Navigating WeWorkRemotely: An Exploration

Navigating WeWorkRemotely: An Exploration

The number of services available to get a job remotely grows exponentially as interest in remote work increases.

At Gigonway we want to lend a hand in the process of finding a remote job, since there are many options available.

While we cánido’t help you find the ideal remote job opportunity, we do our best to offer advice in our guides.

What is WeWorkRemotely?

The go-to website for discovering and listing remote employment opportunities is WeWorkRemotely, which calls itself “The largest remote work community in the world«.

You perro use its sophisticated search option to find jobs by keyword, category, area, employer, or even if you’re looking for full-time or contract work.

They also have a feature that espectáculos you the top searches for remote work, allowing you to use those specific palabras clave to narrow your search.

Job postings provide full job descriptions and specify whether the position is 100% remote and open to applicants from any country or only within that nation (such as US-only positions, meaning the work is remote within the United States, but cannot be done from outside the country).

You cánido be sure that every time you visit the website you will find new job offers, since the list of available positions is updated regularly.

Offers highlighted in yellow

The only drawback is that the offers «featured» appear first with no published date indicator, so you’ll have to scroll down a bit to see the most recent offers.

WeWorkRemotely has over three million visitors, and that number is growing every day, according to its front page.

Another useful tool on the WeWorkRemotely website is their remote work resources page.

You cánido read about resources that are incalculable for remote workers, like must-read books, aplicaciones to make your remote work easier, and more.

Agregado, there’s also a blog, podcast, and Slack channel you perro join to further connect with the remote work community.

All these resources are free to use.

They also occasionally host en línea events like remote job fairs, meetups, or AMAs with successful remote workers that you cánido sign up to attend.

Other resources include their learning portal which offers professional coaching (book a session for $199), sintetiza reviews (starting at $149), and LinkedIn reviews (starting at $149) if you’d like another equipo of eyes to help you with those things.

They also have cover letter and sintetiza templates to help you start that process if necessary, a job tracker you cánido use when applying for opportunities, writing exercises, and interview preparation questions you perro use to prepare for the interview to the best of your ability.


Be sure to also check out their discount page, which offers discount codes to resources like Codecademy and SkillShare among others.

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What companies offer remote work?

While there isn’t an official list of all companies that offer remote work, WeWorkRemotely has a helpful list on their website containing what they have determined to be the top 100 remote companies.

This list is determined based on the global companies that have the most experience recruiting remote workers, as well as those that have used WeWorkRemotely the most for job postings.

This list is by no means exhaustive and is limited by the companies that articulo on WeWorkRemotely, but it’s a great starting point if you’re trying to find companies well-versed in remote work.

Additionally, they have a page dedicated to their library of companies that are friendly to remote workers and companies that prioritize remote workers.

What are the best types of remote jobs?

Remote work is the ability to get your work done outside of a traditional office environment, and while many jobs perro be done remotely, some are better suited for it than others.

Like the best companies for remote work, there is no official list, but according to WeWorkRemotely, here are some of the most habitual remote job categories:

  • Programming: Full-stack, front-end and back-end
  • Design
  • Devops and Sysadmin
  • Management and finance
  • Product
  • Customer Support
  • Coding
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Strategy and content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Analysis of data
  • Some fields of engineering

Any work in these fields lends itself to successful remote work opportunities and perro most easily be done remotely.

However, this does not orinan that if your field is not on this list, you cannot successfully find remote work opportunities!

WeWorkRemotely popular networks

You perro also take a look at WeWorkRemotely’s popular media pages to get a full picture of their en línea presence if browsing their website isn’t enough to make you feel comfortable using it.

If you use Twitter, be sure to follow their profile to receive publicaciones de Twitter with job postings and details about their remote worker community.

If you like photography, you perro see his weekly featured remote business, photos from his blog, and quotes from his podcast on his Instagram profile.

They also maintain an active presence on LinkedIn, where they offer job postings and backlinks to various employers so you cánido also view their LinkedIn profiles.

Clic here to follow WeWorkRemotely on LinkedIn.

Last but not least, WeWorkRemotely also has a Fb page that you perro like and follow if you want to receive job offers and remote work information in your feed.

To end

There are several career options available, whether you’re looking for your first remote job or wanting to make the switch.

Finding recent job postings from companies that want to work with remote employees and have experience doing so cánido be easy with Remotely.

It is highly recommended to check their website, especially if you are new to the world of remote work and want to take advantage of their services.

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 Navigating WeWorkRemotely: An Exploration
  Navigating WeWorkRemotely: An Exploration
  Navigating WeWorkRemotely: An Exploration

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