Nibble | Invest without hassle

Nibble | Invest without hassle

Today we are going to talk about Nibblea platform included in the crowdlending category with which we are going to obtain an economic return for investing in loans.

The financial platform has a mission, which is none other than to connect lenders and investors so that the latter finance the loans and obtain a percentage of profitability for them.

We are talking about a 100% legal company, registered in Spain and that has the highest security estándares, however it belongs to Holding IT Smart Finance where each registered company must adhere to its regulations and estándares, in fact Nibble and other major institutions of the European Union and Spain.

Main features of Nibble

Any citizen who resides in the European Union and who has reached the age of majority perro invest in Nibble, since the platform operates in more than 30 countries, including Spain.

Nibble Finance
accepted countries: European Union
▪ Minimum payment: €10
▪ Payment methods: Wire transfer
▪ Referral system: Yeah
▪ Cash back: 2%

Despite the fact that right now Nibble is only operational in Europe, work is being done to be able to work in other parts of the world, including Latin America, this is something that is expected to become a reality in the coming months.

Sign up for Nibble

Although we are on an investment platform, registration is totally free on it, what’s more, be wary of any website that asks you for money to open an account.

▶ Disclaimer

*The article you are reading is merely informative, in no case is anyone forced to invest their money. You should know that every investment carries a risk and that it is your absolute responsibility not to invest the money you need to live.


The default page is in English, but we cánido change the language by clicking on the flag in the upper right part of the web, there we choose the language among the available ones; the aforementioned English, Spanish, German, Russian and Italian.

Then we just clic on Join or in Create Accounta small form will open in which we will introduce our name and correo electrónico. Seconds later we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a verification backlink and the access data to the platform so that we perro entrar.

We will already be inside Nibble, but in order to unlock all the features such as start investing or using the affiliate system, we will need one last step. This step is none other than verifying our identity by uploading documents and photographs.

Choose the option to verify yourself

They will give us 2 options to choose how we want to entrar the identity verification, through a QR code or a free mensaje de texto. In both they will give us access to a backlink in which we will have to entrar and upload a photo of the ID or driving license and another of us holding said document, then we only have to wait for the account to be validated.

How to create an investment portfolio

Once the successful identification is created, we will unlock several features in our Nibble account, such as creating an investment portfolio and with it start earning commissions generated by the loans.

To start investing we will go to the button replenish the accountwe will be given a bank address to which we will have to make a deposit of at least 10 euros to be able to make some type of investment in Nibble, we cánido also use a VISA card.

When the deposit is completed successfully, we will create a portfolio and select the type of investment that we are going to make, it is best to create a long-term portfolio with a duration of between 3 and 6 months, where the average return is 14%, something that is not bad, although it is also You have the option to create short-term investments from 3 to 10 days, which will provide us with greater security, since the money will practically always be in our possession and with this it will give us much more freedom to move it within the platform.

It should be noted that all your loans will have a buyback guarantee, that is, that our investment will always be backed, something that all crowdlending platforms should have, although unfortunately this is not always the case.

how to charge

Withdrawing money from Nibble couldn’t be easier and faster. When we have reached the minimum threshold required, which is €50, we go to “Withdrawals”.

Cash withdrawal

We will see a form, all we have to do is put the amount that we are going to withdraw to our bank account and select Send a solicitudethe payment request will be created to your bank account associated with Nibble and we will receive the money within 1 to 3 business days, in principle without any commission.

Nibble referral system

This is always an important incentive if you have a broadcast channel, since Nibble has an affiliate program with which we will be able to increase what we earn with our investments.

It is a single level referral system, where we are going to get 2% of each investment until we reach €1000.

That is, for each usuario registered from our backlink, we will earn a maximum of 20 euros, but the good thing is that there is no limit to the number of referrals we cánido have, so the earnings are unlimited, without a doubt. In my opinion, it is one of the best referral programs in its category.

Questions and answers

When a platform catches our attention, doubts always assail us, especially if we are going to trust part of our money, which is why I leave you the answers to the most common ones in the hope that they will help you in your decision.

where my money goes

The investments of each Nibble usuario are directed towards loans from companies within the IT Smart Finance holding. The Joymoney brand has been operating in the field of alternative loans since 2014.

Who perro use Nibble

Any citizen of the European Union who has reached the age of majority (18 years). And it is that Nibble operates in more than 30 different countries.

What taxes does the use of Nibble imply?

Income received from Nibble is taxed in accordance with the tax laws of the investor’s country of residence.

Final Opinion on Nibble

Although it is a recently created platform and that always makes us tread carefully, the truth is that in such a short time Nibble has more than demonstrated that it cánido become a platform that perro compete equally with giants like mintos.

However, it is a company with more than 200 employees throughout the world and that in the last financial year presented profits of 1.5 million euros, which makes it clear that we are dealing with an important and very well managed.

For my part, I will leave it here, I think that Nibble is a fácil platform, with good performance and that, above all, it will help us to diversify our portfolio, something that, as you already know, I consider essential in the world of investments, be they from the whatever nature they are.

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 Nibble |  Invest without hassle
  Nibble |  Invest without hassle
  Nibble |  Invest without hassle

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