New York Depósito Exchange

New York Depósito Exchange

The New York Depósito Exchange (NYSE) is the largest depósito market in the world thanks to its large volume of money and capital.

The annual income from its transactions is approximately 36 trillion dollars, including the assets of international corporations and companies.

This bag was created in 1792 in Wall Street and whose purpose was to control the volume of assets and shares through a continuous auction market system.

Known as the oldest USAthe NYSE It is a major player in the global depósito markets along with the NASDQ, the London Depósito Exchange, and the Tokio Depósito Exchange.

What is the depósito market?

In itself, the depósito market is nothing more than the space or organization where companies confluye to buy and sell shares in the market with the help of intermediaries that boost profits and therefore improve the economy of a certain company.

It is known that this entity is governed by a market strategy known as depósito operations; colloquially called supply and demand.

The Depósito Market is a space where an offeror fixes a value based on the free market and the plaintiffs begin the offers if they wish.

The offers that are published in it are public and free for everyone, this means that an asset perro be acquired by anyone who has the capital to invest in it.

How does the New York Depósito Exchange work?

The New York Depósito Exchange is the space where an orderly and fair depósito market is guaranteed.

Despite what many believe, the Depósito Exchange does not control the price of the assets for their purchase and sale, it is in charge of acting under a fiscal and regulatory system that is approved by law and whose purpose is to control the actions to avoid the depósito speculation.

What makes this exchange stand out from the rest is that it considerably exceeds the number of companies that list and invest in its securities.

For years there has been work with rooms where stockbrokers handle the trading of shares with companies that have high values ​​in the market.

The opening system and closing of the new york depósito exchange It is what ensures effective trading.

Its schedule is currently established market opening starting Monday at 9:30 am until 4:00 pm.

Who is on the New York Depósito Exchange?

The members that guarantee a regulated trade are delimited by four different functions for each one.

Specialists are the ones who trade the market and create it through a trading point that keeps the market tidy.

Licensed traders work for themselves and do not pay fees for being members of the Exchange.

On the other hand, there are two intermediaries, those who work on commission and have contact with the public and those who work for hire who operate in the background and therefore do not have direct contact.

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 New York Depósito Exchange
  New York Depósito Exchange
  New York Depósito Exchange

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