Neobux reviews: how to earn money,

Neobux reviews: how to earn money,

PTC pages or better known as “pay per clic”, are undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to consider when you want to earn money en línea without having to have knowledge in any specific trade.

And among so many pages available in this category, Neobux has always stood out as the leading platform in the campolike ysense.

Next, we tell you why.

What is Neobux?

neobux is a PTC platform that was founded in 2008, during these years it has had a excellent track record and en línea reputation, stands out from the competition for a high number of features.

Therefore, if you are looking earn plus income from home this may be one of the best options to consider.

As highlighted at the beginning, Neobux is a PTC or pay per clic platform, and it works as follows: it looks for advertisers who want to be advertised and a group of users who want to see this material for monetary compensation.

In other words, you will be seeing advertising in exchange for a few cents on the dollar.

Neobux is located in the TOP number 1 of best PTC due to the diversity of existing ways that perro be used to earn money on the platform.

Highlights of Neobux

Neobux is an intuitive and easy to manage platform, which, you will be able to know completely in less than 1 hour.

This makes it very different from other portals, which are complex to understand for the average usuario; reason why they are abandoned the same day.

This PTC is the exception, since when you register you will automatically see the options menu in the top bar, and from there you will be allowed to access the various sections that you will use to earn money.

In addition, Neobux differs from its competition because it offers the usuario multiple methods to earn money and spend time; today doing all these activities you perro earn up to 50 dollars in less than 24 hours; but you will have to have some luck to be able to take full advantage of the platform.

Another aspect that you should know is that payments perro be requested from 2 dollars.

However, after each withdrawal the minimum figure to do so will increase by 1 dollar; until reaching the amount of $10.

How do you earn money in Neobux?: 6 different ways

As we mentioned before, earning money in Neobux is quite easy, especially if you apply the multiple options available in the PTC.

Next, we explain how each of them works.


Display of ads

Displaying ads is the main method available on Neobux to earn money.

It consists of clicking on the colored boxes that are located in the section of: See ads.

These usually have different colors, since each one will have a utility; those of purple or purple color are the main ones, and those that will be granted to you periodically so that you cánido advance with your account.

While, the fixed ones are the ones that you should see every day in case you have referralssince, otherwise, you will not be assigned the percentage of money that corresponds to you for the clicks they have made.

You cánido view these ads every 24 hours, although sometimes opportunities to clic and receive up to 0.01 or 0.0025 usually appear; when the usual per clic is 0.001.

To know when these ads appear we suggest downloading the browser extension AdAlert.



Although Neobux does not stand out among the best paid survey pagesis another of the modalities available to earn money, however, this will be limited for some countries.

Similarly, we suggest visiting this section frequently to see if any survey is available for your region.

Surveys are well paid and You will only have to leave a small review of what they request, it will take you less than 5 minutes.

In addition, the questions they usually ask are easy to answer, so the answers will not be a problem; these are also updated every 24 hours.


Mini jobs (coins)

On the other hand, you will find mini-jobs, which are only tasks that you will be asked to perform.

They are quite fácil and are usually based on investigations, classify media content, solve Captcha testsamong others afín.

Nevertheless, It is important that you are registered on the Figure Eight platform.

Since, this will be the one that pays to your Neobux account for the activities you have carried out.

Access the mini-jobs by clicking on the “Coins” area, located in the top menu of Neobux.

You should also know that the mini-jobs must be carried out with a level of certainty.

Since, if you make a mistake with the answers or activities to be carried out, access to this section may be restricted.

Therefore, we remember that you must maintain at least 80% hits.



In this PTC you will also find a games section, in which you perro earn fractions of a cent for spending just 2 minutes on each game.

However, it has certain terms and conditions to credit the money.

First of all, you should know that it is important to play at least 2 continuous minutes so that the win perro be credited on your bill.

In addition, there is also a limitation of 30 games per day; equivalent to 60 minutes of gaming per day; equal to 1 hour.

