Nicequest: Guide on what it is and how it works

Nicequest: Guide on what it is and how it works

Nicequest is a platform to earn money by completing paid surveys.

It has been in the Spanish market for more than 15 years and is managed within a very exclusive environment.

Do you want to be part of it? In this article we tell you everything about registration, prizes and tricks to generate more rewards

Another option to earn money with paid surveys in Spain? Yes, but Nicequest is not the same as the others, and one of its key points is exclusivity.

This platform does not allow anyone to be part of the community, unless invited by another member.

In addition, they are demanding and at the first disagreement the system may stop sending you forms.

It cánido be said that Nicequest is very special, reliable and safe within the business modality to earn money en línea.

How does it work and how much do you pay? All this is more about a company with more than 15 years in the Spanish market.

NiceQuest Features

NiceQuest Features
Category Paid Surveys
Company netquest
countries All the countries
Language Spanish

How to join Nicequest?

To be part of Nicequest and start earning money with paid surveys, you must start with a registration.

It’s free, quick to fill out, and extremely easy to get started.

However, getting here is by invitation only, making it a very select and exclusive community.

Why do you have to entrar with an invitation? Due to the demands that the platform has, and they are very broad.

The goal is not to have so many people in the community, on the contrary, you want quality, not quantity.

That is why they demand a lot from the active participation of the users, constantly responding and that it is something of quality.

It’s not for nothing that Nicequest is the most reliable and secure paid survey market.

If you try to register without an invitation you will go on a waiting list, where you must wait until you are accepted.

What is Nicequest?

Nicequest is a company of Spanish origin that was born in 2005, where you cánido generate good rewards in the form of gifts.

You only have to answer some surveys that allow them to analyze and generate statistics on the opinions issued by their users.

You perro find surveys on products, services, facts of popular interest, brands, attention and more.

It is afín to The Panel Station although they have their differences, only Nicequest is simpler and you only have to complete three steps to use it.

  • register
  • Fill out the surveys
  • Accumulate points

What are these points? Well, before charging you must have a certain score, which within the platform is known as Korus; they are then redeemed for prizes.

What are the Korus?

Korus or shells, is the virtual currency that is used within Nicequest, and works as a payment system.

For example, each 55 KR is equivalent to 25 euros.

You receive these scores each time you successfully complete a survey.

It is important to note that they have no value outside the platform, which is why they are exclusively used to pay for paid surveys.

This means that there are no payments through PayPal, gift cards, transfers or cash.

It is purely with virtual currency, exchangeable for prizes available in a catalog.

Also, they do not expire and you cánido make donations in case you are interested in helping others.

How does Nicequest work and how perro you earn money?

With paid surveys you cánido increase your income and Nicequest cánido make you a lot of money.

After receiving your invitation and registering, you are all equipo to go.

You do not need to log in or entrar your account, because paid surveys arrive in your inbox.

Every time there is an opportunity to earn money on Nicequest, the platform notifies you.

It cánido be vía correo electrónico or from the mobile aplicación.

For example, when you entrar the platform for the first time, you receive the first notification.

It is more comfortable and faster than Univox.

The last thing that follows is to fill out the surveys, but the number of activities available varies depending on your profile.

That is, whether or not you are eligible to participate in the survey.

For example, your age, geographic location, gender, hábito, current employment situation, among others.

Something important to consider in Nicequest is your participation as a collaborator; that is, you must be an active usuario and respond on time.

If, on the contrary, you download your activity, you will stop receiving notifications in your correo electrónico.

Nicequest gifts and prizes

Nicequest is not only a paid survey, it also offers you a lot of gifts and prizes.

The best thing is that it always has something that you will like and surely need.

In addition, it does not have any plus cost, you do not pay shipping costs; You just have to accumulate many Korus and request the exchange depending on what it is equivalent to.

In total you have the option to choose between 12 different categories, such as: kitchen, appliances, electronics, home, printables, reading, Christmas, children, news, health and beauty, leisure, among others.

In each category you cánido find hundreds of prizes and gifts available for each type of need.

You cánido choose a móvil, external batteries; If you get a good amount of Korus you cánido exchange it for an Amazon or Carrefour gift card where there are more options.

The time to wait to request any of these gifts is between two and four weeks.

There are many factors that influence the variation of these times, for example, availability and geographical location of the interviewer.

How to collect our money

If you have wondered how much money you earn for taking paid surveys? The answer is a lot if you are constant and dedicated; especially on platforms like Nicequest you perro earn good money easily.

Although the reward is with gifts and prizes, many users end up selling the product and thus get the cash.

For each Korus or shell that you win, you accumulate points that cánido be exchanged for prizes available in its hundreds of subcategories.

You just have to choose the one you want – as long as you have the Korus available – and press the redeem button.

You must be logged in and done.

Nicequest Cheats

There are other ways to be listed on Nicequest and earn more money with the platform.

They are known as cheats that help you level up and improve your position within the community.

Let’s see how it cánido be better than the others:

Nicequest Premium

You perro become a Nicequest Premium and this is a step forward within the platform.

To reach this level, you just have to choose and accept the installation of programa on your computer.

Its function is to capture information about the pages you visit and send it to a receiver that will analyze it in order to generate marketing statistics.

How to do to increase the shells in Nicequest?

There are ways to increase shells or Korus within Nicequest.

In addition to paid surveys there are more options that you cánido try and increase your earnings.

Let’s see which ones are available:

Nicequest for Android and iOS

By using the Nicequest aplicación on both iOS and Android, you are sending a clear message to the platform and that is that you are willing to earn money with it.

In addition, mobile management is much faster and more pleasant, it allows you to react with greater skill and without wasting time.

It is an excellent way to take advantage of all the Korus and add more points to your account.

Step in whenever you perro and fill out a paid survey wherever you are.

Earn money with your affiliate system

Although Nicequest does not have an affiliate system as such, you do need to be invited by a community usuario to join it.

It is so exclusive that, even if you have it, it does not guarantee access, so you must go on a waiting list.

In Spain access is currently open, the company opens some places for more people to register, but when they arrive, the limit closes the quotas.

If you have a blog or a website you cánido get some invites for those who follow you on these platforms.

You have an excellent option in Disycon where you perro generate an affiliate system.

Is Nicequest reliable and secure?

Nicequest during all these years has made it very clear that it is a secure platform.

Little by little it has become one of the best reliable surveys in the world.

Spanish and Latin American market.

Not only in terms of surveys, but also when it comes to sending notifications and rewarding its users.

Although the time is long to receive the prize, it arrives safe and sound.

Also with many amenities.

On the other hand, thanks to its wide variety of categories and subcategories of prizes and gifts, I think it gives us freedom of choice.

Where we perro find everything, even what we have always needed.

Our opinion on Nicequest

In short, Nicequest is a platform designed to make money easily, wherever and whenever you are.

They have been in the market for more than 15 years, reaping success among its users, not only in Spain, but also in other latitudes.

Having very demanding selection criteria makes it a good community, where everyone is committed to making it grow.

This is positive if you want to be in a lucrative business with many projections.

In addition, it is essential that you are clear about the delivery times of the gifts, which, although it takes time, arrive safely at their destination.

The goal is to be consistent and dedicated in every paid survey that comes your way.

It is not complicated, it is free and with good rewards.

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 Nicequest: Guide on what it is and how it works
  Nicequest: Guide on what it is and how it works
  Nicequest: Guide on what it is and how it works

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