Neobux Cheats 2017

Neobux Cheats 2017

Would you like to know some tricks for neobux? Well, on this rainy day, with air, that we want to be at home, we are going to do it.

Therefore, today, as I promised you in a previous articulo, I am going to present some strategies that I follow in neobuxI have learned some of them in the forum neobuxwhich I often read, and others are fruit of my own experience, I have contrasted these later in the same forum and it also works for other users.

After this, let’s mess!

Neobux, as you well know, is a PTC, (paid to clic), therefore it is ESSENTIAL clic on youhear all the announcements daily, especially the sticky adswhich are the ones that are going to tell you so that the clicks that your referrals have made you the day before count.

As you well know, Neobux time does not usually correspond to our local time (in Spain, for example, it is six hours more than the server), but clicking every day at more or less the same time (as far as possible), there should be no problem, for example, I always clic after eating, around 3:30 p.m., and my ads are changed at 12:50 p.m., Spanish time.

All this that I have just told you is perhaps the greatest of tricksclic every day.

Now I will talk about the strategies of referral rental and recycling.

The referrals are, as I told you on some occasion, users of neobux They haven’t registered with anyone.

Many of them do not clic every day or do not clic when they should, therefore, we will assume billssomething that We should avoid by all means.

I am recycling them on the fourth day If you haven’t clicked, I usually do 10% daily, on some occasions that level goes down, and it should go down over time, since little by little we will have to stay with those who better go to workToday we will discard the rest.

I have studied other systems, but this is the simplest and fastest.

Another important premise isextend the rental time of referrals, let’s see, how much greater is the time for rent, the greater the discount that neobux makes us, for example:

  • Extending the rental to 240 days gives us a 32% discount.
  • 150 days, we will have a 27% discount.
  • 90 days a 20% discount.
  • 60 days a 13% discount.
  • 30 days an 8% discount.

Taking into account these premises, and that activated the self-pay we will have a 15% discount (self-payment is to renew the referral that clicks on you one day), it is easy to think that if you don’t have it activated you should extend referrals from 90 days onwardsto get a greater discount, always longer in time, always according to your possibilities.

if you have it activatedIt would be convenient extend referrals to 60 days, since that way you get a 13% discount and those that are renewed every day, will be 15%.

This should be done in the early stages, when you have few referrals and your economic level is lower.

To finish, tell you that for earn money In Neobux there are two speeds:

  • investingto have rented referrals from the beginning and be able to earn money with their clicks, in this mode, you will have invested and you must recover your investment (whether a lot or a little), it is the faster method.
  • without investingthis way it’s slowersince we will have to wait until we have an economic remainder to rent your referrals, little by little, in this way you will not risk your money, but everything will be much slower.

I hope I have helped you, finally tell you that neobux It’s a long-distance race, you’re not going to earn money In a short time you will not get rich, but in two years, with the right tools and following the right premises, you cánido have a good plus.

If you want to register in neobux, you perro easily do it here:

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Greetings friends and see you next time! ??

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 Neobux Cheats 2017
  Neobux Cheats 2017
  Neobux Cheats 2017

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