Neobux How does it work? earn free money

Neobux How does it work? earn free money

Neobux is a site pay per clic (PTC) that allows you to earn money by watching ads, playing games, completing surveys, registering, etcétera.

Advertisers pay neobux to espectáculo your ads to people like you.

Every time you visit one of these ads, you will be able to earn free money on Neobux, as you are actually helping Neobux make money.

Also on this platform you cánido advertise your website.

Neobux has been operating since March 2008and since then it has become one of the sites PTC more reliable to earn money.

This platform has millions of users, and every day thousands of users register.

Neobux has a forum where you cánido find out about the best strategies to increase your earnings.

Basic notions of Neobux

platform management Neobux has been operating since March 2008 No problems with users.

withdrawals They perro be requested from $2and the means of payment are: Payza, Netteler and Skrill.

Deposits You perro make deposits from $10and the means of payment are: Payza, Netteler and Skrill.

referrals It has a system of direct and rented referrals, and you earn profits depending on your membership.

Languages Spanish, English, Portuguese, German and French, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

accepted countries Users from all over the world cánido earn money.

Activity PTC and Advertising
Pay? Yes, Neobux make the payments No problem.

Registration and first steps in Neobux


Registration in Neobux is easy and free (you cannot register more than one account per IP), and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go to the section “sign up”, complete the data, complete a captcha, accept the terms and clic on “continue”, which will send you a message to your dirección de correo electrónico.

This message will have a code, which you will have to put in the text box that is shown in Neobux after continuing.

You complete the captcha and register.

At this point your registration is complete, and then you must proceed to log in to the platform.

Registration Form

You cánido register to earn free money at neobux from the following backlink: Go to Neobux.

equipo up your account

After registration you must equipo up your account of Neobux, and for this you must entrar the “Personal” section.

When entering you must fill in all the information you cánido, such as the accounts to receive payments in the different payment processorsthe options for a secondary password, the options for the forum, the options of the adalert.

How does Neobux work?

Neobux is an advertising company that allows you earn free money by watching ads, and also allows you to advertise your website or blog to receive traffic from real people.

In Neobux you perro increase the benefits with the golden membership offered by the company, whose annual cost is $90.

How usuario cánido you earn free money on neobux for viewing ads, performing tasks, completing surveys, with the direct and rented referral system, etcétera.

Also as a usuario you cánido create ads to send human trafficking real to your websites.

The people who see your ads are Neobux users who earn money for viewing ads.

General configuration

In the “Summary” section of your account you will be able to see the main data of your accountsuch as your membership, the date of your registration, statistics of your clicks and the clicks of your referrals, the number of referrals you have (direct and rented), the main cómputo (to withdraw), the rental cómputo (to rent referrals), the purchases you have made, the history, etcétera.

How to earn free money in Neobux?

You perro earn free money on neobux in different ways, which are: Watching ads, doing mini jobs, completing surveys, playing games, with Adprize and with referrals.

These ways to earn free money on Neobux are described below:

viewing ads

You perro earn free money in Neobux watching ads daily, for which you will obtain a remuneration that cánido range from $0.001 to $0.01.

Depending on the membership you have, there will be more or less ads available to view.

As a estándar usuario you will generally be able to see 30 ads per day, agregado for every ad you see you will win 4 AdPrize entries.

The advertisements They may appear in different colors, however you should make sure that you see the ads in orange, as these are the ads that allow you to earn commissions from your next day referrals.

To earn money by watching ads you must entrar the “View ads” section.

Mini Jobs

Neobux puts at your disposal a series of mini jobs what perro you do These jobs allow you to perform tasks such as Google plus searches, find information on a web page, categorize images or vídeos, etcétera.

All the mini jobs are done from the CrowdFlower platform (now called Figure Eight).

you will get the 12% commissions for the mini jobs done by your direct referrals if you are a estándar usuario and a 24% if you have the Golden membership.

To carry out these mini jobs you must entrar the “Mini Jobs” section.

You perro also carry out other jobs from the “Offers” section.


You cánido earn money by doing various surveys through the panels that Neobux makes available to you.

Before accessing them, you must complete your personal profile through a questionnaire.

From this moment you perro start earning money by completing the available surveys

There are surveys with higher remuneration than others, so you should focus on this type of surveys.

In order to complete your profile and start earning money with surveys, you must entrar the “Surveys” section.


Neobux allows you to get commissions for play gameswhere you get paid for the time you spend on the game.