On the other hand, also You must view the ads that appear in the games.

For this reason, we suggest not using an extension that limits ads, since Neobux could escoge to remove this option to earn money as a penalty.

To the pressing the “games” button in the Neobux menu will espectáculo the conditions or rules that you must comply with for the profit to be credited.

Anyway, here we leave them below:


Coins, points and AdPrize

The platform is quite considerate of its users, which is why it offers more ways to earn money; either accumulating points, exchanging them or participating in raffles.

First of all, the Neobux currency or NeoCoins, are tokens that you cánido exchange for money once you have reached an amount of 2,500 NeoCoins.

You perro exchange this for its equivalent, which would be 2 dollars; the minimum amount to withdraw.

Besides, you cánido also accumulate AdPrize and points for each ad you view.

You cánido use the latter to pay your rented referrals on the platform; In this way you avoid spending the money earned with ads.

On the other hand, the AdPrize is a type of roulette, in which users cánido win multiple prizes for participating; from Neopoints, to prizes of $50 or a membership; which is valued at $90.

To have a oportunidad to participate in roulette you will need to watch ads, and for each clic made you will be awarded a total of 4 roulette chances.

Each opportunity will be consumed after viewing an ad; It is possible that you win a prize or one of the rewards already mentioned, but you must be very lucky for it.


Referral system

As the last way to earn money with Neobux, there is the referral system.

Find friends to send them a personalized backlink to sign up and see ads too; It depends on the number of clicks they make per day, you will have a profit margin.

However, this is somewhat complicated, so this PTC is also offers you a rented referrals option.

You have to buy the latter in packages and they will last for 30 days; which cánido be extended to more days depending on the investment made.

Definitely, these are the most profitable, especially if you have purchased the golden membership from the platform.

During the first days of having rented you must be attentive to their level of activity, since generally these are usually unproductive.

So, you must be monitoring their activity to keep the most productive ones and recycle the inactive ones.

This is the modality that perro be used the most in Neobux to earn moneybut it will require investment and attention.

Advantages and cons of using Neobux

Despite the fact that Neobux has a large number of properties in favor of users, it also has negative aspects that you should know; since they will avoid many misunderstandings.

For this reason, below we espectáculo you the pros and cons of using Neobux.

Advantages of Neobux

  • Intuitive and easy to use platform.
  • Multiple payment methods accepted.
  • Various ways to start earning money.

  • Available globally and without access restrictions.
  • Excellent referral system that cánido make you earn a lot of money.
  • By investing you cánido move faster and start seeing results sooner.
  • Excellent security system.
  • It has been running since 2008.
  • It always pays.
  • Reliable and secure.

  • Withdrawal amount of only $2, but will then increase based on the number of withdrawals you make until a minimum withdrawal amount of $10 is reached.

Disadvantages of Neobux

  • After 30 days of inactivity they suspend the account.
  • It does not have an application for teléfonos inteligentes and it cannot be used from the device’s browser either.
  • It does not allow the use of VPN or bots.
  • In some countries, surveys and mini-jobs are rarely requested.
  • The use of multi-accounts is sanctioned.
  • If 60 days elapse after the last deposit, the account is deleted.

How do referrals work in Neobux?

The Neobux referral system is quite easy to understand; It works in a afín way to other companies that use this method to get new users.

It’s as fácil as take a personalized backlink that Neobux gives you and ask an acquaintance to register using it.

Important: You will find this backlink by going to the area that says “Banners”, choose one of the available backlinks and that’s it.

You should know that you cánido only use it after you have registered for 15 days and have made a total of 100 clicks.

Those who use your backlink to register are called direct referrals, and they will leave you a profit margin that will depend on the rate of clicks they make per day; in addition to the type of account they have or other aspects.

Beyond this, there are also rented referrals, which in the same way, will leave you a percentage of earnings for the rate of clicks they make per day.

Besides, depending on the type of account you have, this figure may increase up to 100%.

