MyProfitLand | Strategy GAME THAT PAYS

MyProfitLand | Strategy GAME THAT PAYS

MyProfitLand is a strategy game in which we cánido earn money totally free.

At first, the game may seem complicated, but as we will see in this guide, My Profit Land it works in a very practical way and its gameplay is really fácil.

Roughly speaking, our job is to work, perform tasks and live the day to day of our character as if it were real life.

As we progress through the game, we cánido even manage our own companies, fight in wars, which perro generate a lot of profit.

Or we cánido even become politicians of our country of residence.

Becoming president of the government if we equipo our mind to it.

Sounds good huh? Well if you want to know how to earn money in MyProfitLandI recommend that you read this tutorial from start to finish.

Let’s go mess!

What is MyProfitLand

MyProfitLand is a free simulation and strategy game with which you you cánido earn money and withdraw vía Paypal, Skrill and Neteller.

Just like in the game goaltycoonAt MyProfitLand we perro play from any device, without having to download or install any programa.

It works for users from all countries and, despite the fact that many of us are Spanish-speaking users who use the game, it is only available in English.

In that case, if you have problems with the language, the best alternative is to use the Google chrome browser, which has an integrated automatic translator.

The MyProfitLand game has been en línea since 2016 and has always complied with payments without incident.

As we will see below, the game works with three types of currency: the internal currency of each country, gold, and the euro.

There are several ways to get these coins completely free of charge, be it by working, managing companies, participating in wars, watching advertisements or answering paid surveys.

In addition, it has a financial market in which we perro exchange some currencies for others, allowing the option of exchanging the local currency for gold and gold for euros.

The minimum payment stipulated by MyProfitLand is 20 euros, a figure that if we dedicate a few minutes a day we perro achieve it in months.

But what if we put more effort into it and take advantage of all the sections? we perro reach in much less time.

Registration in MyProfitLand

The first thing we need to start playing in MyProfitLand is create us an account.

To register, if you want, you perro follow this backlink, which will take you directly to the game’s cover page.

Once there, in the menu at the top, clic on the tab “Register”.

On the next screen a registration form will appear in which we are asked to provide an correo electrónico address and a password.

Fill in the three boxes and, after solving the recaptcha, clic on “Register”.

go to game

As soon as we send the form with our data, we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico from MyProfitLand.

In the content of that correo electrónico we will see a backlink, which we must follow so that our account is confirmed and we cánido access the game.

To finish with the registration, we will have to provide our real name and select between two nationalities: the real one and the one we want to adopt in the game.

In my case, for example, I live in Spain, but in the game I initially chose South Korea.

And now I am in Chile.

Ideally, before you check which countries have more jobs and which ones will pay us a higher salary.

You cánido see this on the cover of the game, at the bottom.

Within the game we perro change nationality whenever.

In fact, there wasn’t much work in South Korea so I moved to Canada, and then to Chile.

Then I explain how I did it.

Verify account in My Profit Land

Once we have created the account, it is highly recommended to verify it since we will achieve several things:

– First of all we will be proving that we are real people and not robots.

It is forbidden to create two or more accounts from the same IP, so be very careful about trying to cheat.

– As we will see later, each country offers a “Work Bonuses” (or Job Plus).

Verifying the account we perro receive this plus.

Otherwise no.

– They will also give us the possibility of acquiring a company for free.

We perro choose between two options: create a water company or create a company to genera electricity.

– Finally, we will also enable the option of being able to rent a house, which will provide us with plus energy every day.

A game determining aspecto.

To verify the account we will have to go to “Personal Settings”in the upper right-hand menu, and clic on “Account Verification”.

Once there we will have to call the number that appears and wait for the first tone to sound.

Then it will be automatically cut off and the account will be verified.

I understand that this step cánido give you a bit of a bad feeling but don’t worry because nothing happens.

I did it a long time ago and have never had a problem.

How MyProfitLand works

Now that we have the account verified, let’s see how MyProfitLand works.

To get to know all the sections of the game in depth, I am going to explain the different tabs that make up the top menu.

