Onlyfans | ways to earn money

Onlyfans | ways to earn money

Well, if you have come this far, it is surely because the possibility of make money with onlyfansa platform that, although it has become known worldwide for the monetization of erotic content, the truth is that it perro become a profitable business whatever the category or niche.

Just to be clear, there are thousands of content creators on Onlyfans who have nothing to do with sexual content.

We have photographers, trainers, tutorial creators, and more who make a pretty good living using this platform.

So if you are a creator of original content, you cánido continue reading the article to find out how Onlyfans works and, above all, the options available to get a financial return on it.

All the ways to earn money on Onlyfans

We are talking about a subscription platform, people will pay to subscribe to your content.

Therefore you must offer something unique and different enough to make it worthwhile for someone to pay to consume it.

Obviously, if you create an account with the aim of earning money, getting more and more subscribers will increase your earnings, also for each subscription renewal the usuario will continue to pay, so it is important to update the content.

In addition to the main topic, which is subscriptions, there are several other ways to earn money on Onlyfans without showing your face, which we will review below.

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We espectáculo you all the options that exist to make the most of your account totally free.

with consejos

If you offer quality and attractive content, you perro create a good source of income by receiving consejos from your subscribers.

The operation of this system is fácil.

We will only have to clic on the dollar sign that we find in each publication to enable consejos.

The minimum amount that each subscriber cánido send you is 5 dollars and they will do it through direct messages.

referral system

The Onlyfans referral program rewards content creators who recommend the platform to other potential creators.

Through a unique backlink that they will provide us, we perro invite other users to join. The referral commission is 5% of the money invested by each creator without limit.


It is essentially a limited time offer system.

A creator, whether of adult content or another, offers offers such as discounts, product samples, etcétera.

All for a limited time and for a price much lower than that of its origin.

This section, as you will understand, is especially attractive for accounts with thousands of followers, since we are going to reach a greater number of potential buyers.

Brand Ads

Brands often contact content creators to offer collaborations.

For recording a vídeo, showing photos of the product or talking about it in a publication.

All this in exchange for an economic remuneration previously agreed with the brand.

It is one of the most conventional and efficient ways to earn money en línea.

with the affiliation

Affiliate marketing is another good option to monetize an account for free.

Here we will offer products or services that users perro buy.

For each sale made we will take a commission that will depend on the offer offered by said campaign.

With exclusive PPV content

Pay per view, that is the PPV.

We share messages or exclusive material for users who want to pay to see it.

For a small amount, the usuario will have access to personalized publications, such as images, vídeos, podcasts, etcétera.

Once again the value content comes to the fore, it is evident that if you do not offer it, nobody is going to pay to hire this type of service.

What do you need to start earning money on Onlyfans?

Earning money on Onlyfans is within the reach of anyone but it is not easy.

After creating an account you must equipo the price and then most importantly, create content, the more the better.

If you start from scratch it is important that you start to create a community, otherwise you will die of disgust.

– Promote your account on popular networks; use other popular networks to make yourself known and thus attract new subscribers.

– Create a blog; it is a powerful tool.

Use a blog to talk about what you do in Onlyfans, encouraging them to entrar your account to discover the content, you have to leave them with honey on their lips.

– Contact other accounts; Create collaborations with other accounts on the same theme, no matter how many subscribers they have.

The important thing is to increase your visibility.

How much do you earn on Onlyfans

The million dollar question and obvious answer, it depends.

Yes, there are people who earn very large amounts with their Onlyfans accounts but it is not usual.

Monetized account example

It is a very powerful tool, but as it happens in other popular networks, everything will depend on the number of followers that we are able to agglutinate.

The more subscribers, the more money, it is that fácil and complicated at the same time.

Therefore there is no convincing answer to the question.

The important thing is to focus on creating your community without thinking at first about the money you are earning, only then cánido you reach a moderately lucrative goal.

Opinions about earning money with Onlyfans

When you think of Onlyfans you only see half-naked girls who earn a lot of money for showing their bodies to their thousands of subscribers, but this popular network goes much further.

Whatever campo you touch, you will be able to monetize your content as long as you offer an interesting service for a good number of people.

As it happens in other popular networks, creating a wide community is an arduous task.

You have to dedicate time and move well in many technological areas but with patience and good work you cánido get what you want.

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 Onlyfans |  ways to earn money
  Onlyfans |  ways to earn money
  Onlyfans |  ways to earn money

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