Opinion Bureau pays

Opinion Bureau pays

Hello beautiful people! Today I bring you good news and it is that Opinion Bureau pays. You remember Opinion Bureau, right? is a survey page belonging to a market research company based in India.

In case you do not want to continue reading (which I do not recommend) you perro read the articulo I made for Opinion Bureau here.

But if you have decided to continue reading me, then perfect!, you will know the time that passes since you request the payment, how many surveys they send in a month and many more things that will help you not to get nervous when you work with Opinion Bureau.

But first of all, I’m going to leave you the proof of payment. In it you cánido see that I have not been charged anything for feeds (rare thing in PayPal).

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As you will remember, Opinion Bureau belongs to Internet Research Bureaua large multinational market research company based in India, exactly in New Delhi. Opinion Bureau is present in 17 countries, and operating since 2011

His minimum payment is 10 eurosbut it is easy to achieve, since for the registration will give us the not inconsiderable amount of 6 euros (5 per registration and 1 more when filling out a small survey).

The oldest Opinion Bureau’s strength is its referral system. they will pay us one euro for each direct referral who completes their first survey (the initial survey).

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After this little reminder, it must be said, to be honest, that although Opnion Boureau pays, its number of monthly surveys is quite low, perhaps due to the needs of the parent company (to which Opnion Boureau belongs). That is why we have to be patient.

Another issue in which we have to be patient is the issue of collection. It took them a month to pay me, from when I requested it until today. I was already thinking of crossing out the scam page, but talking to other colleagues they told me that it was habitual. Yesterday they sent me an correo electrónico to my correo electrónico with a backlink in which I would have to put a code that they provided me through the same dirección de correo electrónico. I suppose it would be to verify that it really was me. Here is the correo electrónico they sent me:

After receiving this correo electrónico, The money has reached my PayPal account in 24 hours.

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We have verified that Opinion Bureau paysIt takes a while, but it pays. they put few surveys, but well paid. Therefore, it is a page that we have to have yes or yes, it will take up little time and with its referral system we perro earn good money. If you want to register you perro do it from this banner. A greeting and many successes friends!

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 Opinion Bureau pays
  Opinion Bureau pays
  Opinion Bureau pays

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