Myiyo | Paid SURVEYS for everyone

Myiyo | Paid SURVEYS for everyone

Myiyo is a very veteran and reliable survey panel.

One aspecto to note is that Myiyo serves users all over the world.

So you perro work from Spain and from all LATAM countries.

It has been en línea since 2006, you perro work completely free of charge and it has always complied with the payments.

As it happens in all the panels, in Myiyo we cánido earn money by answering paid surveys.

I cánido already tell you that it is not one of the sites that sends the most surveys.

However, it is a 100% reliable site.

And in my opinion, the more reliable panels we use, the better.

This way we will add profits in several ways.

Shall we see how Myiyo works? to the mess

In Myiyo we cánido register from anywhere in the world.

Registration in Myiyo

The first thing we will do is create an account in Myiyo.

If you want, you cánido follow the backlink below, which leads directly to the front page of the panel.

Once there, we will go to the tab “Check in”.

And then a registration form will open.

Register to the panel and get 100 points

The personal data requested by Myiyo to register are name, gender and dirección de correo electrónico.

After completing the three fields, we will clic on «To register”.

First, it is essential to check the box «I accept the terms of use”.

Finally, we will only have to confirm the account.

After a few seconds, Myiyo will send us an correo electrónico to the dirección de correo electrónico that we have provided in the registration.

Within that message they will welcome us to the panel and attach a backlink.

To confirm the account we will only have to follow that backlink.

Now yes, we will be confirmed members in Myiyo and we will be able to access our account.

How Myyo works

We are already Myiyo users, so let’s take a look at all the sections of the panel.

So we will see what is in each of them and what they are for.

Surveys » Section where the paid surveys that are available will be listed.

Then we will see how to access them and answer them correctly.

Points “ History with all the points we have earned in Myiyo.

Invite friends “ If we want to refer other people we will find all the promotional material here.

Profile “ The section most important after registration.

From here we will access the profile questions.

First steps

The first thing we will do in Myiyo is activate the reception of surveys.

For this, we will go to “Profile” and we will clic on “Profile Questionnaire”.

Next, 12 mini-questionnaires will be listed.

The questions that they will ask us revolve around our hobbies, family, if we have animals, if we smoke, drink alcohol or go to the movies, etcétera.

By collecting this data Myiyo will send us surveys according to our interests.

There is another reason for completing these questionnaires.

There are panels in which answering the profile questions is not paid.

But in Myiyo yes!! As compensation for the time spent, Myiyo will pay us 500 points.

Every 100 points equals €0.10, so we will have already earned our first €0.60.

How to make money on Myiyo

Once we complete the tests, we will be ready willing to receive surveys.

In most cases, when Myiyo detects a survey that matches our interests, they will send us an correo electrónico.

In it, as has happened before during registration, they will attach a backlink.

By following it, we will directly access the survey.

And from there we perro answer it.

Another option to check if there is any survey is accessing our account.

Normally we will see it on the default screen, but otherwise, we will have to go to the section «Surveys».

The format with which they are displayed is as follows:

In this case, the survey lasts approximately 4 minutes.

And the remuneration for answering it is €1.

There are times when they will reach us surveys that last longer and are paid at a lower price.

Everything will depend on the topic that is dealt with in each survey.

To answer the survey we will clic on “Start survey”.

When we finish it, they will add the reward to the cómputo.

referral system

At Myiyo we cánido also earn plus money by inviting our friends.

For each person we invite to Myiyo we will receive 500 points.

The only condition will be that you answer a survey correctly.

In addition, since that person has registered with our backlink, they will earn 100 points as soon as they create their account.

Myiyo pays and is reliable

Myiyo pay in points every time we answer a survey.

Those points perro be exchanged later for real money.

We have already seen that every 100 points is equivalent to €0.10.

The only condition that Myiyo sets regarding payments is that we have to accumulate a minimum of 20,000 points.

That in exchange is €20.

In Myiyo, just like they do Lifepoints and Mobrogwe cánido request that pay us by Paypal.

There are times when the minimum payment is 10,000 points.

To change €10.

I usually keep an eye out if I have more than €10, so I take advantage of it and get paid sooner.

How to charge?

To request a payment in Myiyo we will have to do two things:

1- First of all we will have to configure our Paypal dirección de correo electrónico.

Ideally, we register in Myiyo with the Paypal correo electrónico.

So it will be automated.

Otherwise, we will have to go to Profile and editar correo electrónico field.

Or failing that, add that correo electrónico address in Paypal.

2- When we have the minimum amount of points, the payments will be unlocked.

To see our cómputo we will go to surveysand just below the cómputo, the tab of Payments.

It will go from gray to a pink color.

To request the payment we will only have to clic there and follow the instructions.

According to the TOS, Myiyo it cánido take up to a month to send us the money.

However, in practice, it usually takes 20 days at most to pay through Paypal.

Main features of Myiyo

To get to know the Myiyo website a little better, I summarize my opinions about the panel below:

» There is a half chat half forum available to all users from Myiyo.

If someone has a question, they cánido ask and they will answer very politely.

Or the users themselves or a moderator.

In addition to helping new users, this chat encourages interaction between members of the community.

» In Myiyo they usually send about 4 or 5 surveys every month.

If we compare it with panels like GreenPantheraMyiyo It is not one of the panels that sends the most surveys.

However, being such a veteran site, I find it impossible not to use it.

Also, as I said at the beginning, my opinion is that the more secure and reliable websites we use, the better.

Thus we will accumulate money in various places.

» Surveys last between 5 and 25 minutes.

In the same way, the rewards range from €0.25 for surveys of a few minutes to prizes of €4 for much longer surveys.

» When we finish a survey, the points obtained remain as “pending evaluation”.

After checking, Myiyo will pass the outstanding cómputo to cómputo to withdraw.

Myiyo’s Reviews

Myiyo is a highly reputable and totally reliable survey panel.

We are not talking about a new site that just came out and that we still have to test.

On the contrary, it is more than proven.

And that is always a guarantee that we will receive the money we get by answering surveys.

In general, we will not take more than half an hour to answer a survey, although it is always a little less.

In any case, the longer the survey, the more remuneration we will receive.

So, as they say, Every cloud has a silver lining.

These are the portals of reliable paid surveys What do I use to make money?

With Myiyo we expanded our list of panels that pay.

A fact that reflects the number of websites that there are with which you cánido earn money totally free.

For the mere fact of giving an opinion on certain current issues.

To say goodbye, what I say in all the posts.

If you have any questions about Myiyo, you perro leave a comment below or contact me through popular networks.

And finally, if you want to start using Myiyo to earn money, I would appreciate it if you registered by clicking on the following button.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 Myiyo |  Paid SURVEYS for everyone
  Myiyo |  Paid SURVEYS for everyone
  Myiyo |  Paid SURVEYS for everyone

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