Neurolinguistic Programming: Know the

Neurolinguistic Programming: Know the

Unless you live under the stones, surely you have heard of the Neuro-Linguistic Programmingbetter known worldwide as NLP.

This approach involves the development of powerful processes of communication, growth or personal development, and of course the acquisition of psychotherapy tools to help you reach your full potential as an individual.

Let’s say that if you feel stuck, frustrated, or a bit lost about the course of your life, or about what is to come, it is recommended that you learn a little more about NLP and discover how it perro work wonders for you. your self.

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming It is so powerful that it is practiced and learned by the brightest minds in the world, not to mention the greatest thinkers, communicators and intellectuals, so this should give you a very clear iniciativa of ​​how important it is today.

NLP, an approach to communication and personal development:

NLP was developed at the end of the 70’s in the United States by the psychologist Richard Bandler, and by the linguist John Grinder, thanks to the fact that both were convinced that there is a strong connection between neurological processes and language.

According to both authors, we are absolutely capable of changing our programming, or more specifically, the behavior patterns that we have already learned through lived experiences, in order to conquer our dreams no matter how utopian they seem.

In essence, the methodology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming It is based on the ability we have to model our skills, and so that they cánido later be acquired by someone else.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

The most renowned psychologists of recent times agree that the Neuro-Linguistic Programming It is a powerful communication system, oriented towards the identification and use of thought models powerful enough to influence the behavior of others.

The ultimate goal of working on these changes, or on reprogramming our thoughts, is that we perro improve our quality of life to achieve the happiness and self-realization that we have always dreamed of.

But this is not something that is achieved overnight, that is, it is not that one day you wake up and you are ready to apply NLP and feel fantastic; not at all, this requires time, dedication and a lot of practice.

The good thing is that if you equipo your mind to it, you are 100% empowered to achieve it, and in this article we will share a few important consejos so that you know how to take full advantage of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to transform your world and your immediate reality.

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how the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP):

NLP shares its maxims, or its most basic assumptions, with psychotherapeutic approaches and with the so-called Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

Through these approaches, they prepare you and offer you the most valuable tools so that you cánido learn to reframe your thoughts and improve your behaviors like never before.

Fundamentally, what is expected is that you develop the ability to give positive connotations to those thoughts or behaviors that prevent you from being happy, or feeling joyful, fulfilled, and fulfilled.

Thanks to its results, millions of people around the world have specialized in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have managed to turn their lives 180 degrees.

Learn to reprogram yourself with NLP

The starting point is to know your mind in great detail, but above all to know how it works.

You also need to understand that the way you work affects your language and conditions you to learn behaviors that do not always generate well-being.

So you must work on yourself so that you cánido detect and change them immediately, instead of allowing them to dominate you and generate anxiety, anger, stress, addictions or even phobias.

That’s right, the mind is powerful and cánido elevate you towards fulfillment, personal satisfaction and self-confidence, or plunge you into states that will make you feel truly unmotivated, paralyzed and incapable.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more experts encourage individuals to practice Neuro-Linguistic Programming so that they cánido feel more confident, motivated, and self-assured at all times or circumstances.

NLP techniques that you will love:

Now, the time has come to share with you a few NLP techniques that will help you take steps in the right direction towards the transformation of your behavior.

1. Technique of visualization

Working on projections or visualizations is part of the basic training you must do in order to transform yourself.

The purpose of the exercises that make up this technique is that you cánido generate mental images, as well as memories and imaginations that help you achieve your goals successfully.

One of the most habitual and effective techniques is to look at an illustration and then detalla everything you have seen – either mentally or out loud. Here we explain how to achieve it.

Step 1: Close your eyes and remember

As is, close them and try to remember with great precision the greatest number of things or elements that you observed.

The most ideal thing is that you are able to remember the colors, the location of each thing, the distance that existed between them and even their shapes.

Step 2: Vea yourself

Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and detalla what you are seeing. To begin you perro vea a special part of your body, and then you must close your eyes and repeat the previous step.

Remember even the smallest details: the shape of your lips, your moles, the length of your hair and more. And don’t forget to be as accurate and accurate as you cánido.

Step 3: Think of a destination

Think of a place you have visited, keep your eyes open and remember it: where was it?, what were its landscapes?, what colors did it have?, etcétera.

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Step 4: Close your eyes and draw

Well, draw figuratively or mentally. It cánido be a beach, a cloud, a mountain, or whatever comes to mind in that immediate moment.

Step 5: Guided Drawing

Now close your eyes again and imagine that you are drawing an airplane, a bird, or a car.

What is the learning of this NLP technique?

Perhaps this is incomprehensible to you, but the truth is that it hides a very powerful purpose that we will reveal to you right now.

