Mylead: earn money passively with

Mylead: earn money passively with

Mylead: earn money passively with affiliate marketing is a new method where you perro earn hundreds of dollars passively and easily.

Basically inexperienced, at any age and from anywhere in the world.

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Mylead – Earn money passively with affiliate marketing with minimal work that is every individual’s dream.

How about making money while doing nothing? That is why affiliate marketing is something that people just love.

When we talk about affiliate marketing, there is a platform that is recognized among the best.

Nowadays, you don’t have to work in an office or have a 9 to 5 job to earn money.

You may just need a single account, get access to some fácil en línea tools, and you perro start making money en línea for yourself.

A job that does not ask for knowledge, investment or experience.

Who wouldn’t want a job like that?

Affiliate Marketing: what exactly is it?

When you have to use the en línea platform to earn money, there are countless methods and one is the affiliation.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing? It is nothing more than where you have to recommend both the products and the services, and it is quite afín to advertising.

Here, you will promote a especial product.

Well, the process of making money through affiliate marketing would not be so easy without the help of good affiliate networks.

We stand by our words that internet marketing is the fastest way to make money, but the activities in between need to be looked at properly.

In return, you are paid in the form of a commission based on each person who clicks on the backlink for the product you have promoted.

So this becomes a win-win for both parties: you will take care of activities related to the promotion of the product and you don’t have to worry about whether the product is available or not.

And the advertiser does not need to worry about promotion and advertising, since he has been paid to achieve certain goals.

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting other brands’ products and services on your blog or website and earning a commission every time someone makes a purchase.

The process of earning money does not take much time either, you are not asked to make any type of investment.

You are free to accumulate goods, maintain a physical store, or undergo a manufacturing process.

It is simply a matter of joining the free affiliate program of any reputable brand and promoting it on your blog, vlog or website through nice content.

You perro also share the brand affiliate backlinks on your popular media channels or articulo an Instagram image with the affiliate backlink.

There are many easy ways to enjoy affiliate marketing.

What is the income from affiliate marketing?

When you promote products for a commission, there is no limit on earnings.

There are people who only survive and live their lives from the earnings of the affiliation.

Furthermore, these people have also left their 9 to 5 jobs and have dedicated their time to these jobs.

An affiliate marketing platform is a source of income through marketing products.

One of the most effective affiliate marketing platforms is MyLead.

He has been helping people make money en línea for the last 4 years.

When someone buys the product through your affiliate backlink, the affiliate networks involved calculate the commissions, maintain reports of marketing trends and analysis of each transaction made.

Therefore, joining a trusted network like MyLead is very important for any new affiliate.

It gives them the opportunity to work collaboratively with top publishers from around the world, offering high commission rates.

The company is run by a dedicated team of professionals who believe in keeping up with transparent practices.

Affiliate networks that make big promises to entice members to join their subscription plans often fail to provide genuine services after signing up.

It gets a bit disappointing for new publishers when they don’t get the desired returns.

But with MyLead, you will never face this problem as they make timely payments to members in the most convenient way because it explores the best and most suitable affiliate programs for aspiring affiliates around the world.

The team behind MyLead helps members in every way, be it related to strategy building, marketing skills, money making consejos and more.

They go out of their way to help members with their training and up-to-date knowledge on affiliate marketing trends.

What is Mylead?

MyLead is one such affiliate network that takes care of the requirements of emerging affiliates in just one platform and pays affiliates based on their performance.

Do you know that MyLead is an absolutely free platform? Right when you visit your website, you will come across a button that says ‘Get Started for Free’.

There is no lie in that because you perro start working on your affiliate program without spending any money.

Now you might think there is some hidden cost involved.

But the truth is, there are no hidden costs associated with MyLead.

Furthermore, they also advise you not to engage in any expensive training.

It is an affiliate network of Polish origin that emerged in 2014 and currently has more than 412,000 users, who have earned more than 1.7 million euros, a truly remarkable figure taking into account the enormous rivalry and competition in the affiliate marketing industry.

