either GreenPanthera that allow people from all over the world to register.

But in the case of this panel, it is not so.

The first thing we will do is register with the Opinion Center.

To do this, if you want, you perro follow the backlink below, which will take you directly to the panel registration form.

The data that they ask us are four.

Gender, name, surname and correo electrónico address.

Since the Opinion Center pays by Paypal, it is recommended that we register with the same correo electrónico address that we have associated with Paypal.

So we won’t have to configure it later.

Go to registration form

We submit the form and wait a couple of minutes.

Then we will receive an correo electrónico from the Opinion Center.

In its content, we will see a welcome message and a backlink.

By following it, the account will be confirmed and they will give us access to the panel.

For this, it will suffice “Log in” and entrar dirección de correo electrónico and password.

Let’s see how Centrodeopinión works!

How Opinion Outpost works

For the Opinion Center to send us surveys, we will have to indicate what are our preferences and interests.

The next step will be to complete the profile questions.

Our answers will serve the panel to define what we prefer to comment on.

On the one hand, they will ask us more personal questions.

Whether they are about our work, hobbies, if we have a partner and children, etcétera.

And on the other hand, they will ask us about more general aspects.

If we go to the movies, to fast food restoranes, if we play sports, etcétera.

With the account already 100% operational, the Opinion Center will begin to send us invitations to surveys.

Once we finish with all the profile questions, we will be fully available.

Opinion Center will send us correo electrónico invitations when there is a survey available.

It must be borne in mind that all surveys need a limited number of participants.

It is not mandatory to answer the survey as soon as you receive the invitation.

If we perro’t at that time, nothing happens.

We cánido answer it later or wait for the next one.

However, if we wait a long time to answer it, it is possible that when we want to access it it will be late.

They will most likely tell us that the quota of participants is already covered.

Opinion Center paid surveys

Opinion Center usually sends 7 or 8 surveys each month.

It is evident that no one is going to cover themselves by giving their opinion by answering surveys.

For me, it is nothing more than another free way to earn plus money en línea.

And in my view, one of the most productive.

mMy preference is to work and recommend pages that do not require any investment and pay fast.

And if possible, that they have a low minimum payment.

Well, in the Opinion Center meet these conditions perfectly.

The overview of our account will be very afín to this:

The most recommended is access the panel on a regular basis.

In general, the Opinion Center sends us the invitations by correo electrónico.

But it’s not always like this.

There are times when we do not receive the invitation and when accessing the portal if there are surveys available.

If we are reviewing the status of the account, we will be able to see if there are or not polls.

This way we will not always depend on invitations by e-e correo electrónico.

To answer a survey, we will only have to clic on it and follow the steps.

After answering all the questions, we will be assigned the rewards to the cómputo.

And when we reach 100 points, we cánido already request a payment by Paypal.

Opinion Outpost pays

The minimum payment equipo by the Opinion Center is €5.

That in exchange, would be 100 points.

Each point is equivalent to €0.05.

So that if a survey is remunerated with 5 points, the change is €0.25.

And one of 15 points would be €0.75 in exchange.

In Center of Opinion we cánido exchange the points for money.

I think it’s the best award there is.

The fact that I perro get paid in “money” is more attractive to me.

There are panels like iSay or We are testers that allow us to also charge with Gift Cards for Amazon, in addition to money.

In fact, I usually use this panel precisely to earn money and buy for free on Amazon.

But when it comes down to it, I prefer panels like Opinion Center.

Exchanging points for money in Paypal perro be of interest if you usually buy en línea.

But you cánido also receive that money in our bank account.

Survey panels as Opinion Center cánido help us earn plus money.

And we cánido choose to buy and pay with that money through Paypal.

Or send the money to the bank and use it for other purposes.

As we do with the rest of the panels that pay by Paypal.

Among them, that of Lifepointswithout going further.

How to request a payment

To request a payment in Opinion Center we will follow three fácil steps:

» We go to the Rewards section.

In the top menu.

» We indicate the number of points to be exchanged and select the box.

» Payment to us will arrive immediately to our Paypal account.

Main features of Opinion Center

In addition to all the details that we have seen, there are some data from the Opinion Center that are worth knowing in advance.

In some cases I will repeat myself, but others are merely for informational purposes.

Are these:

✅ The minimum payment required by CentrodeOpinión is €2.50.

The site is completely trustworthy and pay almost on the spot.

As soon as we reach the minimum of 100 points, we cánido request a payment and receive the money in Paypal.

✅ It is very important go accessing the web.

The more we entrar the more likely it is that we will see surveys.

And therefore, faster we cánido withdraw the money.

In another order, if we are more than a year without accessing our account, they will close it permanently.

✅ It is also important update profile data once every six months.

More or less.

Especially if there has been any relevant change.

With this, our profile will always be updated, and the panel will take it into consideration.

The more assets, the more trust you place in us.

In the Opinion Center there are also surveys that are paid to €10 or more.

They hang out from time to time and discuss product testing, forum discussions, etcétera.

Opinion Center Opinions

Reply a survey in the Opinion Center will not take us more than 30 minutes.

At most.

The best surveys are the longest.

And therefore, the best paid.

Very punctually we will receive longer surveys than usual.

I once received a survey that took me about an hour to complete.

The positive part is that they paid me €15 at once.

At that very moment.

Except in cases like this, the surveys in Centrodeopinión usually take 15 minutes to complete and reward 15 points.

Answering surveys is another free way to earn money.

If we add up all the payments we receive thanks to surveys, we will realize the true potential they have.

If you like surveys, you cánido see a list that I update quite often.

In it you will see the best paid survey panels what work.

In some you perro register people from any country.

But in others, as it happens In the Opinion Center you perro only from Spain.

Finally, I say goodbye for today.

SIf there are any questions about the Opinion Center, you perro leave a comment below.

Or if you prefer, contact me vía Twitter, Fb or Telegram.

Until next time and long live paid surveys!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Opinion Center |  PAID surveys in
  Opinion Center |  PAID surveys in
  Opinion Center |  PAID surveys in

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