Myiyo opinion 2022: Does it work and PAY or is it

Myiyo opinion 2022: Does it work and PAY or is it

I have tried many ways to earn money en línea, but without a doubt paid surveys They are one of the easiest ways to earn plus money from home by spending just 10 to 20 minutes each day.

But I have also realized that find a good survey page making it reliable is not as easy as it seems.

Two years ago, when I started looking for survey companies to earn an plus income, I found everything: sites where They only sent out one survey a weekpages that were not useful for my country…

Although the worst of all was a platform that when I claimed my long-awaited money, turned out to be completely a scam and a waste of time because they did not want to pay me for the answers to my questions.

I have dedicated myself to filling out paid surveys for more than a year and I am registered in pages like surveyeeah and Global Test Market.

Both pages are good and reliable.

I always recommend them to my friends because they send quite a few surveys every dayand you perro get some good plus money quickly.

However, I wanted to see if there was another survey company to increase the income a little more with this method.

So for the last 3 months I have been trying other pages, but without much success.

The only one that has worked well for me has been one that I found through a forum called Myiyo.

If you are also looking for other sites where you get paid to give your opinion, here I share my experience using this paid survey page.

Characteristics by Myiyo

Type of register: free. Clic here to register.

Payment methods: PayPal.

Accepted countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, México, Peru, and other countries such as Germany, France, Italy…

Language: Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Polish.

Minimum amount to collect: 20 euros or dollars or 20,000 points.

As check in in Myiyo?

1. Visit their website

As with any registration, you first need to go to their website to create an account so you perro start receive paid surveys.

Registration in Myiyo is free, and it won’t take you more than two minutes to do it.

Clic below to go to their page:

2. Entrar your data

Unlike many survey sites I have signed up for, Myiyo asks for almost no personal information.

When you are on their page, you just have to write your name, your dirección de correo electrónico, and a password in the form to register.

Once that is done, you just have to clic on the box “I accept the conditions of use…” and then Clic on the “Register” button.

3. fill in the information

The survey pages work according to the registration of information that you give them, so it is necessary to answer some questions so that they perro customize surveys that they send you

Don’t worry, they won’t be more than a few and it’s like I told you before, compared to other pages, Myiyo will performs very few just to establish a usuario profile.

Once you have registered in the form, a page will appear where you will have to answer a few fácil questions as you see in the image below.

try to be as honest as possible and fill it with the correct information of your person.

When you have answered them, clic on “Continue” and you perro go to the next step.

4. Upload a profile photo (not required)

On the next page you will be asked to upload a photo for your profile.

Don’t worry: this is not required and you perro skip this step.

If you want to upload a photo of yourself, all you have to do is clic on “Select archivo”search your computer for your photo, select it, and then clic “Upload photo”.

But if you don’t want to upload your photo, just clic on the “Skip” button and you will go to the last page to finish your registration.

Don’t worry: even if you don’t upload a photo of yourself, that it will not affect the surveys that will be sent to you (That is, if you do not upload your photo, they will send you the same surveys that if you upload them).

5. Are you ready to start!

With all the information already supplied, you only have to go to your correo electrónico and confirm registration clicking on the backlink that will be sent to you.

You cánido now browse all myiyo page and send you surveys.

In addition, you will be able to see several missions when registering that will give you gift points.

For example, adding more information to your profile will give you 500 pointswhile verifying your e-e correo electrónico will give you about 100 more points.

Also remember that the more complete your profile is, the better the surveys you receive, so as a suggestion and experience in it, take a few minutes to complete everything that is asked of you; It’s not difficult to answer.

My experience with Myyo: what makes it different?

Almost all survey pages are based on collecting points, reach a minimum and ask for your money

Starting from there, I was a bit annoyed by the point issue because with paid surveys, it’s usually even more difficult to collect points when they have this system. But with Myiyo it’s different.

All Myiyo surveys give you a large number of points and this is what makes it different from the rest and that the goal of 20,000 points does not seem as far away as it seemed at the beginning.

I have received surveys that have taken me 10-15 minutes to complete but I have even received 3,000 points for each.

The one that has given me the least It has been one of 1,500 points and compared to other pages, it is much faster.

Regarding the number of surveys I receive, it is true that they send less than on other pages such as globaltestmarket either surveyeeahbut the difference between how many points they give and how fast I hit the minimum payout, Myiyo still gets a few more points for it.

Something that I am very grateful for is that all points cánido only be exchanged for money and do not have to change them occasionally for different “prizes” that in the long run are more expensive and useless than those offered on other pages.

I receive the payment monthly at the beginning of each monthand during the two months that I have been using it, no more than 4 days have passed since the beginning of the month to be able to see the plus money in my PayPal account.

When I got my first payment, believe me I almost screamed because I had finally discovered another survey site that actually worked and it was not a fácil scam.

And it is that after a month of invested timeI really hoped it would work.

That’s when I realized that all the comments on the forums coincided with my current experience and that it was a good iniciativa to give it a try.

My conclusion final

Myiyo is not a perfect paid survey site (although I don’t think there is one that is perfect), but in general has many more advantages what disadvantages

Therefore, if you are also looking for a method to get plus money without much effort, I recommend it 100% since They are a serious, reliable company, and that pays on time money for giving your opinion.

My experience so far has been very good as you cánido see and I don’t have many complaints about Myiyo, but to give you a summary, these are the pros and cons What I have found during this time:


  • has more than 10 years en línea, which makes it reliable and safe.
  • is totally free.
  • Available for several countries.
  • They send more surveys than on other pages.
  • they give a lot more points for surveys than other pages.


  • is only available in some Latin American countries (Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, México and Peru) and in Spain.
  • just has like payment method PayPal.

Paid surveys are not something that will make you rich or it will make you earn a lot of money in a short time, but they will give you that plus income that you need monthly.

With Myiyo, you will be able to earn that plus much faster due to the number of points you get per surveyLook at me, I’ve only been there for two months and I’ve already made more than 40,000 stitches in this time.

If you are just entering the world of surveys, It is more than a good choice for you.

What is your opinion of Myiyo? Have you already tried this page? Tell me your opinion below in the comments!

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 Myiyo opinion 2022: Does it work and PAY or is it
  Myiyo opinion 2022: Does it work and PAY or is it
  Myiyo opinion 2022: Does it work and PAY or is it

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