And from then on, since we’ll know where everything is, we’ll talk about how we perro earn money, manage companies, answer surveys, complete offers, see ads…

The sections that are on the left hand side below the cómputos are shortcuts to elementos in our inventory: companies, finances, weapons, clothing, etcétera.

Best menu

The MyProfitLand menu is made up of eight general categories.

Except for the first one, which is the main screen of our account, clicking on the others will display a submenu with several different options.

We will go through the most relevant ones as we progress with this guide, but first I will make a brief explanation of the general categories so that we cánido better locate ourselves.

Home ▶ Main Dashboard with information about our country.

In it we cánido see, among other things, what is the amount of local currency that we will receive for working every day (Work Plus).

Activities ▶ Tab from which we cánido earn money by working, participating in wars or completing offers.

In addition, we will be able to access the newspapers, which when buying them they grant an plus energy.

markets ▶ In MyProfitLand there are different types of markets.

The most important They are the local market, the global market and the financial market..

In the first two we cánido buy food, houses, weapons… and in the financial one we perro exchange money between local currency, golds and euros.

Our country ▶ In this section we will find information related to our country of residence.

Whether at the level of finances, regions, resources, members of the government, etcétera.

Organizations ▶ There are two types of organizations: local and global.

By applying and joining one of them we will receive additional rewards for working or participating in wars.

partners ▶ Another option to earn money in My Profit Land is to become a shareholder.

In this way, we will be able to buy shares and receive dividends every month.

classifications ▶ Here we will see a series of classifications where the users with the highest level appear, with the most earnings, with the most energy…

Community ▶ Help forums and various documentation about the game.

How to earn money in MyProfitLand

In MyProfitLand there are different ways to earn money.

Depending on the activity we carry out, we cánido get local currency from our country, gold or euros directly.

Next we will see what kind of activities there are and in what type of currency they will reward us.

The most common way to earn money in this game is working, whose salary will be paid to us in the local currency of our country.

In Venezuela, for example, the local currency is called VNZ.

And in Spain ESP.

More and more, we cánido manage companies or participate in wars, which provide us with gold.

And finally, we cánido answer surveys, complete offers or see ads, whose rewards are paid in euros.

Remember that in the financial market we cánido exchange local currency for gold, and gold for euros.

Whatever type of money we get, we cánido ultimately convert it to euros.

Work at MyProfitLand

To see the list of jobs that are available in our country we will go to «Occupations > Work».

These jobs are offered by users who own one or more companies.

AND they will pay us a remuneration in local currency every time we work for them.

Jobs are arranged so that they come first those who offer a higher salary.

A work shift lasts 4 hours and while we are working we cannot participate in a war or travel.

Throughout the day, we cánido perform two shifts.

In other words, once we finish the first 4-hour shift, we will be free to work for another company.

Additionally we perro do overtimebut for this we need to have the Energy above 55%.

The salary that the company pays us depends on our productivity, the energy we have and the economic score.

In the elabora that appears above they will tell us what compensation we will receive.

When we start, our productivity is zero.

However, every time we do a job they add 1 point.

There are six different types of work, and the more specialized we are in one or the other, the more we will earn doing that job.

In total, we cánido accumulate 300 points among the six job classes.

And the maximum points that we perro achieve in each job individually is up to 100 points.

If we work for three days in a row, a minimum of twice a day, we will receive the “Work Bonuses”.

This plus will provide us with a good handful of local currency.

offer walls

In the same way that we do in free pages like ysense either Idle Empirein MyProfitLand we cánido also Earn money by answering paid surveys, completing offers, viewing ads… The best of the case is that all the tasks that we complete in the offer walls they pay us in euros.

To access the offer walls we cánido do it in two ways.

Going to the section “Home” and clicking on the red box that says “Come on” (in English “Go”).

or by accessing «Occupations > Bid Contest» and clicking on “here”.

My Profit Land organizes a contest every 15 days in which it rewards the three users who earn the most money by completing offers.

The prizes are €50, €20 and €10.

Being a shareholder of MyProfitLand

There is another option to earn money in MyProfitLand, which is known as the “Fund be partners”.

In this case, it consists of buy game shares and receive dividends in return.

The fund has a total of 1,000,000 shares.