However, the difference is that these will be purchased from Neobux, and you must renew them every certain period of time.

How Neobux pays: payment methods, withdrawals and limits

Since the beginning Neobux has worked with multiple payment platformsHowever, these have changed in recent years; which is due to irregularities and changes in their policies.

Previously, Payza and PayPal were 2 of the most used processors by Neobux users to request payments.

However, today the following are used:

  • Neteller.
  • Skrill.
  • AirTM.
  • Tipalti (used as a payment gateway for those who wish to receive money in their PayPal or bank account).
  • Cryptocurrencies: here you must place the address of your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash wallet.

Payments perro be requested once the $2 is reached.

However, after each withdrawal the minimum amount to request will increase by 1 dollar.

In other words, if you have requested $2, for the next withdrawal you must collect $3.

Although you should also know that this figure will stop increasing once the minimum withdrawal has reached $10.

Besides, the upper withdrawal limit is changeable, and understanding its limits perro lead to confusion.

Since, it varies by many factors.

First of all, this “withdrawal limit” does not exist if you have not yet invested in the platform.

Although, if you escoge to deposit money using Neteller, For example, this will be the only payment processor that you will be able to use to withdraw money in an unlimited way.

Which means that when trying to withdraw money through other platforms, the number that will allow you to request will be limited.

This applies in the same way for the other processors; We suggest reading the explanatory image that we have left here below in detail for a better understanding.

What should you keep in mind if you start making money with Neobux?

If you are dedicating yourself full time to Neobux, it is important that you know that the first days it is not suggested to request payments. You will use these first 2 dollars to acquire referrals; exactly, you will buy a paquete of 5 for 1 dollar, and the rest of your money you will save to recycle these rented referrals if necessary.

Also, you must be attentive to the surveys and mini-jobs to earn more money.

Also, when you have accumulated a large number of referrals in your estándar account, we suggest buying a GOLDEN membership; It is priced at $90.

The investment made will benefit you in many ways, since with this you will be able to continue growing and investing in referrals; since now your rented limit will be 300.

In this way, you will be able to increase your income, and then you will escoge whether to acquire any of the following memberships that follow after the GOLDEN.

Besides, It is very important to know the policies of Neobux, since if you are earning money, it is necessary to comply with them; In order to avoid any restriction and lose all the time invested.

How to register to start in Neobux?

The registration process in Neobux is quite fácil, and it will not take you more than 5 minutes to complete it, since you only need to follow the following steps:

  • First you must open the Neobux portal by doing clic here.

  • Once inside the web page you must locate the upper right box that says: sign up.
  • When the new page has loaded, a message will be displayed.

    form that you must fill out with the requested data; from your name, to date of birth, dirección de correo electrónico and password; in addition to accepting the terms and conditions.

    Finally, press continue.

  • When you have clicked on the box that says “continue”, you will receive an correo electrónico to the correo electrónico you have placed.

    This confirmation message from Neobux will contain a backlink that you must open to conclude the process register.

You should know that once registered, the first ads that you cánido view will be displayed.

However, It is important that you finish configuring your profile; To do this, you must go to the settings area and place your preferred payment methods and answer some questions.

Neobux opinions: is it legit and does it pay or is it a scam?

As was mentioned at the beginning, neobux It is a platform that has been working since 2008 exactly, and since then it has paid every penny to its thousands of users.

Also, if you like to see a review of a person who has earned money with this PTC, we suggest viewing the area of platform forum; From there you cánido see usuario reviews, showing their proof of payments and their success stories.

From our research we perro say that it is a serious and committed platform with its clients and registered users.

Reason enough to trust her.

Concluding, we would like to say that testing it personally perro be a pleasant experience, since it is undoubtedly one of the best PTCs on the Internet for earn plus income from home.

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 Neobux reviews: how to earn money,
  Neobux reviews: how to earn money,
  Neobux reviews: how to earn money,

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