As you play the different games available, small amounts of pennies will be added to your main cómputo.

Desire $0.0005 for every 5 minutes you dedicate to the game, since you have a wide variety of games available.

You cánido play from the “Games” section.

rules to play

  1. You must play at least for 2 minutes to be paid.
  2. The maximum number of sessions per 24 hours is 250.
  3. You will only receive the commission by winning or losing the game, and clicking on the “Continue” or “Submit Score” button.
  4. The “Play Now” button allows the usuario to play for a maximum of 120 continuous minutes.

    From there, you will have to return to the page major and press that button again to continue playing.

  5. It is important to finish the games, otherwise this section will be blocked for you.

    The use of programs that block the ads inserted in the games.

  6. To be rewarded in games multiplayer you have to win the games and then press the button “I’m Ready Now!”
  7. The winnings generated in the games are reflected in the main cómputo immediately.


It is a system in which for the ads you see you will have the opportunity to win awardsamong which are: cash prizes worth up to $0.50, a Golden membership valued at $90, large amounts of Points.


Neobux gives you the opportunity to earn income referral system.

The part of the referrals will be presented later.

Referral system in Neobux

Neobux has a referral system Direct and rented.

Direct referrals are those who register on the platform with your referral backlink, however rented referrals are those that you rent to Neobux for a certain time.

Both types of referrals will generate earnings for the different actions they perform on the platform.

The earnings obtained by direct and rented referrals depend on the membership you have.

Go to the forms to get referrals.

Both types of referrals will be presented below for your better understanding:

direct referrals

The direct referrals You get it when a usuario registers in Neobux with your referral backlink, so to get these referrals you must promote your backlink.

Direct referrals will earn you as long as they are active on the platform generating earnings.

In order to get direct referrals you must have at least 15 days registered and have seen 100 ads. If you have direct referrals, and they have no activity for 60 days, you will no longer see them, because they have been permanently inactivated from Neobux.

you will win the 1% of purchases made for your direct referrals.

These purchases must be of an amount greater than $10 in the acquisition of any Neobux service except the purchase of ads.

Commission is credited 90 days after purchase.


You cánido find your referral backlink in the “Banners” section, and you perro find your direct referrals together with their statistics in the “Referrals/Directs” section (at first you will not see this section until you have your first referral).

In this section you perro sell or remove your referrals.

For this you must select the option marked and choose what you want to do with that direct referral.

rented referrals

The rented referrals They are users who either registered without a referral backlink or were direct referrals that were sold to Neobux by other users (You perro sell Neobux your direct referrals).

The referrals are rented by packages, ranging from 3 to 100 referrals.

Each rented referral costs $0.20 and the rental duration is 30 days.

Rented referrals will earn you for a limited time period.

When that period of time ends you perro renew the time of those referrals, otherwise those referrals will stop being rented from you and another usuario will be able to rent them.

When you renew the referrals you will have the opportunity that they cánido make you discounts depending on the number of days to which you renew, since you cánido renew referrals for different amounts of days.


You perro rent referrals from the “Summary/Referral” section, where you must choose the referral package to buy.

To manage your rented referrals you must entrar the “Referrals/Rented” section (at first you will not see this section until you have your first package of rented referrals)

In this section you cánido renew your referrals, recycle them, increase the number of days to receive discounts.

Finally, in this section you cánido manage everything related to your rented referrals.

Neobux payments

You cánido request a payment from $2, and the means of payment are: Payza, Netteler and Skrill.

You perro add rental cómputo from $10, and the means of payment are: Payza, Netteler and Skrill.

Go to the different payment processors.

For withdraw your winnings From Neobux you have to entrar the “Summary/Your payment” section and make the withdrawal of funds.

For add rental cómputo to your account you must entrar the “Summary” section, entrar the “+” sign that is shown next to the rental cómputo and follow the steps.

Transfer primordial cómputo to rental cómputo

Cánido move your primordial cómputo (for withdrawal) to your rental cómputo.

You perro do this from the “Summary” section, in the “+” sign that is shown next to the rental cómputo.

In this section you perro entrar the main cómputo and follow the steps to carry out the cómputo transfer.

Points and Coins in Neobux


The points They are points that are earned by viewing ads, and are used to renew rented referrals, as well as to renew their duration.

You cánido see the number of Points you have from the “Summary” section.


The coins They are those points that are earned when you perform the CrowdFlower tasks offered by the platform.

