MySurvey | PAID surveys for Spain

MySurvey | PAID surveys for Spain

MySurvey It is a free survey panel with which we perro earn money.

Either by Paypal or money to spend on Amazon, etcétera.

En línea since 2001, MySurvey belongs to the company LightSpeed ​​GMI.

Which in turn is owned by WWP, one of the main en línea advertising and marketing groups.

As in all survey websites, we they will pay money for giving our opinions.

So that as we answer surveys, they will give us the corresponding rewards.

And then, we perro exchange, among other prizes, Paypal cómputo, gift cards or lugar de comidas tiques.

Last update ” Mysurvey doesn’t work.

If you are wondering what happened to Mysurvey, you should know that it has merged with Globaltestmarket.

And the result of this merger is… Lifepoints.

In this survey panel we cánido earn money for Paypal, Amazon Vouchers and more gifts.

Registration in MySurvey

To start working Mysurvey, we will have to create an account.

It should be noted that Mysurvey only works for Spain.

So if you radica in another country, you will not be able to use this panel.

But don’t worry! If you want, you cánido read the articulo with all the paid survey panels that I work on.

There you will see them all ordered by country and with a brief description of how each one works.

Continuing with the Mysurvey tutorial, the first thing we will do is register in the panel.

To do this, you cánido clic here and it will take you directly to the web.

Once there, we will see a tab with the name “Register”.

When clicking, a registration form will appear.

In it they will ask us to write down our name and surname, an correo electrónico address and the password.

Next, we accept the TOS and clic on «Get started now for FREE.

As soon as we register the account, we will get a total of five forms with very general questions.

In them they ask us questions about ourselves and It won’t take 3 minutes to complete them all.

Once the fifth form is completed, we will receive a welcome correo electrónico from our MySurvey consultant.

in turn, this message will come with a backlink attached.

By clicking on the backlink, it will redirect us back to our account.

However, we have achieved something else.

By answering all the questions we will have the account complete.

And by following that backlink, we will have confirmed it.

So, now We already have full access to the section of paid surveys.

How MySurvey works

As it happens in opinion center either Mobrog, to qualify in the Mysurvey surveys you have to answer some previous tests.

Thanks to these tests and our answers, we will qualify and start receiving surveys.

And the best thing is that, by providing those answers, the surveys that come to us will deal with our interests.

In total there are 5 Profile Surveys.

To see and answer them, we will go to My Surveys.

In the top menu.

In this case, unlike the previous tests, they will be more personal surveys.

And depending on the answers we give, the surveys they send us will be about one theme or another.

Answer a survey on Mysurvey

From now on, when there is a survey available that suits our profile, we will see it reflected in My Surveys.

The same section in which the five profile surveys appeared.

To access one of them, we just have to clic on the green box.

Then a new window will open with the survey.

I espectáculo it to you in the following image.

Usually, with each survey, Mysurvey also sends us an correo electrónico.

In this way, it notifies us that there is a survey available to us.

But be careful because this does not happen with all.

My consejo is go to the MySurvey panel from time to time.

More than anything in case there is a survey available and they have not sent you the correo electrónico.

We lose nothing by looking and making sure if there is one or not.

The format of the correo electrónico that comes to us from Mysurvey is this:

When we have completed the survey, we will have to make a small assessment.

We will simply say if it has been easy to understand and confirm that we have completed it successfully.

After a few seconds, the points will be added to our cómputo.

And as soon as we have enough points, we perro exchange them for the prize that we like the most.

MySurvey pays

In MySurvey we cánido change the points we earn with the surveys for prizes.

The ones I like the most are the money prizes through Paypal.

But if you want, there is also the possibility of exchanging them for purchase vouchers for Amazon, iTunes, MediaMarkt, etcétera.

In this sense, the prizes are very afín to those of i Say.

For each survey we complete, in addition to getting these points, we will also receive participations.

These are used to entrar the quarterly draws carried out by Mysurvey.

And be careful, because the prize for the winner is €1500.

In this way, in Mysurvey we perro earn money simply by being registered.

It is true that without answering surveys, it is very difficult to earn money.

Since with each survey they give us more tiques.

But well, being very lucky, it is possible.

Request a payment in My Survey

To request a payment in Mysurvey we will follow three fácil steps:

1- We go to the Prizes tab and select the one we like the most.

2- Depending on the prize we choose, we will be asked for an correo electrónico address.

If we request a payment by Paypal, we will put the correo electrónico address that we have associated with the processor.

And if we want another prize with the Amazon Card, we cánido give any other e-e correo electrónico.

What will happen is that they will send us a code, which we cánido exchange for money on the Amazon website.

3- We complete the process and accept.

In a matter of days, Mysurvey will send us the prize.

If we have requested a payment by Paypal, they will pay us in, at most, a couple of weeks.

The minimum payment through Paypal is €10, which is equivalent to 1200 points.


I am going to repeat with Mysurvey what I have already said many times.

As I usually say in all the posts in which I talk about survey panels, completing a survey will not take us more than half an hour.

And that, in the worst case…, although on the contrary, they will always pay us better.

The longer it takes us to answer a survey, the more money we will be paid.

As a general rule, Mysurvey surveys tend to last between 5 to 30 minutes.

If you look closely, you will see that almost all of them are 10 minutes long and are paid at 50 points.

But there are 100 points or even 250.

With a bit of luck, with four surveys of the big we would already be in a position to request a payment.

If, in addition, you are registered in more pages, much better.

I am registered in more than 10 panels.

Every day I receive a survey from one of them.

So if I don’t add on one side, I add on the other.

In the end, I am asking for a payment for a week on a site.

And another week a payment in another.

In general, by aggregating several sites, it is easier for me to earn money than if I only worked on one panel.

The more panels we work on, the better, since we will be adding money on various platforms.

And here we come.

If you have any questions, you perro leave me a comment or write me a message using the Contact.

If you want to start earning money with surveys, you cánido sign up for MySurvey by clicking on the banner below.

Let’s hit the polls!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

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 MySurvey |  PAID surveys for Spain
  MySurvey |  PAID surveys for Spain
  MySurvey |  PAID surveys for Spain

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