Nexus | Get interest and loans for your

Nexus | Get interest and loans for your

scam notice

Unfortunately we perro no longer recommend Nexo. The platform told us that they were not going to pay us referral commissions for violating their terms of service. This of course is completely false.. We understand that this is a deliberate action to avoid paying what we are entitled to. Do not use this platform and of course, if you have money in it, I recommend you take it all out.

Nexus It is a portfolio for cryptocurrencies that will allow us to earn daily interest for the fácil fact of having them stored, and not only that, also if you need immediate liquidity this is your site, since we are talking about a platform that right now happens to be a one of the largest in issuance of cryptocurrency loans.

Surely before saving your coins and trying such an attractive site, you wonder if we are in a really safe place. The answer is compelling YEAH.

We are facing what we could call the largest digital currency bank that exists, and as a good bank it has a guarantee fund, however the funds in the Nexo accounts are guaranteed under a protegen policy of up to 100 million dollars.

For added security, your cryptocurrencies are held in multi-sig wallets, guarded and audited by BitGo, which complies with level 3 of the cryptocurrency security estándar, as well as the SOC 2 estándar.

In fact, Nexo is a true financial institution, authorized and regulated, at the same level as the bank you use to store your money and do your day-to-day transactions.

The platform has its own ERC-20 token, which we perro buy or receive, and generate with it up to 30% commission for having it in the wallet itself.

What sets your bank apart is the good interest that it will generate for having your money under its backing, and that is that it offers up to 10% annual of your savingsall with a wide variety of currencies such as the euro, dollar and a large part of the cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization.

Some interests that will be scalable and we will receive daily in each currency, the best thing is that you perro withdraw the money whenever you want without any commission. Money that we perro withdraw to other external wallets, to our bank account or with the Nexo card itself without commissions. Little more cánido be asked for… but it is that Nexo has many more things to tell.

How to open an account

Creating an account in Nexo does not have any cost, it is also so fácil that it will take less than 2 minutes to complete the step. To start you will only need an dirección de correo electrónico and provide a password and entrar them in the registration form after clicking on the button create account.

Then we go to our correo electrónico, as a general rule they usually send a backlink to validate the recently created account, then you cánido entrar your Nexo dashboard without problems.

Nexus Operation

Nexo works exactly like any other wallet we use to store our cryptocurrencies, such as Coinbase or Bit2me. The only caveat is that here we will be granted interest on the coins we have stored and a line of credit based on a percentage of the stored value of each cryptocurrency in our wallet.

Bitcoin 4% ethereum 4% nexus token Dividend Ripple 8% Tether 8% Paxos Estándar 8% TrueUSD 8% Euro 8% Pound 8% USDCoin 8% bitcoin cash 4% Litecoin 4% EOS 4% Binance Coin Soon Stellar 4% Pax Gold Soon chainlink 4% TRON 4%

*The percentage of interest for each currency may vary over time.

To start receiving interest, we must have at least the equivalent of 1 dollar in cryptocurrency, that is, if you want to start receiving daily interest in Bitcoin, you must have at least 1 dollar in the value of your BTC wallet. Payments of said interests will be made once a day, at 00:00 server time.

How to deposit or receive a payment in Nexo

As it happens in any digital wallet, we will have a unique address for each currency. To deposit or receive a payment from another wallet or page that pays in cryptos, all you have to do is go to the desired currency and clic on Recharge.

Receive payments in Nexo

They will give us access to a specific address and exclusive use for that cryptocurrency, we just have to send the money to it, period. Payments will be delayed depending on the congestion of each crypto and Nexo will not charge us any commission.

For cryptocurrency withdrawals, the action is the same, except that this time we will clic on Withdraw. Then we put the wallet to which we are going to make said withdrawal and the amount that we are going to withdraw from Nexo. In this case we will not be charged any commission.

How to deposit and withdraw fiat money

At Nexo we will be able to store and generate interest with some traditional currencies, in this case with Euros and British Poundssince the dollar is covered with the stablecoins available on the platform.

One of the differences with respect to cryptocurrencies is that Nexo will ask us for a series of conditions to be able to handle fiat money. The conditions will be to do an advanced verification.

There are 3 types of accounts in Nexo, the unverified, the basic verified and the advanced verified, what it does is eliminate withdrawal limits and other actions within the web.


Crypto Deposit Limit: No limit◽ Cryptocurrency withdrawal limit: Savings Wallet ↔ $20,000 a day / Credit Line Wallet ↔ $20,000 a day◽ bank withdrawals: disabled



Crypto Deposit Limit: No limit◽ Cryptocurrency withdrawal limit: Savings Wallet ↔ $20,000 a day / Credit Line Wallet ↔ $2,000,000 a day◽ bank withdrawals: disabled

verify phone


Crypto Deposit Limit: No limit◽Bank transfer deposit limit: $2,000,000◽ Cryptocurrency withdrawal limit: Savings Wallet ↔ $500,000 a day / Credit Line Wallet ↔ $2,000,000 a day◽ Savings Wallet Bank Withdrawals: $100,000 per day / Credit Line Wallet ↔ $2,000,000 per day

upload documents

If we want to enable bank deposits and withdrawals, we must do the advanced verification, which consists of uploading several scanned or photographed documents, documents such as ID or passport and bank receipt in your name where the address cánido be seen.

How the loans work

The operation of the Nexo line of credit is very fácil. By saving an amount of cryptocurrency, Nexo automatically allocates a percentage of it to offer a line of credit to the usuario.

To request the loan you will have to have the account in advanced verification, then clic on the corresponding currency and then on Withdraw ↔ Line of Credit.

The money will be received in fiat currency by bank transfer or by card, you perro also escoge to receive it in Bitcoin. The coolest thing is that you yourself are going to equipo the conditions of the loan, such as the number of payments and the repayment time.

As is logical, you will have to pay some interest, the cómputo of the cryptocurrency where you have chosen to request the loan will remain as guarantee until the repayment of the credit granted is completed, then it will be unlocked and you cánido do what you want with it.

Nexus Card

Nexo will soon have its own credit card to make any purchase or withdraw cómputo from the platform itself. To request it, it is necessary to install the Nexo application on the mobile and take a position. Initially, only the first users who request it will be able to try it, before making it available to everyone for use.

Block or unlock the card with a single clic

Receive instant notifications with each transaction made

Create your own free virtual cards

Monitor all transactions in real time

Get a 2% refund with each purchase, choose how you want to receive it, whether in Nexo token or BTC

Change your pin whenever you want

Without any type of commission, neither monthly nor annual

New affiliate system

Now if you have an active Nexo account, you will also be able to earn money by inviting other users to use the platform.

Nexo has launched a very attractive referral system, which consists of receiving $25.00 for each “friend” to top up until you reach $100.

The best thing is that you not only take those 25 dollars, is that your guest will receive also $25 in your Nexo account, all unlimited, the more friends you attract, the more money you perro earn.

Final opinion on Nexus

I perro say very few bad things about Nexo, to put a but it is that they could make the web and the mobile application something more attractive and intuitive.

Everything else is honey on the flakes, since it is a robust wallet that has a good number of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies that will make us earn money for the fácil fact of storing them.

To this we cánido add their lines of credit, with which we cánido have instant cash whenever we need it.

Therefore, we could consider Nexo as a bank, a bank that works with cryptocurrencies and where you manage the espectáculo, something that you cannot do in a typical financial entity, all are advantages.

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 Nexus |  Get interest and loans for your
  Nexus |  Get interest and loans for your
  Nexus |  Get interest and loans for your

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