Novatechfx Pay or is it a Scam

Novatechfx Pay or is it a Scam

Does Novatechfx pay or is it a scam? If you are looking for a platform to invest and you have come across this company Novatechfx then you came to the right place, because here we will analyze this company and we will see some very important points about it.

Is NovaTech a scam? Is it advisable to invest money with this company? Should I trust NovaTech and invest my money there? That is why you are here, we will help you determine, based on the analysis of many investment experts who have carried out and the criticism of some investors who are dedicated to this type of business, if it is a reliable company or not.

Novatechfx Features

  • Foundation: A stranger
  • Regulation: Not regulated
  • Broker type: Forex, Futures, Cryptocurrencies and CFDs
  • Platform: MT5
  • Available in Spanish?: No
  • Location: A stranger
  • Bonuses or promotions: Unmentioned
  • Minimum deposit: Unmentioned
  • Leverage: Unmentioned
  • Deposit Options: Card, y también-wallets, bank transfer
  • Withdrawal Options: The same with which the money was deposited
  • Demo account: Unmentioned
  • CFD’s: Yeah
  • Cryptocurrencies: Yeah
  • Binary Options: No
  • Gold: Yeah
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etcétera): Yeah
  • Actions (stocks): Yeah
  • Raw materials (commodities): Yeah
  • Withdrawal Fees: not specified
  • Deposit fee: not specified
  • Withdrawal fee: not specified
  • Novatechfx FAQ: No

What is Novatechfx and how does it work?

NovaTech is a forex broker, Futures, cryptocurrencies and CFD’s. NovaTech is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Estonia and the United States, although this information is more than likely false. This company is part of unknown.

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NovaTech It is a company that also provides a currency and cryptocurrency trading platform to people who want to invest, according to them they are the best in the market, this company has been operating in the market for about two years.

The platform promises its investors high commissions and the best PIP Spreads, on the other hand we all know that when it comes to investment and risk no company perro promise you anything safe.

Novatechfx account types

The NovaTech platform has six different investment packages, these include the Builder package, the Bronze package, the Silver package, the Gold package, the Platinum package, and the VIP package. Each of them has a different investment of money.

Minimum investment in Novatechfx

The minimum investment in Novatechfx for these packages is $99, $500, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000 respectively. A very important fact that you should keep in mind is that all these packages have a monthly service fee of $25, except the VIP package. Also, the accounts include PAMM accounts with all services included.

Fund Regulation and Safety at Novatechfx

This is the most important and definitive part, the biggest warning sign about any company is its regulatory status, that is, if the company does not have regulation from an accredited body, it is definitely not advisable to invest our money in such a platform. An unregulated company perro do whatever it wants with our money.

Because regulatory bodies guarantee that companies have adequate banking, that is, that this allows the company to offer the security of its investors’ funds, without regulation a company cannot guarantee the security of your money.

Novatechfx pays or is it really a scam

As we mentioned before on the subject of regulation, for a company to maintain certain criteria and achieve its objective, it is obvious that it must pay, at least to the first investors, which is typical of what happens with this type of platform.

The company comes out new, it pays the first people who invest their money, these people then invite others because they have already recovered their money, and when the chain gets bigger this is where they disappear with all the money from the users.

This company not being regulated cánido do that without problem at any timeThat is why many people who are dedicated to investment do not recommend it, because it is a very high risk to invest money on that platform.

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Novatechfx opinions and final recommendations

Although the Novatechfx company is currently not a scam, although it may be paying, it has all the appearances and conditions of becoming one, so my final recommendation is that if you escoge to invest your money, don’t get excited if they pay you, get your money invested and reinvest your earnings, so if the company stops paying you’ve only lost your earnings.

On the other hand, if you are a person who cannot afford to lose what you have saved, then do not invest your money there, this is only for people with investment capacity and who do not mind losing some money in this company. new tech.

Novatechfx in Spanish Vídeo tutorial

Visit the official page of Novatechfx.

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 Novatechfx Pay or is it a Scam
  Novatechfx Pay or is it a Scam
  Novatechfx Pay or is it a Scam

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