MyPayingCryptoAds: You no longer pay, you convert

MyPayingCryptoAds: You no longer pay, you convert

Unfortunately MyPayingCryptoAds has become a scam.

You will not pay again and that is why we remove the backlinks and move it to the status of non-recommended pages.

Today we are going to dedicate some of our time to talk a little about MyPayingCryptoAds, a Bitcoin investment website owned by Uday Nara.

This is the same administrator of a well-known revshare MyPayingAds, which has built a great reputation in the world thanks to its good administration.

Both MyPayingAds and its twin sister MyPayingCriptoAds have a afín operation, even visually they are exactly the same.

The only difference between the two is that one of them only works with Bitcoin.

Registration in MyPayingCryptoAds

Regardless of whether it is an investment website, registration is free and we cánido even start earning satoshis without having made any investment.

To complete the registration we only have to fill out a small form where we must put our name and surname, a personal correo electrónico -preferably gmail-, a nombre de usuario and a password.

Then they will send us an correo electrónico with a backlink that we must clic to confirm our account and we will already be members of MyPayingCryptoAds.

When we entrar inside, it is advisable to fill in some information on our profile before dedicating ourselves to working on the real page.

In Account Activity we perro entrar profile, there we find all the options to provide our account with all the functions such as the Bitcoin address.

We must also entrar the tab Safety and create a security question along with the answer.

This will be essential when making our money withdrawals on the page, so it’s better to write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Ways to Earn Bitcoins on MyPayingCryptoAds

Let’s go to the core, what really interests us about any good page worth its salt, its operation or what is the same, how to start earning money with it.

As I have told you, we perro earn satoshis for free every day at MyPayingCryptoAds.

For this we must go to Cash Backlinks where we will find ads that will bring us 166 satoshis each.

The other way to earn money on this website and the true purpose that we are using it is its AdPacks.

Some advertising packages that are going to give us daily profitability.

AdPack Features

At MyPayingCryptoAds we have four different types of AdPacks.

Each of them mature when they reach 120%.

To be entitled to receive the daily commissions for each of the packages purchased, you must see 10 daily ads.

To see these ads we go to START SURFING located in the top menu of the web.

If one day we cannot see these ads, we will not receive the commission corresponding to our packages.

Different types of memberships

In order to make the project more sustainable, the administrator has created four different types of memberships.

1– Free membership: No cost and a limit of 20 AdPacks assets.2– Explorer Membership: This membership has a 0.02Btc cost a month and with it we perro have up to 50 AdPacks assets.3– Professional Membership: Its cost is 0.05Btc with a limit of 100 AdPacks assets.4– Elite Membership: Its monthly price is 0.10Btc and we cánido have up 1000 AdPacks assets.

How to invest and buy AdPacks

To invest we must go to Purchase AdPack and create an ad in Setup a New Banner.

In it we will have to add a banner of the business that we want to promote along with the referral backlink.

Once created in Purchase, clic on Buy AdPacks.

It will take us to the page where we perro buy the advertising packages.

We put the number of packages that we are going to buy and clic on Purchase.

The purchase is made directly from the catwalk of Coinpayments associated with MyPayingCryptoAds.

We simply copy our bitcoin address and entrar the amount we want to the wallet that Coinpayments will provide us.

Once the payment is made and active, remember to see the 10 daily announcements to receive our commissions for the packages purchased.

Payment received from MyPayingCryptoAds by Coinbase

✅ Payment received from MyPayingCryptoAds


These types of pages must be taken with great caution.

What has encouraged us to include it in the blog is that its administrator has already run or runs other businesses with apparent sanity and a high degree of reliability, even so, remember that in this type of site we must be willing to be disappointed at any time.


I’m sure this website will last long enough to give us a good profit.

We must take advantage of the fact that we are in the first weeks since its launch, which are usually the most fruitful.

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 MyPayingCryptoAds: You no longer pay, you convert
  MyPayingCryptoAds: You no longer pay, you convert
  MyPayingCryptoAds: You no longer pay, you convert

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