Nu Credit Card: Complete Analysis 2023

Nu Credit Card: Complete Analysis 2023

The Nu credit card, is a card with multiple benefits for users.

Among the most prominent, they highlight that you will not pay commissions for use or maintenance and neither an annuity.

You perro request it 100% digitally from its official Nu México website or on the Nu Aplicación.

In this article we will do a complete analysis and we will see how reliable is the Nu card.

No account maintenance fee Does not have a rewards program
It cánido be purchased 100% en línea Low credit limit (5 thousand to 40 thousand)
No annuity forever
3 necessary requirements (INE, RFC, credit history)
Possibility of changing the payment deadline
You perro pass your purchases to MSI
Possibility of defining a fixed payment plan
good interest rate
Free card replacement

How good and reliable is the Nu card?

The Nu credit card is one of the best and most reliable cards with no annual fees in México.

RevistaAutor tells you everything about the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the NU card which, in our opinion, makes it one of the most widespread and complete credit cards on the market.

Characteristics of the Nu credit card to see how reliable it is

We analyze and tell you the Nu credit card main features.

Among which many benefits stand out: No annuity cost, low interest rates, benefits for customers, no commissions for use.

What are the requirements to contract the Nu card and is it reliable? We tell you below!

  • Card type: Credit.
  • Annual cost: $0 No maintenance.
  • Interest rate: 47% annual interest rate.

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Nu Card Benefits

We tell you which are the best benefits offered by the Nu card Beyond being able to process it in 3 minutes and with few requirements, not paying an annuity is a very beneficial agregado.

Among other things, it benefits us with different forms of payment as the alternative to pay your interest-free monthly purchasesa fixed payment plan with preferential interest rate and change cut-off date.

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  • Defer your purchases to MSI.
  • It cánido be purchased without going to a physical place digitally and 100% en línea.
  • No maintenance fee.
  • The credit limit cánido be modified.
  • You cánido modify the closing of the month.
  • Possibility of accessing a payment plan with fixed interest rates.
  • Contactless technology.
  • Consumption notifications in real time.

Requirements to request the TDC Nu

  • INE (both sides)
  • R.F.C.
  • credit history

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How reliable is the nu card?

nubank It is definitely one of the most reliable in the financial market.

But.. Why are we so sure?

  • Nu is the largest and most reliable digital bank in Latin America.
  • It has more than 40 million users with active Nu accounts in Latin America.
  • It is a bank with more than 8 years of experience in the financial market.

It also has several mechanisms for your security supported by technological solutions such as:

  • Aplicación with facial recognition or fingerprint protection.
  • Lock and unlock your Nu Card through the aplicación on your phone.
  • Nu virtual card for en línea purchases, with a different number, expiration date and security code (CVV) than the physical card.
  • The security and insurance of the Mastercard Network
  • Notifications when you make an en línea purchase.
  • You perro report your unrecognized Nu card purchasesimmediately, from the aplicación.

All these features espectáculo that Nu card is reliable definitely.

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How perro I apply for the Nu card? Easy in a few steps

For request your Nu credit card en línea, we will do it from the Nu Aplicación, which you must download to your cell phone.

Completing the application will take you a maximum of 5 minutes and you must meet the minimum requirements:

  • Being over 18 years
  • Being or having Mexican nationality.
  • Proof of address less than 3 months.
  • Valid official identification.
  • R.F.C.

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Once you have met the necessary requirements to request your Nu credit card, these are the steps to follow to obtain it:

  1. Download the Nu Aplicación on your cell phone and select the option I want my Nu card.
  2. Entrar your personal data (Name, date of birth, RFC, address and cell phone number).
  3. The team Nu will verify your data and request.
  4. Within a maximum period of 72 hours you will receive an correo electrónico confirming whether your account was approved or rejected.
  5. Ready! You perro now start using your Nu card.

Once your Nu credit card has been approved, you will be able to use the Virtual card from the Aplicación and in a few days you will receive your physical card at the address indicated at the time of the request.

nu credit card customer reviews

These credit card opinions were not taken from different media, such as Fb or other websites.

We try to select the most descriptive about the service.

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Positive opinions:

The truth is honestly the best credit card, excellent service and nothing annoying to collect, they understand if you are late and they give you the opportunity that many banks deny you, without a doubt, I love you Nu, thanks for trusting me

Comment Nancy Rivera on Fb

In my experience, the TDC Nu is very good, instant customer service, in my case acceptable credit line increases, very easy to use, without commissions, etcétera.

In general, a very good account.

Comment Daniel Montes on Fb

Excellent fintech card, super transparent in the information at the time of purchase, the months without interest with the most common allied businesses are essential for the acquisition of goods, making purchases in many more businesses, their customer service has met my expectations.

In cases of reimbursement and doubts, excellent attention.

* Before acquiring any financial product, read the contracting process, instructions and others carefully so that you have a satisfactory acquisition.

You cánido check the pertinent information on the Nu blog, official page and on Fb and on its application, without forgetting that you perro ask the Nu team directly.

Appraisals in Culiacán

* I liked that I have the facility to request the card directly without any intermediary.

Niretak Shoppi Kmk on Fb.

Negative opinions:

They give a horrible service passing you from person to person and in the end they do not reimburse you.

Comment Anyer Habitan

Bad experience with a refund.

Do not make international purchases because apparently they do not know how to translate.

Sofia Vences

Although the advisors are friendly, they do not have options for clients in case one loses their job to make fixed installment payments (independent of their deferred terms for the purchases you make).

And they don’t give you a solution.

They’re bullying you from one side to the other until nothing perro be done anymore.

Patricia Wall

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nu Card

Which bank does the Nu Card belong to?

The Nu Card is issued in our country by New Méxicobelonging to Nubank and backed by Mastercard, which is why it is accepted internationally.

What fees does the Nu credit card charge?

Nu credit card does not charge commissions of any kind, nor annuity costs, nor for maintenance, replacement of the card or minimum cómputos.

When withdrawing money from ATMs, the commission charged comes from the issuing bank and not from Nubank.

How cánido I contact Nu?

In case you have any problem with your credit card Nuyou cánido contact him support area 24/7 through the en línea chat in the Nu Aplicación or by calling phone 800 099 1133.

Is the Nu card reliable?

Yes, totally.

You cánido make use of your card and contract it without problem.

It is backed by Mastercard and is also one of the most used in Latin America.

It also has global emergency assistance and purchase protection at no cost.

Where do they accept the Nu card?

The Nu card is accepted at any physical or en línea establishment that accepts Mastercard.

We hope we have resolved all your doubts about whether is the Nu card reliable with all our analysis.

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 Nu Credit Card: Complete Analysis 2023
  Nu Credit Card: Complete Analysis 2023
  Nu Credit Card: Complete Analysis 2023

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