Some of them are in the possession of jugadores and others are owned by the game itself, which it may or may not put up for sale.

These actions only they perro be bought and sold paying in euros.

The operation is fácil since, based on the shares that each player owns, on the 1st and 15th of each month they receive the corresponding dividends.

Money is automatically distributed on those two days.

Every month.

If he “Partner Fund” has collected, for example, €3,000 in a fortnight, this money is distributed in a proportion of €0.003 for each share.

That figure comes from dividing the total number of shares available by the money collected every fortnight.

In other words, if we own 1000 shares, that fortnight we would receive dividends worth $3.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

MyProfitLand companies

Companies are businesses that we cánido acquire in MyProfitLand.

The first company that we cánido create is the one that The game gives us free as soon as we verify our account.

It gives us the option of creating a water plant or creating an electric company.

In my case, I decided to acquire the company that produces electricity, which allows me to sell it to the highest bidder and earn gold completely free.

How to open a company for free

To open the free company that MyProfitLand gives us when verifying the account we will follow these steps:

– In the side menu that is on the left, we will clic on «My companies».

Once inside, in the upper right margin, we will see a blue box that says “Starting a New Company”.

– As we perro only create a water company or an electricity company, we will have to go to the section on «Utilities».

– We select the type of company that we like the most and clic on “Open company”.

Now we will have our own company in the game and we will only have to worry about managing it.

In these two cases it is very fácil since both electricity and water are produced fully automated.

The only thing we will do is collect the production and take care of selling it.

To manage the company it is necessary to do the following:

– First of all we will have to invest 1 gold in the companyas if it were an initial capital injection.

– The second will be collect production.

For this we will go to «My companies» and, once we see the company in question, we will clic on “Administration”.

In the case of the electric company, we will go to the tab “Sun Farm” and then clic on “Store production in inventory”.

– To sell the production we will go to “Inventory”.

and then to “Order Market”.

At the bottom we perro entrar both the quantity and the price at which we want to sell it.

look closely at market prices.

This way you will not sell either at a cheap price (which would make you lose profitability) or at a very expensive price (since no one will buy it).

Rest of MyProfitLand companies

In MyProfitLand there are different types of companies, which are classified into four sectors: utilities, services, consumer and assembly.

Except for the first ámbito, which we have already seen, in the other three the companies work in a different way since they to open them we will have to pay an opening fee.

Opening a newspaper costs €5 while the rest of the companies have a cost of €30.

Another notable difference between companies in the utilities ámbito and the rest of the sectors is that require raw materials.

For example, if we open a newspaper, we will need paper, electricity, water and ink.

Also, production is not automated.

We have to worry about producing the product, controlling the price at which we sell so that it is competitive and profitable at the same time, setting an appropriate salary, etcétera.

It is true that with the companies of MyProfitLand you perro earn a lot of money.

Although it must also be said that require good management and take the game very seriously.

In fact, as is evident, by investing money you cánido open companies and earn gold from the first moment.

However, if we are to start without invest nothing, the most recommended thing to advance in the game and generate profits, the ideal is to work and participate in wars.

Participate in wars in My Profit Land

Another option to earn gold in MyProfitLand is to participate in wars.

Each war lasts for 24 hours.

If our country wins the war, the attacked region will become part of our territory.

And additionally, we will take rewards such as gold and medals depending on the damage we have inflicted on the contrincante.

To participate in a war we will need to meet a series of requirements, since otherwise the game will not allow us to access any war.

These are the minimum requirements:

– The first thing we should do is join an organization.

In general, organizations charge us a fee every month and in return we receive a series of advantages.

Among them is being able to participate in wars, since only organizations cánido start them.

– Another requirement is, once we know which region we are going to face, travel to this region.

In this case we cánido use vehicles, which are available to buy in the markets.

– To be able to participate in wars we must have weapons of attack and weapons of defense.

The best option is to acquire the best quality weapons on the market, so that we perro harness the potential of our weapons to the fullest.

– We also need have the highest energy possible.

The higher our energy, the more damage we will do when launching an attack.

Or in the event that the contrincante attacks us, we cánido defend ourselves better.

