MyLead: review, opinions and how to earn money

MyLead: review, opinions and how to earn money

Are you interested earn money through an affiliate system? In that case, you may have already heard of MyLead and you are looking for information.

Or perhaps you are simply finding out about the options available to earn income in this way.

Both in one case and in the other, here you will find all the information you need about MyLeada platform that has been in operation for several years and about which we have interesting things to tell you.

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What is MyLead?

MyLead is a affiliate network founded in 2014 which is getting more and more recognition.

In fact it has been awarded as one of the fastest growing companies in Central Europeranked by Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

It has also won the award for the best SmartLink in 2020 for AffBakn, among other awards.

Offers more than 3,000 campaigns falling into more than a dozen categories: fashion, health, dating, gambling, etcétera. and has 5 monetization modelsCPS, CPL and CPA among others.

More than 3000 campaigns on MyLead

Today MyLead has more than 150,000 affiliatesand has paid more than 2 million dollars in 154 countries.

It should also be noted that in MyLead you perro find affiliate programs of large companies with a global presence such as Amazon, AliExpress or Microsoftand also small businesses.

This platform is available in 6 languages.

Highlights of MyLead

As an affiliate system, MyLead is defined by the following characteristics:

They work with the best companies

If we take a look at their campaign inventory we cánido see big companies from all sectors.

It could be said that MyLead helps in part to unify campaigns of all kinds in one place so as not to have to complejo turístico to other affiliate sites.

Maleable and fast payments

This network works with a 14 day payment cycleand each payment is made 48 hours at most.

He also emplees various media, including PayPal and Skrill.

It also allows you to receive notifications about tasks by mensaje de texto, daily or monthly.

Different themes and categories

The MyLead platform brings together different themes so that whatever yours, you cánido work with them.

Some of them are:

  1. Adults
  2. Health & Wellness
  3. Accessories and complements
  4. Fashion
  5. House and garden
  6. Business
  7. Appliances and Electronics
  8. Lotteries and contests
  9. Transportation and Travel
  10. Entertainment
  11. Sport and Hobbies
  12. gambling
  13. Services (internet, energy, etcétera.)
  14. Books and Libros electrónicos
  15. automotive
  16. Training and tutorials
  17. Animals

Friendly and easy to understand design

MyLead’s editor panel is very easy to use and readand in it the usuario cánido find the information he needs.

very good support

Your support team works great and very fast, and it is available 24/7.

Membership training and education

For MyLead it is very important that its users cánido earn money through its affiliate systems, so it gives them a complete trainingand accompanies them at all times during their learning process.

Referral and clic tracking systems

MyLead also has referral and follow-up systems.

With your affiliate market referral system you cánido earn plus money, with a 5% referral income forever.

With the tracking system you perro keep track of activity and check the statistics.

How do you earn money on MyLead?

How MyLead works is very fácil.

This affiliate network connects advertisers with publishers so that they work on their projects, announcing and promoting their products or services.

MyLead main panel

MyLead offers the following types of affiliate networks:

Cost per lead or CPL

Through this program, the affiliate receives his commission every time he a person subscribes to or registers with the website or service that the company offers.

Cost per action or CPA

In this case it is necessary that the client performs a certain action.

For example, make a purchase with a credit card.

Pay per install or PPI

It is a method that is often seen in mobile applications or programa.

The client has to install the programa on your device correctly.

Cost per sale or CPS

It is a estándar program, which usually occurs in services related to correo electrónico.

It’s necessary that the customer visits the company’s website and purchases a product.

mensaje de texto

In addition to the above, MyLead has various mensaje de texto programs, in which the usuario has to send a message to his service provider to choose to be chosen to enjoy them (games, download vídeos, etcétera.), or take part in a contest.

Withdraw money on MyLead: minimum amount and payment methods

In order to withdraw the money from MyLead it is necessary to have collected a minimum of 20 dollars.

The money withdrawn received in a maximum of 48 hoursand cánido be deposited in a bank account or in other means like PayPal.

MyLead reviews: does it pay or is it a scam?

Yes, MyLead pays, and in fact its editors have quite good opinions about this platform.

So much so that since it began its journey in 2014 it has only continued to grow.

For all these reasons, it seems to us a good option if you want to become part of an affiliate network.

How to register in MyLead?

To get started with MyLead, all you have to do is go to the Homepage and clic on Register.

Registration is 4 very quick steps that go through:

MyLead Registration
  • Data to log into the account.
  • Verification and activation of the account by dirección de correo electrónico.
  • Personal data of the account.
  • mensaje de texto verification.

You perro also log in using Google plus and Fb.

We hope you liked our article MyLead: review, opinions and how to earn money
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 MyLead: review, opinions and how to earn money
  MyLead: review, opinions and how to earn money
  MyLead: review, opinions and how to earn money

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