Neobux | Earn money by watching ads and

Neobux | Earn money by watching ads and

neobux is the largest pay-per-clic company in the world.

Since its launch in 2008, ptc has not stopped growing to such an extent that it currently has more than twenty million users.

Since the beginning, the popularity of the site has skyrocketed, whether due to its instant payments that provide security to users, its honesty or simply the feeling that it gives off that behind the business there is an administrator capable of getting the most out of it.

This campo so given to scams, the truth is that it has become the great benchmark for pay per clic.

Neobux was born like any other ptc, with a modest script and an unprofessional appearance, over time it has become the mirror where all the others look at themselves.

What’s more, his success is so overwhelming that right now only ClixSense is able to discuss the leadership in the world of pay per clic.

Neobux is a clear example that nothing is impossible in life, a hard-working, honest and intelligent administrator has been able to create a prosperous business and get rich riding your own computador.

General information

Accepted users: All countries Min. payment 2 dollars Referral system Payza, Skrill, Neteller, Tipalti

Payment methods

Start earning money in Neobux

Although as a good self-respecting ptc the main way to earn money in Neobux is by watching ads, it also has some different ways.

We are going to review all the categories that the ptc includes to get the most out of it.

Viewing ads (ptc)

We have several different types of ads, they will vary in value depending on the membership you have.

If you have referrals, whether direct or rented, it is essential to see all the fixed ads (orange) every day in order to receive their earnings.

Earn money by completing offers and doing mini jobs

In this section we find three different sections, points, coins and mini jobs.

In the Points and Coins sections, which are the virtual currencies of the ptc, we have offers that we cánido complete, either by watching vídeos, taking surveys, registering on pages or downloading applications.

You cánido exchange Points for rented referrals or for Golden membership.

Coins cánido be exchanged for cash.

The Mini-jobs deserve special mention, as their name indicates, we are going to be paid for doing small jobs.

In addition to what we earn with these mini-jobs, Neobux will give us a plus.

If you are a estándar usuario you will receive $12 for each mini-job completed by one of your referrals and double if you have a Golden membership.


They are opportunities that we get to win prizes in the ptc, for each ad viewed we will be awarded 4 opportunities.

These opportunities are nothing more than plus ads that we have to see and that may contain prizes.

I advise you to be patient and try to see all.

As you perro see, I got a prize of 25 dollars, it is true that most of the time you don’t get anything, but by dint of insisting we usually get a prize from time to time.

The biggest prize you perro win in the AdPrize is an annual Golden membership that is currently worth $90.

We perro also receive prizes in points that cánido be used, among other things, to buy your annual membership for free.

Earn money doing surveys on Neobux

Neobux is no longer just a ptc, it also offers us the possibility of increasing our cómputo on the page, carrying out paid surveys.

Neobux also has surveys

Every day we have more than thirty surveys from the best panels to earn money in Neobux, panels like Yuno, Pollfish or Surve Time among others.

Every time we carry out a successful survey, the corresponding cómputo will be credited to our Neobux account instantly.

Payment received from Neobux

Payments in Neobux are instantaneous, normally they do not take even 30 seconds to reach the chosen payment processor, perhaps that is the key to its success and what generates more confidence in order to work with it.

Payment methods available in Neobux

At Neobux we perro currently use up to three different payment methods.

After the veto of Paypal to all the ptcs, in Neobux we have stayed with PayzaNeteller and Skrill as possibilities to withdraw our money.

* Neobux has recently added the Tipalti payment gateway, which offers the possibility of using Paypal and bank transfer.

We must bear in mind that if we make a purchase we will have to request the payments through the same processor where it was made.

In case of making several purchases with more than one processor, we will have to charge for the one with the most amount of money we have invested.

Conclusion on Neobux

Normally the panorama of the ptcs is anything but reassuring, there is a proliferation of pages with unscrupulous administrators who take advantage of users who want to work honestly on the site.

It is almost impossible to work a ptc with absolute peace of mind that in the end you will see your money, Neobux gives us that security.

Whether investing money to earn significant amounts or for free to get plus money, you perro be sure that Neobux is one of the best places we cánido find on the Internet for it, it is a website that generates trust, a trust earned by hand thanks to your great work and good work.

I recommend you register and start little by little to generate profits, the key to this ptc is perseverance and knowing how to make the most of all the possibilities it offers us, of course I am at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

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 Neobux |  Earn money by watching ads and
  Neobux |  Earn money by watching ads and
  Neobux |  Earn money by watching ads and

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