Therefore, as with weapons, the best thing to do is buy a equipo of all the clothes on the market.

And if possible, of the highest quality, since they will provide us with more energy.

We cánido check which wars are active by going to “Occupations > War Activity”.

Earnings for participating in a MyProfitLand war

Depending on the damage that we ocasione to the contrincante, which depends on the type of weapon, energy and other factors that we have seen above, we will receive a series of rewards or gains.

In summary, they are the following:

– Depending on the damage we have caused to the contrincante we will get medals and gold.

As far as medals are concerned, we cánido do two things with them: Use them to rise in military rank (for example, “Sergeant” to “Lieutenant”) or sell them in the medal market.

The higher our military rank more damage we will ocasione to the contrincante.

– As regards gold, also we will earn gold depending on the damage we have inflicted in the war.

However, it must be borne in mind that the gold that they will pay us will depend on the funds that are available in it “war fund”.

– In order to sell a medal we need to have our full military rank of that category.

That is, being “Sergeant”For example, we need 10 medals to rank up and become “Lieutenant”.

Once we have achieved the next rank, if we have leftover medals of “Sergeant”we cánido sell to other users or sell them to “War Fund”.

To see our statistics and the weapons we have we must go to “My weapons and information”.

And to see the medals that we have under our belt we will go to the section “My medals”.

You cánido earn money as a warrior

Being a warrior too you cánido earn a lot of money in MyProfitLand.

Especially the high-top warriors.

You perro choose not to invest, be patient, regulate and go up in military rank to the best of our ability.

Or invest and shorten terms, although as with companies, that already depends on each person.

To be a warrior and earn more money than just working, it takes dedication.

Yeah you are going to take MyProfitLand seriously and want to become a warrior, register with my backlink and write me through the in-game messaging.

From there I will guide you with the steps you must follow.

The energy in MyProfitLand

Energy is a key aspecto to maximize our profits in MyProfitLand.

Every time we do a job, 25% of the energy we have is subtracted, so we must worry about recharging it on a recurring basis.

Above all before working or participating in a war.

If our energy is less than 10%, they will add 1% for each hour that passes until it returns to 10%.

How to recharge energy in My Profit Land

There are several ways to recharge the energy although, depending on the jobs, the productivity and the economic level that we have, we it will be more interesting to use one or the other.

Here is a list of the most profitable ways in the first place:

newspapers ▶ The cheapest and fastest way to get energy is buying newspapers.

Each copy will give us 2% energy.

we will see you in «Occupations > Newspapers» and from there we cánido filter the search so that only those from our country espectáculo us.

Shelters ▶ There are countries where we cánido rent a shelter at no cost.

In this case, they give us 10% of energy that is distributed throughout the day.

We cánido access from the section “Home”.

Meal ▶ There are several foods and they provide us with more or less energy depending on the quality.

They are automatically consumed every 6 hours starting at 00:00.

Drinks ▶ Just like with food, there are different types of drinks.

Except for wine, which is consumed as soon as we buy it, the rest of the drinks are stored in the inventory and we cánido consume them whenever we want.

Clothes ▶ There are different elementos of clothing but they all have a duration of 15 days.

The energy that they provide us is distributed throughout the day and depending on the quality of each garment, we will receive more or less energy.

private house ▶ Depending on the type of house we rent, we will receive between 12% and 35% of energy.

In this case, the energy is also distributed during the day.

All of these elementos, except for the houses and shelters that are in “Home”, cánido be purchased in the markets.

In the local we will see the prices in the local currency.

And in the global market in gold.

Recommendation regarding energy

It’s very important calculate the amount of energy we need to do work.

And depending on our needs, we must assess what elements we cánido acquire to make your purchase profitable.

At first, the energy assigned to us by the game automatically will suffice.

However, as we improve our capabilities, we will need to buy newspapers, food, or even occupy shelter or rent a house.

In the end, it is about making numbers and not investing our salary in elements that give us a lot of energy that we will not be able to consume later.

Otherwise, we will lose money since we we will have spent in acquiring an energy that we do not need.

when we bought a house we have to move and occupy it.

