Nextdoor Review | detailed guide to

Nextdoor Review | detailed guide to

Nextdoor is a popular networking site that allows you to articulo elementos for sale, find a job, lend or rent your personal elementos.

Commissions and fees: none

Expected payment: Does not apply

Where: nationwide in the United States

Requirements: None

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor allows neighbors to chat with other neighbors for both business and purely popular purposes.

The site encourages users to invite their friends and articulo local information on everything from lost dogs to crime.

Consumers perro use the site to organize a group or remind each other about community events, like city council meetings and crop swaps, too.

Nextdoor also has a business side, where you cánido articulo elementos for sale or rent, and where you perro essentially advertise your availability for work.

The best results here are for household help such as house cleaners, handymen, plumbers, and personal assistants.

This is not the place to look for a job as a televisión producer, for example.

People who sell their home goods also say that Nextdoor cánido be a good place to advertise for free.

The site typically limits communication to a relatively small geographic area to ensure communication is neighbor-to-neighbor, which means your ads won’t reach a large audience.

That said, posting an ad is free, so there’s nothing to lose by trying.

Eventually, Nextdoor plans to monetize its operation, which may orinan it will start charging for ads.

Until then, this is the equivalent of a mini-Craigs List, (mostly) minus the scammers.

Complaints about Nextdoor

The biggest complaints about the site involve the “potential customers» from the neighborhood, who are given the authority to monitor and delete conversations.

These leads perro be arbitrary about what they allow users to articulo.

The site’s guidelines for what is acceptable are vague.

The site discourages fiery political speech and some trade posting on the main discussion group.

However, you perro equipo up business pages.

Otherwise, the only guidelines on the site are to treat each other with kindness and respect.

Some potential customers have used that broad mandate to cut off conversations they don’t like.

Recommendations for this popular network

We think this is a great place to find domestic service work.

Contractors, plumbers, electricians, babysitters, cleaners, and gardeners would do well to join in and articulo their availability for work, when appropriate.

You perro also encourage your neighbors/former clients to provide referrals here.

Other sites that perro also help you find domestic service work include JiffyOnDemand and GreenPal.

What its users are saying: (From SiteJabber)

I love this site and all the great information and business sources provided!” is a great tool to use when the rules are the same across the board.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand why allows the rules to be maleable and allow for racial discrimination.

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 Nextdoor Review |  detailed guide to
  Nextdoor Review |  detailed guide to
  Nextdoor Review |  detailed guide to

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