This affiliate system is a good place for any beginner in affiliate marketing who wants to learn from scratch how to earn money with this medium, since within their website they offer training materials in the form of libros electrónicos, vídeo tutorials and guides, support in Spanish 24/7 and in 8 other languages.

The company has become a very innovative affiliate company and has about 50,000 or more affiliates along with advertisers and is working with around 1600 affiliate programs.

At this firm, you get the oportunidad to work alongside the best editors in the world and you perro earn high commission rates.

Likewise, it has the latest news and tools to get the most out of the thousands of campaigns available within its platform, so it is also an ideal place for administradores de páginas web and digital marketing specialists who want to expand your sources of income.

Other data of interest are the following:

site management: The company behind this affiliate website is Lead Investments SP.

Z OO, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Romana Abrahama 18, 61-615 Poznań (Poland).

Payments: They cánido be requested from $20.

Pay mode: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Qiwi, ЮMoney, Capitalist and bank transfer.

referrals: 1 level.

Commission of 5% of the profits generated by your guests.

Language: Spanish, Polish, English, French, etcétera.

accepted countries: All.

One feature that makes them unique is that it is genuine and trustworthy.

It is very difficult to find such a company, as there are many fraudulent companies and networks where affiliates are forced to do the work, but at the time of payment, they do not receive their commission.

This cánido be quite daunting and frustrating for new affiliates.

However, MyLead Affiliate Network believes in being genuine and transparent with their affiliates.

They pay affiliates the commission they deserve and in the way that is convenient.

The strategies of this firm and their work records indicate that this firm is being run by dedicated and passionate publishers.

They help new affiliates to find the programs that are best for them and also teach them the necessary skills related to how to earn through affiliate programs etcétera…

This group also offers a large number of successful training programs.

These programs offer affiliates the necessary knowledge as well as the strategies they may need in their new affiliate marketing job.

By For the above reasons, MyLead Affiliate Network is being liked by all its customers on numerous weblogs and review websites.

There are five monetization methods like content blocking, CPA, CPL, CPS, PPI, and mensaje de texto.

The company has an in-house affiliate training program where its affiliates are taught how to earn en línea and how to keep growing.

This training program does not have a price attached to it and indicates that they support the publishers and that knowledge is shared freely.

The company has a talented team that offers support to publishers at all times.

MyLead is something that allows you to earn money without following rigid rules or schedules.

Everyone is open to work based on their time and location.

The comfort you get from working with MyLead is quite commendable.

You perro travel anywhere, work anytime, and serve your best with the affiliate program of your choice.

MyLead Features

When talking about MyLead, it has some amazing features which are mentioned below:

  1. Offers: MyLead offers up to 1,600 different affiliate programs in 35 categories.

    Apart from this, there are also different monetization methods, which have been mentioned above.

    They also offer incentive and non-incentive offers.

    Thus, it helps a publisher to get good deals and they cánido choose deals that suit their niches or skills.

  2. Medium: The firm has the best support team that is also quite fast.

    They provide 24/7 support!

  3. Pay : The company has a payment cycle of 14 days.

    Payment takes about 48 hours (most of the time) vía Wire, Skrill, ePayments, PayPal, Payza, WebMoney, or Payoneer.

  4. mensaje de texto notifications: Affiliates have the option to receive notifications on their mobiles.

    You perro get a daily or monthly earnings update vía mensaje de texto.

    This is optional and you cánido also unsubscribe from this service.

  5. Publisher Training System: the company loves its affiliates and the publisher helps them grow and earn well.

    They support them and never leave them hanging for support.

    The company has a training system that affiliates who have an account with the company perro access.

    In addition to the advanced and basic training system, they have a blog that offers learning opportunities for publishers.

    They also have some mentors who cánido help the publisher at every step.

  6. Reference system : Your referral system allows affiliates to earn plus money.

    You also get a lifetime 5% referral income.

  7. Tracking system: The company has a great tracking system.

    Statistics cánido be checked either by leads or offers.

