Neobux: Sixth payment, $20.78 by Paypal

Neobux: Sixth payment, $20.78 by Paypal

We return to the charge with a new payment. This time it is the turn for the ptc par excellence, Neobux, from which we have just received the sixth payment instantly.

At this point, anyone who does not know that Neobux is one of the best pages to earn money on the Internet is either very clueless or new to this world.

For these clueless or newbies, just tell you that this ptc has been paying for more than eight years without problems and that it has almost 20 million registered users.

In addition, as you cánido see in the image captured from the ptc itself, we cánido see how, for example, yesterday more than 11,000 new usersWe remember that we are talking about a well-known page, which is why so many people register every day gives an iniciativa of ​​its enormous potential and pull. they almost saw each other 35 million ads in a single day and paid out a whopping $119,424.16 among its users. All this in a single day and we remember that the web has been doing this every day for 8 years. Just despiadado.

When we are talking about such numbers and for such a long time it is clear that behind Neobux there is a lot of work and very well done. Its administrator, the Portuguese Fernando, must be a master because only he and the administrator of ClixSense They have found the magic elabora for a business as difficult as a PTC to last over time.

Many are those who ask the best strategy or the magic elabora to earn a lot of money in Neobux. I do not have the answer, I cánido only tell you what throughout the time that I have been working at the ptc I have been realizing.

To begin with, the essential requirement to earn some money is to be hardworking, see the ads every day and complete all the offers that we cánido. You will earn money and add points that cánido help you reach your goals without spending a penny. Just by viewing the ads I got an annual Golden account worth $90 for free. The work in the end is rewarded. The mini-jobs are also important and if you’re good at them I wouldn’t hesitate to do them.

The adPrizes are also important, although I admit that it is too lazy to do them, I try to visualize all of them without leaving any. Yes, it doesn’t usually play but from time to time a prize falls that helps us achieve our objectives. I have received a total of 172 prizes valued at $41.19.

to rent or not to rent referrals? the million dollar question

Well I perro tell you that I have tried the rented referrals as estándar and Golden. I have tried many different strategies and I have never been able to get any performance out of them. It is true that as a estándar, things are not entirely bad, they are taken out to renew them and you may still have some profit left, very few, yes. As Golden, I advise you to stay away, they are lousy and the only thing you are going to do is throw the membership to the ground. There are people who earn a lot of money with rented referrals but they are people who have invested astronomical amounts in superior memberships and thousands of referrals.

My advice is to run away from them. It is better to earn little but surely than to lose money and time with strategies that in the end, from personal experience, are not going to take you anywhere.

Sixth payment received from Neobux

Of course, I received this payment again instantly. What a pleasure it is to collect from a page without having to wait a single minute to receive your money, since they all work that well.

concluding the articulo

For now, this is all I had to tell you about Neobux, just confirm once again that this is a special page, different from all the others and I hope it will continue like this for many years.

It is possible that it is not the website where you will earn the most money, but it is the one that will give us the greatest peace of mind when working on it, for me that is as important or more important than the incentive to earn a lot of money.

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 Neobux: Sixth payment, $20.78 by Paypal
  Neobux: Sixth payment, $20.78 by Paypal
  Neobux: Sixth payment, $20.78 by Paypal

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