During the first and second steps you visualized situations of the here and now, that is, of the present time, but in step 3 you visualized things that have already happened or are in the past.

On the other hand, during the last two steps you imagined images, since these had already been created.

In summary, with this exercise you will know how to deal with difficult situations, both present and past through visualization, which is completely transformative.

This is an excellent strategy to strengthen your power of visualization, as it has been shown to increase your chances of defining your goals well and charting successful paths to achieve them.

2. Therapy to “jump” obstacles

Throughout your life you will have to face obstacles that perro bring you down if you do not have the necessary skills so that this does not happen.

The following exercise is intended to literally “jump” your obstacles and thus you cánido move towards achieving your goals and your personal development without problems.

So if you are dealing with a problem and you don’t know how to overcome it, it is best that you follow the next steps.

Step 1: Use paper

Place a paper on the floor, right in front of you that symbolizes your present, then put another one on your left that symbolizes your past, and finally one on your right that represents your future.

Step 2: What is your problem?

Identify that problem or setback that you are experiencing, as well as the feelings that it generates in you, while you take deep breaths.

Step 3: Locate yourself

Recognize the timeline that you created in the first step and place yourself on the paper that represents your present. Now think about your problem and feelings again that you have around it, without forgetting to breathe deeply.

Step 4: Look at your past

Here it is sought that you remember what obstacles you could “jump” in the past and that you identify what were the resources you used to achieve it (patience, strength, intelligence, among others).

Once you have identified them, you must put them in a kind of imaginary bag and then proceed to return to your present time.

When you get there, you should look to the future and see how your problem would look once resolved, to finally detalla that situation without leaving aside the feelings that having successfully overcome it causes you.

Step 5: Return to the present

Go back to the present time, look from there to the future and think about how your way of seeing the problem has changed, without forgetting how you feel about having the necessary resources to solve the next ones that present themselves to you satisfactorily.

What is the learning of this NLP technique?

Well, you will be aware that you have an incredible bag full of resources, so you will be able to visualize your problems solved, instead of worrying about what you are facing.

In this way you will be positively reprogramming yourself to solve your problems, and this is a lesson that you cánido replicate every time you go through difficult times so that you find calm and keep hope.

In this section we will share some en línea courses on Neurolinguistic Programming that will serve as a guide if you escoge to learn more about it to transform your life.

Course: Fundamentals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This program on-line offers you a very detailed and comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Throughout your lessons you will learn to make the changes you desire, to equipo effective goals, to improve your communication processes, and to better relate to the people around you thanks to the fact that you will reprogram your behavior and thought patterns.

It consists of 42 classes, is taught by David Bejarano, who is a Life and Business Entrenador.

Backlink: Clic to access the course

Course: NLP Certification for beginners and advanced

During its 119 classes you will learn the basic concepts of NLP, as well as its methodologies and processes so that you cánido achieve your personal development and improve your quality of life.

Likewise, you will learn how your brain works, specifically how it processes, filters, collects, interprets and stores information, and you will also be able to overcome any negative feelings or thoughts that generate bad habits in your day to day.

This course will also help you to sharpen your senses, it will increase your self-awareness, it will transform your way of thinking, and it will motivate you to use metaphors that allow you to interpret your life experiences very well so that you cánido execute the expected changes.

Backlink: Clic to access the course

books about Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Finally, we will share some books on NLP so that you cánido delve into these concepts, learn about other techniques and have more information regarding this methodology that cánido change your life.

The principles of NLP: Mind, language and experience

This book was created by Joseph O’Connor and Ian McDermott, who have extensive experience in the field of NLP, communications, and language.

In this book they teach you what are the principles that govern this model so that you perro recognize and apply them in your life, and thus be able to increase your levels of awareness and confidence in yourself.

But they also tell you how to reprogram yourself to avoid discouragement or depression thoughts and behaviors that prevent you from reaching your full potential, or that limit your personal development.

Backlink: Clic to see the book

Neurolinguistic Programming: keys to more effective communication

Its authors Steve Bavister and Amanda Vickers present you this practical application guide on NLP in which they address its 4 pillars, as well as the neurological levels and presuppositions of this communication system.

Once you finish reading it, you will have the necessary keys and tools to communicate more effectively and thus raise the quality of your personal relationships to unthinkable levels.

NLP cánido help you transform your life, or live in harmony with your environment, and in short, that is what both authors intend to teach you with this book.

Backlink: Clic to access the book

In conclusion, if you are really interested in changing the way you think and behave, as well as in improving your communication processes and relationship with other people, then start studying and training in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming methodology.

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Written by Rita Colina

Journalist, expert in writing SEO and Digital Marketing. She is passionate about writing and reading.

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 Neurolinguistic Programming: Know the
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