After buying or renting it, you have to go to “My real estate”in the side menu, and clic on the tab “Move”.

Change nationality in My Profit Land

We have already seen that in MyProfitLand is it possible to change our citizenship.

We should not confuse a change of citizenship or nationality with traveling to another country, since it has nothing to do with it.

That is, at the beginning of the tutorial I explained that when I created the account in the game, I did so by selecting South Korea as my country of residence.

However, I came across the inconvenience that there was almost never work.

And if we cannot work, there is no salary, there is no «Plus from Job”… and we definitely disminuye our chances of making money.

Hence my decision to move permanently to Chile, where there is work on a regular basis and both its president and the citizens are very cooperative.

At MyProfitLand we cánido request a change of nationality as long as we meet two conditions: request it at most once a month and not be part of any organization.

How to change citizenship

Before starting the procedures, it is It is very important to choose the country to which we want to belong from now on..

As soon as we have decided, we cánido start with the corresponding “paperwork”.

To do this, we will have to follow the instructions that I detalla below:

– The first thing we need to make the change of citizenship is what would be the residence permit.

In MyProfitLand this document is called “Form of Government”.

said document perro only be purchased on the global market.

However, the game he gives us one when we register, so before purchasing it look at your inventory.

If you don’t have it, follow the route «Books and documents > Documents > Government form».

And once there, buy the document of the country you want to move to.

– Next we must move to the new country.

There are three options to go there, although my advice is to walk.

More than anything because It is the only option that is free..

By car or by plane it is faster, but you have to rent transportation and pay for fuel.

– As soon as we arrive at the destination, we will have to ask the prime minister of the country to allow us access.

All you have to do is entrar the name of the country in the search bar, clic on it and, once inside, clic on the blue box that says “Ask for citizenship”.

– Finally, a form will open in which we will have to write the reason why we want to request the change of nationality.

In his day, I told the Prime Minister of Canada (and later that of Chile) that there was no work in South Korea and he let me access without problems.

As soon as you answer us (as long as it is an affirmative answer) we will get the flag of the new country in our usuario profile.

In general, we all use to register in our country in real life, but our country does not always have the best conditions.

In this sense, currently, I recommend you come to Chile.

referral system

MyProfitLand has a affiliate system in which we perro earn plus money for inviting other people.

In this way, for each person who joins the game through our backlink, we will obtain a series of bonuses based on their activity and our energy.

On the one hand, they reward us with up to 15% of the profits they generate, be it working, fighting in wars, etcétera.

And in the event that they make a deposit of funds, we will obtain 10% of the amount invested.

If a person registers to the game without an upline, one is assigned by default.

That is to say that we are all referrals from someone.

To see all the features of the MyProfitLand affiliation system we must go to the side menu tab “My recruits”.

There we will find so much our invitation backlink as the conditions which I have described above.

All users who register using our backlink will become our recruits for a period of 60 days.

After that time we cánido choose to do two things: leave them free (and have them referred by other people) or extend the term for 30 days in exchange for paying €0.50.

If we choose to extend the period, we have to consider whether it will be profitable for us to pay that half euro in exchange.

Buying and selling of recruits

Finally, we also have the option of sell to a referral in exchange for gold.

As soon as a recruit has worked at least once in the last 24 hours, we will see an auction hammer appear on his right hand.

If we clic on it, we perro assign a minimum price in gold and put it up for sale in the top menu item “Recruit Auctions”.

The highest bidder will get the services of the recruit and we will get gold.

In fact, in this same section we perro see all the recruits that other jugadores have put up for sale.

And in the event that we are interested, buy one.

MyProfitLand pays

The only point that remains pending is to know if MyProfitLand pays… and of course it pays! In fact, we perro request payments from €20 and the payment processors we have available are Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and QIWI (a Russian payment processor).

I usually use MyProfitLand to make money on paypalbut any of the withdrawal options are completely reliable.

Payments are processed by so-called resellers.

Not the game itself.

These resellers are jugadores like us who are responsible for making payments in exchange for receiving a commission.

When we request a withdrawal in MyProfitLand the amount does not reach us in full.

In my case, for example, I requested a payment of €34 but finally €27.2 arrived.

