Neobux | Reliable PTC to MAKE MONEY in

Neobux | Reliable PTC to MAKE MONEY in

neobux is one of the oldest PTCs out there for earn money en línea totally free. Located in Porto (Portugal), the Neobux website is registered in the name of the NeoDev company. Lda. It was created in 2008 by Fernando, possibly the best known PTC administrator in the world. We could consider Neobux as the pioneer PTC in implementing a rented referral system for your business. Since it was one of the first. But the most interesting thing is that In Neobux we perro also get money in many free ways. Among others, viewing ads, playing games and answering surveys. Do you want to know how Neobux works? Let’s do it.

What is Neobux?

Neobux is the most habitual PTC in the world of Pay per Clic and has tens of thousands of customers and users. It is striking that being so well known, thousands of new users continue to register day after day. A fact indicative of the progress and continuous growth that this business has developed.

On the one hand, Neobux clients perro promote their sites by contracting advertising plans. And we, as users, perro earn money for viewing those ads.

In Neobux there are many other ways to earn money besides ads. In the same way as in ysensethe best way to generate profit is by answering surveys.

Registration in Neobux

As usual in all PTCs, The first thing we will do is create our free account in Neobux. If you want, you cánido register with my recommendation backlink, which will take you directly to the PTC registration form. We fill in all the fields with the information requested and confirm the registration.

Take me to the PTC

After registering, we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico from Neobux in which they will welcome us to the PTC. In the content of that same correo electrónico, a backlink will appear. For To validate our account, it will be enough to follow that backlink, and then we cánido access the web and see the different sections that make it up.

As we will see below, in this PTC we perro get money in many different ways. In fact, it is one of the free pages where we perro earn the most money with our own work.

Sections to earn money

These are the options to earn money that Neobux offers us. Later I will develop each point:

» Clicking on the ads

» Winning prizes in the AdPrize

» Completing offers

» Playing in the mini-games.

» Managing rented referrals and acquiring a membership.

» Getting direct referrals.

How Neobux works: Currency types

Before continuing with the explanations of each point, I would like to make an aside and highlight that in Neobux there are 3 types of currency:

DollarsThe real currency of Neobux. The cómputo that we accumulate in our cómputo is in dollars and we cánido withdraw it at any time. We only need to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Neobux is one of those pages that pay for Airtmbut it also accepts payments in Skrill, Neteller, Paypal and even in cryptocurrencies.

NeoPoints ⏩ We perro get NeoPoints at the AdPrize game or completing any of the offers what’s on the walls It is important to note that with these coins we cánido renew and recycle our rented referrals, but they cannot be exchanged for money.

NeoCoins ⏩ The latest type of currency in Neobux. In this case, the NeoCoins we cánido earn them only by completing offers. The difference with the other currencies is that they will be transformed into money 30 days after having obtained them. After that time, they will automatically be added to our Main Cómputo.

How to make money on Neobux

Next we will see with all the details the Neobux sections that allow us to earn plus money for free. Let’s see.

Neobux Ads

The first option for make money on neobux They are the typical ads that we cánido find in all PTCs. In Neobux ads are coming out throughout the day, but we must take into account one fact. If, for example, we register at 5:00 p.m., we will receive almost all the announcements at that time, every day.

The display of these ads is not mandatory, except in one case. If you look closely, in Neobux there are three types of ads: Fixed Ads (magenta color), Micro Exposure (green color) and Estándar Fixed Ads (orange color). In the event that you have rented referrals or direct referrals, you will be forced to see the 4 orange ads every day, before the server restarts. If you do not, you will not be assigned the earnings from the clicks of your referrals.

All Neobux ads are displayed exactly the same. The only difference between one and the other lies in the exposure time and the value. In any case, to see them correctly, you only have to clic on the ad in question and clic on the red dot again. A new window will then open and you will have to wait for the timer to reach zero.

Adprize from Neobux

For the display of each ad, we will be assigned the following rewards:

» The value of money that corresponds to each ad

» A NeoPoint.

» Three opportunities in the AdPrize.

The Neobux AdPrize is a fácil surf in which we perro win from a few NeoPoints. Or with a lot of luck, we cánido even win a Golden account valued at $90 or a prize of $50. To do it correctly, we will only have to clic on AdPrize and go surfing the ads. That easy.

Once we spend all the opportunities we will have to see more ads and get new opportunities.

Offer walls in Neobux

Neobux is one of the pages where we have the most offer walls available. Unlike what happens in other PTCs, we must take into account that in the offers of this PTC we perro only earn NeoPoints or NeoCoins, as we have seen previously. If we want to get points to renew our referrals we will have to select the Points option. And if what we want is that what we get by completing offers is given to us as money, we will have to select the Coins tab.

Another more practical option to get money in Neobux is completing paid surveys. In the same way that on websites such as Lifepoints wave bituro aplicaciónin this PTC we perro generate additional earnings by answering paid surveys.

Neobux rented referrals

If there is a PTC in which there is a great controversy with its referrals, it is Neobux. Nobody cánido be sure if they are real people or robots, although I think they are bots. If you plan to invest in rented referrals, part of what you earn in the PTC, it is essential that you constantly monitor your rented referrals. Myself I have reviewed and applied several guides to get profitability from rented referrals. As a estándar usuario I have come to the conclusion that it is an impossible mission. They only generate losses and more losses.

direct referrals

Direct referrals are those users who register in the PTC under our affiliate backlink. The only essential requirement for our referrals to generate profits will be those of have made 100 clicks on the PTC and have been registered for more than 15 days.

