Opinion and Earn pays up to €5 per survey

Opinion and Earn pays up to €5 per survey

Give your opinion and win is part of the world’s largest en línea survey company.

Every year they reward hundreds of thousands of people for speaking up.

Last year, more than a million people managed to earn money with the surveys of this panel.

This company is part of Research Now, one of the largest companies in the en línea survey industry.

It was founded in 1999 and is committed to offering its users a fun and easy way to do paid research.

Opine y Gane allows some companies to know the opinion of potential customers and thus be able to refine what we will see in stores.

And for the usuario it is a fast, fácil and free way to earn money without much effort.

How to register in Opine y Gane?

To register in Opine y Gane you must be over 15 years of age and live in Spain.

Registration on this page is easy, you cánido do it in two minutes.

What you must fill in are: name, surname, postal code, date of birth, correo electrónico, password and gender.

After completing this procedure you will receive an correo electrónico confirming your account, you must clic on said correo electrónico to activate it.

To fully validate your account you must complete your profile.

It is important to know that Opine y Gane is totally reliable since it complies with the data protection law, and thus our data will not be shared with anyone.

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How to conduct surveys in Opine y Gane?

It is extremely fácil, every time there is a survey available for you, you will receive an correo electrónico.

The payment of these surveys will depend on the duration and difficulty.

Some cánido last 5 minutes, these are paid from €0.50 to €0.75.

And the best paid are those that last 20-25 minutes that cost €2.

But there are also special surveys that pay up to €5.

When receiving a survey, they inform us of the duration and the money that we will receive before carrying it out.

If you want to receive more surveys, you must take into account your profile, since there will not always be surveys available to you if it is not completed correctly.

Something very important that Opine y Gane offers us is that we cánido carry out surveys from anywhere, and it has a mobile application available for Android and Mac Les.

How does Opine y Gane pay?

The payment on this page is very reliable, these are electronic gifts, so you will receive them immediately.

When requesting them, the page will ask you for a telephone number where you will receive a message to proceed with the confirmation.

This procedure will be carried out only once, this is a security measure for the usuario.

It is important to know that this page does not pay by Paypal, and its cash prizes are non-existent (at the moment).

But their survey payments are very well paid.

They pay with gift vouchers to spend at Amazon, Zalando, El Corte Ingles, you perro also win Compliment Tiques that are accepted in almost all stores and supermarkets and if you like movies, you cánido get free tiques.


Opine y Gane is an extremely reliable page, with well-paid surveys, easy to use and with transparency in its conditions.

You have to keep in mind that your payments are by check and gift vouchers.

So if you are satisfied with all of the above, you cánido easily register and win a voucher on Amazon.

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 Opinion and Earn pays up to €5 per survey
  Opinion and Earn pays up to €5 per survey
  Opinion and Earn pays up to €5 per survey

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