The part that stays by the wayside is exactly 20% of the amount that we want to withdraw, which goes to the “Partner Fund”.

How to request a payment

To request a payment in MyProfitLand we will follow these steps:

– First of all, we go down to the bottom of the side menu and clic on the red button that says “Withdraw”.

– Then we clic on “New withdrawal request” and a form will open.

– We complete the data depending on the payment processor that we want to use to withdraw the earnings in euros.

If we charge by Paypal, Neteller or Skrill we must entrar the dirección de correo electrónico that we have associated with each processor in the third point.

Then we clic on “Send”.

– If everything went well, we will get a message according to “Your withdrawal request has been sent”.

Now we just have to wait for a reseller to proceed with payment.

The maximum time they cánido take to pay us is one month… although it depends on the availability of each reseller.

On this occasion, I have been paid in a matter of two hours.

It is reliable to invest in MyProfitLand

First of all, the first thing I want to say is that MyProfitLand is completely reliable and has been en línea for years.

A key aspecto is that it has Paypal as a deposit and withdrawal method, a aspecto that generates a lot of security.

We already know how strict this payment processor is and the fact that MyProfitLand has been with them for so many years is a strong example of the reliability of this game.

Lots of people invest money every day in MyProfitLand (you cánido see it through The Fund tab), but what is the use of investing money in MyProfitLand? Well, although there is the possibility of earning money without investing, it is evident that If we already start with money in the game we cánido shorten deadlines.

Whether it is to buy weapons and fight, which allows us to earn medals, such as opening companies and earning gold and local currency by selling our products.

Although in MyProfitLand we perro earn money without investing anything, it must be said that starting from scratch is not the same as starting with money, since this allows us to take bigger steps and grow faster.

Main features of MyProfitLand

After this MyProfitLand mega-guide, it only remains for me to say what are my opinions on the game and give some consejos that perro help you at the beginning.

In this way, you will be able to grow faster and not make common mistakes.

There they go:

✅ My strategy in MyProfitLand and in the rest of the games it is mainly based on not investing. Many of the games I play, like this one, rollercoin either Crypto Mining GameThey have a lot of potential, but we allow you to earn money and withdraw it without having to invest.

The process is slower, as is evident, but little by little, with patience and performing the main tasks that I have described throughout the articulo, you cánido earn plus money for free.

✅ Every time we work, energy decreases by 25 %.

For this reason, it is important to fill it out before working or participating in a battle.

The best thing to do, especially at the beginning, is buy newspapers, rent a house or occupy a shelter.

Later, if anything, we will dedicate ourselves to buying clothes, food and drinks.

✅ To be able to access a shelter we have to get the “Job Plus” once in the last three days.

This is one of the reasons why it is very important to work twice every day.

If we have free housing, we save local currency on renting a house and buying food and drink.

And by the way, we get a lot of energy at zero cost, that’s what it’s all about.

✅ An important aspecto to earn euros is work the offer walls.

We already know how these walls work because they are the same ones we work with on other platforms.

Thanks to surveys, PTC ads and offers, we perro get money easily and increase our cómputo in euros.

My Profit Land Reviews

It is clear that earn money playing It is one of the ways to get plus money that attracts the most attention.

Not to say that it is also the most fun.

In this sense, MyProfitLand is a very complete game in which, as we have seen, we perro earn profits without having to be glued to the screen.

It is enough to carry out the works on a daily basis and maintain production in our free company.

That MyProfitLand accepts payments in Paypal is very interesting since it is a circumstance that is not usually common in this type of game.

Without a doubt, that speaks highly of its reliability.

Anyway, I hope this guide will help you to understand all the features of the game.

That they are many and very diverse.

If you liked My Profit Land and you are going to create an account, I would appreciate it if you did so through my recommendation backlink.

And as always, if you have any questions or need help with something, you just have to leave a comment below or contact me through popular networks.

Until next time and see you in the world of MyProfitLand!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 MyProfitLand |  Strategy GAME THAT PAYS 
  MyProfitLand |  Strategy GAME THAT PAYS 
  MyProfitLand |  Strategy GAME THAT PAYS

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