You also receive a detailed and accurate report with the various corrected secondary identification parameters.

This is useful when you want to optimize the campaigns you have.

How to make money through the affiliate marketing program on MyLead?

It is an affiliate program that connects advertisers with commission-based publishers so they perro work on projects.

So, the job of an affiliate is to advertise and promote a merchant’s product or service, as well as refer them to their own network.

It is a comprehensive platform that enlightens you on how to make money fast with the best affiliate programs.

Once you join the program, you don’t need to worry about it every time as automation has taken over the entire process.

In case a person visits the website and makes a purchase or any desired action such as subscribing, the affiliate receives a commission.

Companies work with publishers who have a lot of traffic directed to their weblogs or websites, as this helps the company to promote their products.

However, it is not possible for them to keep track of these publishers and not focus on improving their services.

In the same way, publishers want to advertise those products that are the best, as this earns them a higher commission.

However, it is difficult for publishers to search for offers, negotiate with companies and keep track of payments.

This is exactly where an affiliate network steps in and allows parties not to waste time on irrelevant activities, but to focus on their area of ​​work.

How to be a publisher and earn money on MyLead?

Becoming a publisher on this platform is very fácil and it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to create an account. you just have to access the official website and complete the following steps:

1 Complete the registration form with some personal information such as name, address and telephone number, as well as the type of account you want to use: private or company.

2 Activate your account through the backlink that you will receive in the correo electrónico that you have indicated in the registration form.

3 Explore the offers: MyLead has over 3,000 affiliate programs to promote globally.

4 Choose the program that you will start promoting to your audience.

Ideally, you should focus exclusively on your niche, in order to reach those who may really be interested in certain products or services.

5 Generate your unique backlink affiliate and use it in your traffic source to promote your offer.

6receive your money! As I mentioned above, you cánido use the conversion model to generate income that is most convenient for you.

This would be very briefly the modus operandi to start working and earn money as an affiliate on this platform, although if you want to learn more about all its possibilities, I invite you to continue reading the article.

Tools available in MyLead

Once you’ve equipo up your account and chosen an affiliate program, it’s time to promote! But how? Knowledge is one thing, but another critical component of a good affiliate marketing campaign is efficient use of tools.

Through this platform you will get access to many ways to promote your affiliate backlinks: hidelinks, smartlinks, deeplinks, banners, content lockers, mobile rewards and many others.

MyLead also offers its own original tool: Hidelinks.

This helps to prevent bots from entering your backlink, since they are redirected to a “safe page” (safe page).

Meanwhile, real users will go to the advertiser’s website that you really want them to go to.

All of these tools will help you promote your affiliate backlink efficiently, without having to worry about bots.

You perro use them to avoid situations that could discourage users from taking a especial action and thus continue generating revenue without interruption.

What are the different types of affiliate marketing on MyLead?

MyLead has around 600 different affiliate programs and these cánido have offers from various categories including loans, game downloads, business resources, vídeo uso contínuo, dating, courses, etcétera.

Payment terms may differ between campaigns.

This affiliate network offers its users access to a large number of programs to promote globally.

Among the monetization models to earn money it is not necessary that your audience buys what you promote (CPA), since you cánido also generate income through simpler methods such as CPL or PPI.

When choosing MyLead for your affiliate marketing, you’d love to find everything you need in one place.

There is essential information on all the guidelines you need to follow.

Also, if you want to be sure that all the offers you receive are authentic, the team guarantees it.

All these facilities and great things about MyLead make it a top priority for affiliate marketers.

For example, you cánido earn money when someone completes a form leaving their contact information, downloads an aplicación or a program, among others.

MyLead connects affiliates with the best offers, providing them with a wide range of tools and training material for them to promote their campaigns.

This makes it escencial for an affiliate to understand the program and payment terms, and then you perro choose the one that suits you best.

