NeoFinance | Investment in fácil loans

NeoFinance | Investment in fácil loans

Time to talk about one of my platforms P2P loans favourites, NeoFinance.

It is a Lithuanian platform that has been operating since 2016, although it was previously known as Paskolų klubas.

The name change is due above all to an attempt to internationalize the brand, which has equipo itself the priority objective of becoming one of the most used platforms for investing in crowdlending.

The business that NeoFinance offers us is investment in consumer loans issued in Lithuania, one of the countries with the best return/risk that we cánido find all over Europe.

The good thing about this entity is that, unlike others, it offers the possibility of contracting for the usuario, a guarantee fund to cover possible defaults.

The platform is completely legal, since it is registered and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, in addition to having the electronic banking license to operate throughout Europe.

This is something that makes us think of a solvent and reliable company, but I am sure that what you will like the most about NeoFinance is that just for the fácil fact of registering from my backlink, they will give you €20 completely free.

* The welcome plus is no longer active on this platform.

Some NeoFinance data

At the time this articulo was being written, the platform had more than 5,000 active investorswho had entered more than 7 million euros on the web, from which they had received interests worth more than 2,500,000.


Business Type

P2P loans

Average profitability


medium term

48 months

Minimum investment per loan



Bank transfer (Min €0.01)


Bank transfer (No minimum)

If we look closely, the average return on investment is around 17%, a real outrage.

With this we get an iniciativa of ​​the great profitability that NeoFinance offers.

Register in Neofinance (€20 free)

Opening an account in NeoFinance is completely free, what’s more, to receive and use those 20 euros of plus we won’t even have to make a deposit, another thing will be to withdraw them, but don’t worry, I’m going to tell you how to do it.

*The promotion of 20 euros for opening an account in Neofinance is temporary, take advantage while it is active, in the event that said promotion is closed without prior notice, we exclude ourselves from any responsibility.

To open an account, we simply entrar our mobile number in the corresponding box and complete the registration using one of the options offered by NeoFinance, Google plus account, Fb or by dirección de correo electrónico.

I personally have used the last option, since it seems to me the most secure.

Entrar your mobile and complete the registration

Once the steps are done, we will receive a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, we will clic on it and we will be able to access our newly created account on the NeoFinance platform without problems.

Receive €20 free

When you are on the web, you will see that your cómputo is at €0.

Don’t worry, this is because to receive them we are going to have to create our NeoFinance wallet.

We will have to fill in some fields, answering a series of questions.

We must also upload the National Identity Document (DNI) or passport scanned on both sides.

Once done, in less than 10 minutes we will receive an answer and the reward will be unlocked.

Plus received in NeoFinance

In my case it was a €25 plus thanks to the fact that I took advantage of a special offer at the time.

As you perro see, NeoFinance fulfills what was promised.

Cánido you collect that €20?Yes and no.

You cánido collect them but for this you will have to invest any amount on the platform, it is worth at least €0.01.

After that money you will have to put it to work investing in loans, the minimum investment per credit is €10.

Once this is done, we perro withdraw the money whenever we please.

To make a deposit on the web, we will be asked for identification again.

This time it will be done through the cámara web.

We will take a photo of the DNI on both sides and a photo of our face.

How NeoFinance works

Although NeoFinance is not translated into Spanish, the truth is that it is so easy to use that we may not need it, and we perro always use the Google plus Google chrome translator to understand each point.

Already in our account and with the money from the plus or the deposit made, we will have to start investing to get a return on the business, for this we go to the section INVEST from the web menu, there we will find all the loans available for your investment.

Example of loans to invest

We simply have to choose one and make our investment.

The minimum amount that we cánido make per loan is 10 euros.

The loans are separated by their degree of solvency, being the TO The most reliable, of course, will also be the ones that will generate the least interest.

When we have chosen the loan and once clicked on the button “INVEST”, a small form will open where we will have to add the amount we want to invest in it.

We perro also activate the provision fundwith which we will disminuye the risk and interest on the loan but we will continue to receive the percentage along with the interest generated from the platform itself.

Entrar the amount to invest

Investments in NeoFinance are intended for the long term, so it is possible to see investments whose completion reaches up to 5 years, which is why the secondary market becomes vitally important, where we will be able to sell all or part of our investment by clicking on the loan and then € Sell investment or by going to INVEST and later clicking on SECONDARY MARKET.


If you want to save yourself the entire process of choosing a loan to invest manually, you perro access to create an Autoinvest portfolio.

There what we will have to do is predefine some parameters so that the platform makes the investments for us.

We cánido define the maximum amount that we are going to invest per loan, the maximum duration of the loan, the level of risk and even select the provision fund, in this way our money will work for us, never better said.

How to get paid in Neofinance

Withdrawals in NeoFinance do not have a minimum, yes, we must take into account that we will be charged a small withdrawal commission of €0.29.

When we go to withdraw the money we will go to WITHDRAWAL in our account menu.

We will only have to entrar the amount of money we want to withdraw, then clic on SUBMIT.

Withdraw our money

The money will automatically be sent to the same account with which we have made our investment, if you want to charge for another account you will have to change it in the option enabled for it in your usuario profile.

NeoFinance usually takes to pay what it takes to process a habitual bank transfer, from 1 to 3 business days in most cases, this perro also be said of deposits.

affiliate system

The platform also has an affiliate system with which we will earn money by inviting other users to test NeoFinance investments.

This system is quite juicy the truth, with it we are going to win €5 every time we invite someone to join the platform and invest, whatever the amount.

To this we have to add that we are also going to get a commission from the 1% of total of the amount invested during the first year.

Every 30 days we will receive what is generated by the invitations and investments of registered users under our unique backlink.

You will only be able to benefit from the affiliate program if you have invested any amount in the platform, you will not be able to use it just to invite without further ado.

Final opinion about NeoFinance

We are facing a serious and reliable platform, which offers high profitability with very little investment, and although it is true that it is not in Spanish, I do not It seems serious enough to put it as a but.

In addition, few platforms are giving away withdrawable money for simply opening an account, with few exceptions such as Bondora.

And it is that nobody is bitter about a sweet, we tried a serious website with which we perro increase our capital in a more or less safe way, and on top of that we get 20 euros by the side, whichever way you look at it, it is a good business.

We hope you liked our article NeoFinance | Investment in fácil loans
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 NeoFinance |  Investment in fácil loans
  NeoFinance |  Investment in fácil loans
  NeoFinance |  Investment in fácil loans

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