Nielsen consumer panel | computers

Nielsen consumer panel | computers

Learn how to earn money passively with Nielsen consumer panel.

Receive rewards for installing the application and using your devices as you normally do.

Nielsen Panel is one of those platforms that will allow us earn money passively.

Unlike other platforms, we don’t need to complete paid surveys, do paid tasks, or watch ads.

Strictly speaking, Nielsen Panel will pay us to use our mobile devices as we normally do.

Your application evaluates our behaviors and some data about our devices.

And in exchange for such data we will receive a reward.

So it is a very fácil way to earn money.

But, despite its ease, this is one of those platforms that generates a lot of doubts among users and more because it seems that there is not much information about this panel, at least in Spanish.

If you want to know more about Nielsen Consumer Panel, stay until the end of this articulo.

What is Nielsenpanel?

Nielsen is a company dedicated to market research and consumer behavior since 1923.

The company is dedicated to collecting data about the products that users buy in our homes, and our behavior on the web: the pages we visit, their frequency , etcétera.

The latter is called Nielsen Computer Mobile Panel.

It is an application that we cánido download to our devices and it will monitor all our behavior on the web (without accessing private data) for changes in rewards that will depend on the country in which you are.

As such it is not a paid survey site, but collects data through a mobile or computer application in a passive way.

The aplicación is only available for the United States, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

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Sign up for Nielsen Panel

Registering on this platform is fácil and has no cost.

Go to the initial platform and follow the next steps:

  • Register and confirm your correo electrónico with the verification message that will come to it.

  • Complete some profile questions, which have to do especially with demographic information.
  • Indicates and registers the devices on which you want to have the application.

  • Install the aplicación on your devices.

  • Login to the application from your devices.

    Once you have logged in, you cánido start earning money passively.

About the Nielsen Panel Aplicación

After you have installed the Nielsen aplicación, it will work in the background collecting basic data about you, especially about your behavior on the web, activity on those sites, performance and battery life of our devices, among all things.

Due to its characteristics, the application itself is lightweight, so it won’t take up too much space on our devices.

Nielsen panel rewards

Rewards work differently in each country.

In general, it perro generate up to $50 annually for literally doing nothing.

It works through a scoring system that perro be exchanged for prizes. 800 points are equal to $5 and this is the minimum amount to make withdrawals.

Nielsen Panel does not support Paypal, but they do support gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, and Objetivo (although this may vary by country).

Nielsen Panel also gives away $10,000 per month which is shared among 400 winners.

The top two winners receive $1,000, earnings that may vary depending on the country.

How the Nielsen Computer dashboard works

Nielsen Panel Mobile Computer cánido be used on different devices: computers, laptops, tabletas and teléfonos inteligentes.

However, having more registered devices will not earn more, at least not in the long term.

The most a usuario cánido earn per year is $50.

But more devices if it cánido allow you to earn more points monthly and more chances of belonging to the 400 winners of the draw.

Really, everything is as fácil as installing the application and using our devices as we normally do.

At the end of the month, we will be able to see the points we have generated.

Frequent questions

This platform generates many questions, especially since there is not much information about it in Spanish.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Nielsen Panel:

Is Nielsen Panel safe?

Of course, we are talking about a market research company that has been in this field for many years (90 years) and has a great reputation, something that greatly supports the application.

Also, many users on the web recommend Nielsen Panel.

Does the Nielsen Consumer Panel pay?

As we said in the previous question, Nielsen Panel is reliable.

And on the web you will find various proofs of payment that verify their reliability.

On which devices does the aplicación work?

Nielsen works on virtually all smart devices: computers, laptops, tabletas, and teléfonos inteligentes.

In which countries is this dashboard available?

It is only available in the United States, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

How much perro you earn at Nielsen Computer Panel?

Earning may vary per month: $5 or more.

The truth is that the profit limit per year is $50.

Is it necessary to fill out a survey to earn money?

No, as Nielsen Consumer Panel is not a paid survey site.

She passively collects data through an aplicación on our devices.

What kind of information does this site collect?

Nielsen does not collect any sensitive private data: credit cards, IDs, passwords, form content, among others.

What’s more, all the data you collect from our devices is done without linking our names to the data, it’s completely anonymous.

Things like names, family members, and dates of birth are only collected for demographic purposes and to further understand the composition of the household.

The application collects data on:

  • The websites we visit.

  • The time that we remain in said sites.

  • The time of day we visited them.

  • Our general activity on the web.

  • Date, time and duration of telephone calls (without associating telephone numbers).

  • Battery and network performance.

Does Nielsen Panel work for Spain?

No, Nielsen does not work for Spain, but in the United States, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong.

The only Spanish or Spanish-speaking users who cánido participate in the application are those who radica in those countries.

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The Nielsen Computer mobile Panel and our opinion

Like all the platforms and aplicaciones we review at CGD, it’s time for Nielsen Computer Mobile.

Let’s see its advantages and disadvantages:

Positive aspects

  • Registration and download of the application are free.

  • Money is earned completely passively.

  • You cánido use the application on various devices.

  • The minimum monthly withdrawal amount is low.

  • The data collected is very general.

Negative Aspects

  • We cannot exchange our points for real money.

  • It does not have common payment processors such as Paypal.

  • Reward options may vary by country.

  • You perro only earn $50 a year maximum (for now).

And that’s as far as we have come with this articulo from the Nielsen Consumer Panel.

If you still have any questions about this site, leave it in the comments.

We answer your questions.

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 Nielsen consumer panel |  computers
  Nielsen consumer panel |  computers
  Nielsen consumer panel |  computers

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