The different MyLead partner programs are as follows:

  1. Cost per lead or CPL – In this method, the affiliate will be paid when a person signs up or registers with the business.service website or service.
  2. Cost per action or CPA : Here, the condition that is a prerequisite for payments is that the customer must achieve a certain action.

    For example, purchasing with a credit card or creating an account.

  3. Pay per install or PPI – This method is usually seen in mobile aplicaciones or programa.

    Here, the customer has to successfully install the programa on his device.

  4. Cost per sale or CPS : It is a very estándar program, generally in services related to electronic commerce.

    Here, the customer has to visit the merchant’s website and purchase a product or

  5. mensaje de texto : MyLead has many mensaje de texto programs.

    In this, the usuario needs to send a message to their service provider to be eligible for their services, such as games, vídeo downloads, content or participation in contests.

MyLead Deals Promotion

An affiliate perro effectively promote offers if their offer is relevant and targeted to the right audience.

The affiliate has to promote only genuine offers that are useful to their audience and offers that they cánido relate to.

It shouldn’t have a negative effect on them or the traffic to your website.

Also, you need to consider some factors like age, region, gender, etcétera.

when you select the objetivo audience for the promotion of your offer.

Another way to promote the deals is by sharing the referral backlinks on various popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etcétera.

or through YouTube vídeos.

It helps if you have your own blog related to the service or product being promoted.

A great source of passive income

Passive income is something that requires minimal effort to earn money.

Affiliate marketing is that type of income.

You don’t need to reach out to every individual and convince them to make a purchase or sign up for something.

You articulo your content and people perro see the affiliate backlink on your page until you remove it yourself.

Therefore, it is the best source to earn money even while you sleep.

The best part of affiliate markup is that you perro still make money even if you are sleeping, cooking or partying.

Affiliate backlinks that you have posted on your site will not disappear until you remove them.

People perro find your recommendations at any time of the day and add money to their account; It is passive income from your past activities.

Also, if you promote MyLeads to your friends and they create the MyLead account with your backlink, you get 5% of their revenue every time.

How to add a traffic source to promote campaigns:

To have the option to collaborate with brands and advertisers and sign up for as many campaigns as possible, you need to have a promotional space.

In this sense, MyLead offers a fairly wide range of possibilities, being able to choose between eight different spaces:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Popular networks
  • dirección de correo electrónico base
  • Mobile aplicación
  • PPC/Paid Traffic
  • Grid

Including a promotion space is almost essential (although not mandatory), since most advertisers require a prior verification of your site to accept you as an affiliate or not.

At the same time, the campaigns you sign up for will better match your expectations and those of your audience, such as:

  • If we choose a campaign for an iPhone 13 Pro Amazon cell phone, we will go to “Url address” where we are going to choose our traffic source and add the promotion method.

    In this case we will go to Pinterest to create a Pin with images that the same site offers us or else another alternative is to search from Google plus.

  • Once we find the image according to the campaign we choose, we will simply upload it to Pinterest with a description, tags and putting the affiliate backlink that will be provided to you.

  • Then we will clic on create board or save from the website and Save.
  • You also have the option to add more affiliate backlinks in the same Pin so you will have more opportunities to increase your earnings passively.

Choose the most suitable affiliate program:

With your traffic source verified and ready to go, it’s time to select the best affiliate program for you.

In this sense, you have the option of using the MyLead filters to compare the characteristics that interest you the most or those that you think cánido give you the best results.

The level of campaign customization is very complete.

For example, you perro choose the monetization model, the category and in which countries the program is available.

There are also many global offers like Aliexpress, BP and Skillshare available.

Also keep in mind the conversion model that you want to use.

Use the filters and categories to choose your campaigns.

You perro receive income every time a usuario buys something, fills out a form, or installs an aplicación on their device.

Earnings cánido also come from completing a task, entering your correo electrónico, or creating an account on a certain page.

There are many possibilities!

However, before clicking on the “Promote” button to get your affiliate backlink and start promoting a specific campaign, it is very important to clic on the “Details” button and review all the information about it carefully, putting special attention in the conditions and limitations.

