MySurvey Spain: Earn money with your

MySurvey Spain: Earn money with your

MySurvey is a paid en línea survey panel powered by Light Speed ​​Research that allows you to share your opinion on products and services.

The surveys cánido be about restoranes, the automotive world, shops, travel, food, electronics, leisure, etcétera.

They cánido even send products home for you to try for free; then you will have to answer the questions about each of them.

For example, if it is a consumer product, they will normally ask you if you liked it, if you would buy it in a store, if the price is appropriate, etcétera.

How to register in MySurvey?

To participate in My Survey is very fácil, you just have to register by completing a form with your data, which takes less than 5 minutes.

Once you have registered and confirmed your registration, you will be able to start receiving invitations to paid surveys, short surveys and free product trials at your home.

And the good thing is that you cánido answer the surveys wherever and whenever you want, since currently this panel allows you to answer them from both your desktop and notebook computers.

In addition, thanks to the MySurvey mobile application you perro also answer them from the mobile and tablet.

MySurvey, along with the Global Test market have been merged and it is now a single panel called Lifepoints; You perro see how Lifepoints works in Spanish.

Sign up for free to My Survey

How does MySurvey pay?

To request a payment in Mysurvey, you must have reached enough points, the minimum is usually around 1200.

The transfer is done en línea through Paypal.

You cánido also exchange your points for purchase vouchers for Ikea, Media Markt, El Corte Ingles, Amazon and others.

How are the surveys of My Survey by cámara web?

Mysurvey allows you to answer some surveys by showing your image on your computer’s cámara web to find out the reactions you will have when viewing a vídeo on a specific topic, or simply see the reaction you have when giving your opinion.

This system for companies is highly valued, and for this reason, the surveys that are done through this system will be better paid.

There is no need to be afraid of this type of survey, both your data and your images will be protected in a safe and confidential way.

You cánido always get for not answering, you are free to choose the type of survey you want to answer.

Below you cánido see a vídeo with more information that explains how cámara web surveys work.

Is MySurvey Secure?

Surely you have heard about the paid survey scams on the Internet, websites that ask for money in exchange for sending you a list to do surveys, since MySurvey is not the case; We are talking about a legal company that works internationally in more than 70 countries.

It has been en línea for many years; and so far I and many people who participate in this panel are happy, since reliable sites that allow us to earn money like this are few.

Participation is free and voluntary, MySurvey will never ask you for money, quite the contrary; they are the ones who pay us for our opinion.

Conclusions About MySurvey

  • With the MySurvey panel you perro earn money for free.
  • Accepted countries: Spain
  • Spanish Language
  • Draw: You cánido participate in draws that take place every quarter where you perro win cash prizes of up to €2,500.
  • Payment methods: You cánido charge by Paypal from €10, gift cards, purchase vouchers, etcétera.

If you don’t like a survey, you don’t have time or you simply don’t feel like answering it, absolutely nothing happens, you perro answer others in your free time, yes, if you really want to earn money quickly, like more invitations to surveys complete, the more points you cánido earn in order to reach the minimum beforehand to request the payment, or to reach the necessary points to exchange it for a gift.

If you have doubts or questions about MySurvey, you perro leave a comment; or use the contact form that you will find on this website.

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 MySurvey Spain: Earn money with your
  MySurvey Spain: Earn money with your
  MySurvey Spain: Earn money with your

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