On the rise or On the rise How do you write?

On the rise or On the rise How do you write?

Upward or Upward?

They are two words that bring with them a great doubt when writing and speaking, today we will tell you which is the correct form with some examples.

Please note the following:

“Upward” = is the valid expression that we must use, it is used to communicate something, whether it is material or not, it proves or is an effect of an increase, increase or promotion.

Here syneresis is properly presupposed to thecomposed of the prefix to and the article hethat is, the addition to + the.

Here are some examples:

  • Is incredible! Within a few weeks we noticed a great upward performance of our organic traffic.
  • The opposition party has an upward support, while the official one each time goes down.
  • I find it curious that all stocks for the day have remained higher.
  • Migration from the neighboring country continues to rise.
  • It is shameful that every year the basic needs go up.

For what reason is it used?

He intends to finish rise because it begins with a tonic “a”, that is, it focuses on the first vowel with great pronunciation strength.

Just as it happens with hunger, fairy, water and other nouns, the rule is that the form be used he and not the: “The rise”.

This rule supports the development of the word from its root in Latin.

The writing, coming from the demonstrative illaenters the Spanish language as the Aand used to disappear and initial in front of the consonant the and the to terminal in front of an unstressed or stressed vowel he. so that it was expressed home, the sword, Water.

With the passage of time up to the present day, only this same use of the article in the feminine against nouns with to initial tonic, just like how it runs with he rise.

It should be noted that, although there is a resemblance, in this circumstance, he It is not the masculine article but a formal variation of the feminine writing.

Consequently, the noun it follows will continue to be in the feminine class and must correctly match the adjectives that accompany it.

Here are some examples:

  • We cánido see a strong upward trend in the price of bitcoin.
  • They study the upward projection seen yesterday in the market.

This has been all you need to know about the correct use of upward.

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 On the rise or On the rise How do you write?
  On the rise or On the rise How do you write?
  On the rise or On the rise How do you write?

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