MyLead Aplicación and Extension

Let’s assume that you want your affiliate marketing campaign to run smoothly.

Why not download the MyLead aplicación which allows you to keep track of everything related to the affiliate programs you promote?

Thanks to it, you will receive push notifications so you cánido stay updated while, for example, you are on the road.

You cánido also get mobile access to all key statistics about your leads and revenue.

The aplicación is available on both iOS (Aplicación Store) and Android (Google plus Play).

The MyLead extension, on the other hand, cánido be installed on your web browser and will help you quickly access many of the available tools and services.

You will be able to browse through affiliate programs, check your stats and create banner ads without even having to entrar a specific website.

To download it for free and start optimizing your marketing strategy, you just have to go to the “Download the MyLead extension in your browser” section that you will see in the lower left part of your account.

How to collect the profits generated?

The minimum amount to request a payment on MyLead is only $20, a very easy figure to achieve on a platform with so many campaigns and tools.

On the other hand, the means to withdraw the money are diverse, highlighting among them the bank transfer or electronic wallets such as PayPal or Skrill.

Even if you want, you cánido collect your winnings through Bitcoin, an option that I personally think is a great success that is included.

You perro do all this through the “Withdrawals” menu, where you will see the 4 possible states for the generated commissions reflected:

  • To remove: commissions confirmed and ready to collect.
  • accepted: commissions accepted by the advertiser that are awaiting the validation process.

    If the process is successful, they will be eligible to withdraw.

  • Earrings: Commissions still awaiting verification from the advertiser.

    If the client’s action (in this case you) has been executed properly, they will be ready to withdraw.

  • rejected: rejected commissions that you will not be able to withdraw.

However, before entering this section to review your commissions and request the relevant payments, you must go to the “Profile” → “Preferences” menu and complete all your personal information, as well as the withdrawal method you prefer to withdraw the earnings.

accumulated in your account cómputo.

You must also indicate the type of account you prefer to work with (private or company), since it is a company registered in the VIES, you perro make intra-community invoices for the commissions received.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing on MyLead?

  1. MyLead Affiliate Network believes in authenticity and trust.

    They are also very professional and carry out all your negotiations, payments, etcétera., in a very professional manner.

  2. Once you have an account with MyLead, MyLead Mentors will offer you their insights, strategies, and teach you the skills you need to earn well en línea.

    Also, this is done at no cost.

  3. The network emplees payment methods such as ePayments, PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, etcétera.

    to transfer your payments.

  4. Publishers perro get a detailed and accurate report on their statistics which helps them to examine their level of effectiveness.

    It also helps publishers to increase their productivity levels.

    It perro also be downloaded in PDF.

What are the restrictions?

Restrictions are the rules that all members must follow while promoting an affiliate program.

Each affiliate program has different restriction rules, so make sure you read all the rules before promoting the affiliate program.

MyLead Pros (advantages)

  • Free registration and no additional charges on each affiliate marketing.

  • extremely reliable
  • Working under the guidance of a professional team.
  • Super fast and easy to use
  • Easy and fast payments.

  • Accessibility to statistics to maximize your productivity.

  • A wide range of programs available.

  • Private forums and mentors to get started
  • Free platform for publishers

Cons of MyLead (drawbacks)

  • You are paid based on performance.


The mylead affiliate network It is among the best known innovative networks and has many positive reviews from publishers.

Although it was established in just 2014, the growth of this company has been quite high.

It offers professional support and guidance to its publishers and helps them grow and increase their earnings en línea.

Therefore, you do not need investment, experience or knowledge to start earning.

As an affiliate, you cánido keep track of your level of productivity and progress with the statistical reports provided by the company.

Payments are fast and are made in various methods that are convenient for you.

You also get support and guidance from mentors at any time while you work.

There may be some downsides, but they are negligible when you consider the authenticity of the company.

MyLead is one such affiliate network that will help beginners as well as professionals to find the best affiliate program that suits their requirements.

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 Mylead: earn money passively with
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