Do not promote your backlink before fulfilling this condition, since you will not be assigned the referrals that you cánido get.

Depending on the membership we have, both our own earnings and those that come from the activity of our referrals will be different.

At Neobux there are several memberships available. We will focus on the Estándar, which is what we get when we register. And the Golden, which is valued at $90 and cánido be purchased with Neopoints.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small earnings. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

Estándar vs. Golden membership comparison

When we register in Neobux we start as Estándar members. That is, we are users who have registered with the PTC and want to work on it for free. However, there is also the possibility of acquiring a paid membership and receiving a series of improvements. In this way, if being Estándar, the gains are limited in some way. With a paid membership we cánido boost those earnings and equipo ourselves more ambitious goals.

The advantages that we obtain when going from a free account to a Golden account in Neobux are the following:

✅ The first difference lies in the money we receive from viewing the ads. As free users they pay us for the ads at one price and when we are Golden they pay us at a better price. And not only that, but they will also send us more announcements. Taking accounts only with the orange ads, which are the mandatory ones, we would already earn $0.04 more every day with the Golden account. It’s little, but it’s $14.60 a year.

✅ The clicks made by our rented referrals will also pay us better if we are Golden users. This aspecto is key if you want earn money in Neobux with rented referrals, since the value of the clicks they make are multiplied by two. In addition, you cánido also rent more referrals (up to 2,000) and of higher quality thanks to the “Improved Distribution Filter”.

✅ If we have direct referrals, we will also receive more money for your clicks by being Golden. As with rented referrals, we will receive double profit. And in the case of orange ads, we will earn ten times more.

How to get free Golden Membership in Neobux

Any PTC usuario knows that all these pages They base their business on the sale of advertising. Which is what later comes to us in the form of ads. As far as Neobux is concerned, these ads are usually around values ​​between $0.001 and $0.02. And it will be these ads and the AdPrize that will allow us to get the free Golden membership in Neobux.

Taking into account what we have just seen, if we go to the Neobux section where we perro buy the Golden membership we see the following:

At the top are all the options we have to buy the membership. Either by paying with money from our cómputo or with any of the processors that they espectáculo us. But in second position we perro see the option to buy a Golden account in exchange for 30,000 NeoPoints. This, in other words, opens the doors for us to get a free Golden membership in Neobux by the face. Only by being active in the PTC.

Is it worth investing time in Neobux?

If we do calculations, getting this free Golden membership in Neobux has not been a matter of two days. If we only dedicate ourselves to seeing ads, which appear on Neobux about 25 daily, it would take 1,200 days to obtain the Golden membership. Assessing this data, anyone would wonder if it is really worth the effort. But we must not lose sight of the fact that we are already earning money along the way. Taking into account that we are talking about Neobux, which is an eminence within the PTC campo, investing in time today perro become money tomorrow.

There are people who may consider it a waste of time to have been for almost two years working to get a free Golden membership in Neobux. Well, the reason is not only that. Along the way I have earned money by watching ads, taking surveys and completing the odd offer. That is, my dedication and my time have not been free. In fact, my number one priority at Neobux has been and is to make money. And as a consequence, I have been able to accumulate the NeoPoints necessary to acquire the Golden membership for free. For me it is a reward for the dedication and work that I have carried out in the PTC.

Is there a strategy with rented referrals?

On the internet there are thousands of strategies published regarding the management of Neobux rented referrals. As far as my own experience is concerned, I have rented referrals as a Estándar usuario and as a Golden usuario and I have hit it on both. My most sincere recommendation is that you forget about rented referrals. Said remains.

After wasting time and money, which although it was money generated in the PTC did not fall from heaven, I realized that if I wanted to earn money in this PTC on my own, I had to get a Golden membership. So I had two options: continue working the PTC as usual until I reached 30,000 NeoPoints or pay $90 for a Golden membership. I chose the free option.

In Neobux there is a simulator that calculates the approximate performance of the rented referrals.

Neobux Reviews

Neobux is the most famous PTC that exists and it is clear that after so many years, it is no coincidence. Throughout all this time it has been renewed seeking an almost unthinkable stability in this world. just like they have done adbtc either Coinpayu. For this very reason, is the most stable and secure PTC out there today.

There are many PTCs on the internet with which to earn money. Some safe and some not. The vast majority of the ones I use are for get bitcoin by watching ads.

My recommendation in this PTC is to work the offer walls and always see the ads. All this as a Estándar usuario. In this way, we cánido earn money and additional points with the ads. If our intention is to boost our earnings with rented referrals, the first thing we should do is buy a Golden membership. From there, equipo a strategy.

I hope that this tutorial on the operation of neobux It has been useful to you and you perro function better in the PTC. If you have any questions, you cánido leave me a comment below or write me a message using the Contact. Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 Neobux |  Reliable PTC to MAKE MONEY in
  Neobux |  Reliable PTC to MAKE MONEY in
  Neobux |  Reliable PTC to MAKE MONEY in

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