These points perro be exchanged for real money in dollars.

The type of conversion depending on the number of points is as follows:

  • 2500 Coins = $2.
  • 5000 Coins = $5.
  • 10000 Coins = $11.
  • 20000 Coins = $24.
  • 30000 Coins = $39.
  • 40000 Coins = $56.
  • 60000 Coins = $90.
  • 80000 Coins = $128.
  • 100000 Coins = $170.

Based on this data, you cánido make the change of coins for money when you have reached any of the exchange rates mentioned, this provided that the following conditions exist:

  1. All the Coins won (both own and from your referrals), they will be assigned to you 60 days after winning them.
  2. Coins won through a referredthey will only be assigned if they are signed up for the same ekl after 60 days.
  3. If the offer or mini-job is canceled for any reason, you will lose the Coins earned, whether they are your own or belong to a referral’s earnings.

Neobux Memberships

In Neobux there are two memberships that are: Estándar and Golden.

The Estándar membership is obtained when you register on the platform, while the Golden membership must be purchased.

Golden membership provides a series of benefits that increase profits within the company.

Golden Membership

The golden membership It has a cost of $90, and it lasts for a full year, so after the year you must buy it again to continue having this membership.

You cánido buy the Golden membership from the “Summary/Upgrade” section.

Upon reaching the amount of 30000 Points, you perro acquire the Neobux Golden membership completely free.

With this membership your benefits will increase considerably within the platform.

Main features of the Golden account

Other information about Neobux

AdAlert: It is a complemento that you perro install on your computer, which informs you that there is a new ad that you cánido view.

When you’ve been a month idle Your account is temporarily suspended, and after two months your account is permanently suspended, where you will no longer be able to request that they pay you the income you have accumulated.

Only one account per usuario is allowed.

Advertisers on Neobux

Neobux is an advertising company that allows you advertise your blog or website. This advertising that you buy from Neobux will be seen by real people, so it is very possible that you will get customers who buy your products.

Neobux offers different types of advertising with different characteristics.

Cánido buy advertising From the “Summary/Advertise” section, select the type of advertising you want to buy and the clicks you want to get on your ads.

This is purchase with primordial cómputo.

To create and manage the ads that you are going to promote, you must entrar the “Ads” section.

Advantages and disadvantages of Neobux


  • Well managed site: Neobux has been operating since 2008so it has been operating for a long time.

  • Payments: Neobux has always paid its users on time.

    There are many proofs of payment to prove it.

  • Instant payments: You will receive your money in several seconds in the payment processor you have chosen.
  • Various ways to win: Neobux offers many ways to earn money: watching ads, completing offers, doing mini jobs, etcétera.
  • Forum: Neobux has the largest forum all the PTCs of the world.

    Thousands of users with whom to share opinions and strategies.

    In the forum you cánido find guides, tutorials, tricks, etcétera.


  • Strict forum rules: The Neobux forum is well known for its moderation system.

    It’s a good iniciativa to read the terms and conditions before participating, as there are several issues that you cánido get banned for if you’re not careful.

  • Rented Referrals: Although they have great potential, it takes a lot of time and a good strategy to get the most out of them.

Does Neobux pay or is it a scam?

Neobux is a company that seamlessly pay your users from 2008, so the possibility of being a scam is eliminated.

All the time that Neobux has been running, it has been characterized as a serious platform in terms of its services, which is why it has a fairly high score in terms of seriousness.

The Neobux company has the advantage that it is a legally registered platform.

It certainly has enormous merit and espectáculos that the staff behind this platform is serious and 100% honest.

It would be a very good thing if all the pages that exist on the Internet were this way in terms of seriousness.

Strategy to earn $50 or more per day without investing

After registering on the platform, you are able to start the strategy that will allow you to win $50 or more each day.

You perro see this strategy by clicking on the following backlink:

Go to the strategy to earn $50 or more daily.


Neobux is a platform that has been around for a long time. paying their usuarios, and every day Neobux makes payments that exceed $100,000, so it is a reliable platform, since it has a quite effective work historyand it has never had problems with payments to users.

It is a platform that is improving every day, and you will be able to make this platform a source of great income in the long run.

There are many users who earn real salaries with Neobux, since they have implemented a good strategy to obtain very good income in the medium and long term.

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 Neobux How does it work?  earn free money
  Neobux How does it work?  earn free money
  Neobux How does it work?  earn free money

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