MyInvestor | The neobank for children

MyInvestor | The neobank for children

MyInvestor is a Spanish en línea bank that has a large number of investment products with almost non-existent commissions, ideal for any type of investor, but especially for investors with small capital.

Thanks to the very low commissions and the little initial capital you need to invest, this neobank is the best solution to grow your savings and fight inflation.

This is attested by the thousands of users it has in Spain, including myself.

To this we must add that just by having your money deposited in the entity, whatever the amount, we will receive a 2% annual commissionbut hey, I will tell you all this and much more as we progress in this article.

Being an en línea bank, we do not need to go to any office, we perro do and manage everything from any electronic device connected to the Internet.

As you will understand, this saves us essential time and greatly facilitates any procedure that we want to do.

It also has its own mobile application, available for both Android and iOS, so you won’t even need to be at home to manage your accounts.

What is MyInvestor

MyInvestor is a Spanish neobank belonging to Adbank, a bank with almost 100 years of experience in the ámbito and was launched in 2017.

Of course, being a bank fully regulated by the CMNV, our funds are fully backed up to 100,000 euros.

At the time of writing this article, it has more than 100,000 users and in these years it has received several quality awards, including those for the best fund marketer in both 2020 and 2021, awarded by Rankia; Best variable rate mortgage 2019 and 2020 also by Rankia); EFMA-Accenture, award for banking innovation in 2021; EXPASIÓN Start Up, award for the best fintech of the year 2021.

The platform stands out for several aspects, but perhaps the most accentuated is the ease that small and medium-sized investors find when using its products, largely due to the competitiveness of its commissions compared to other platforms that offer afín products.

As it is an en línea bank, all procedures are carried out electronically since it does not have a physical office.

To clear up any doubts or solve problems that may arise, MyInvestor has several contact channels.

We cánido contact the customer service area through the contact telephone number enabled for it: 910 005 961 / 900 154 400.

If you are not in Spain you will need this phone number to contact them: 937 020 559.

You perro also be contacted through the following dirección de correo electrónico: or through the chat enabled on the MyInvestor website.

What MyInvestor offers

We are going to review all the features of MyInvestor one by one and the truth is that there are not a few, all of them are extremely advantageous for users.

Remunerated current accounts

Upon completing the free registration in MyInvestor, a current account with a Spanish IBAN will be automatically created for us, which will be remunerated at 2% per year the first year up to a maximum of 50,000 euros.

The 1% remuneration is for the first year, then it will drop to 0.30% forever, unless at least 300 euros per month are invested in some of the MyInvestor investment funds, in which case it will always remain at 2% .

The account will be completely free of commissions of any kind and perro be created for one or two holders.

There is also a junior account for minors that will also be free of any commission.

Opening an account in MyInvestor is fácil, we will only need to have the DNI at hand to verify our identity and the IBAN address of another bank where we are clients and holders, since we will have to make the first deposit with that account.

Later we perro receive and send payments from any bank account without problem.

When we create the checking account we will have access to the MyInvestor credit and debit cards.

These cards have no maintenance or renewal cost, they allow free cash withdrawals from any ATM, as well as customer service to solve any problem that may arise.

MyInvestor investment products

The MyInvestor checking account is a hoot in its favor, but what really stands out is for its investment products that we are going to review below.

Indexed portfolios (Hurto Advisor)

One of the flagship products is the MyInvestor Hurto Advisor.

The possibility of starting to invest in indexed portfolios from as little as 150 euros makes this product a unique investment opportunity, since these funds are normally available at much higher portfolios.

The portfolios are separated by their level of risk, which will be determined by means of a small test before investing to determine our investor profile.

Going from the most conservative “Classic” with 100% investment in fixed income, to “Metal” the most aggressive with 100% in variable income.

Example of an indexed portfolio

The commissions for investing in Hurto Advisor are much more attractive than in other platforms, since we are only going to pay a 0.15% commission for management and another 0.15% for custody commission, we are talking about only 0.30% per yearwhich is very good.

investment funds

Unlike indexed portfolios where our investment is 100% automated, here we will have full control of the investment, thus eliminating the minimum we need to start and also part of the commissions.

Invest in national and international managers without added costs.

Filter funds between fixed or variable income or bring your fund from another entity to MyInvestor quickly and easily.

index funds

Invest on your own in the funds of the best managers in the world such as Vanguard, iShares, Amundi, Fidelity, Pictet and NNwithout minimum investment.

Choose the fund and invest without any type of minimum, as when making any contribution.

Unlike the investment in the Hurto Advisor where we do not need to have a little more knowledge when selecting the funds where we are going to invest, here we will need to inform ourselves or have a minimum of financial knowledge, so it is convenient to train a little before investing.

do it.

MyInvestor Pension Plans

In addition to all the investment products, at MyInvestor we cánido open a pension plan with very interesting tax advantages.

More than 80 plans including a proprietary indexed pension plan, where you invest directly in the S&P500.

It also offers pension plans from other well-known platforms such as Finanbest.

invest in stocks

Although we are not dealing with a proper broker, at MyInvestor they give us the possibility of investing in shares of more than 4,000 of the most important companies in America.

invest in stocks

We have the most important companies in the US market available to invest with no minimums and with quite competent commissions.

Many of these companies distribute dividends, so regardless of the value we will always be receiving commissions.

Invest in real estate crowdfunding

MyInvestor has recently partnered with Urbanitae, one of the most important real estate crowdfunding platforms in Spain.

If you are registered with Urbanitae, you perro now connect your account directly from the MyInvestor website or aplicación and invest in it with the funds you have in your cómputo, as well as withdraw the funds with a single clic to your checking account.

Mortgages on MyInvestor

Mortgages without backpacks, this is how MyInvestor defines its mortgages.

Whether it is when making a transfer between banks or contracting a new mortgage, you will not have to pay anything until the time of signing.

They also promise us not to include the need for compulsory insurance or cards associated with the mortgage, so it will be free of dust and straw, something that not all banks do and that you will surely already know.

Get 20 euros free with MyInvestor

If you are determined to try MyInvestor either for its paid checking account or for its investment products, let me tell you now just by doing it from my referral backlink or using this code VCZ45 you cánido take 20 euros for free.

To get those 20 euros you will only have to create a checking account and invest whenever you want at least 100 euros in any of its investment products, whether in funds, Hurto Advisor, plans or shares.

When you do it, both you and I will take 20 euros each.

Opinions about MyInvestor

As a MyInvestor client I cánido only say positive things, because it has everything I need from a bank.

It gives you something for your money and the possibility of investing with low commissions and little capital.

It is a highly recommended neobank for everyone, but even more so for all those people who want to increase their capital.

If you don’t have that concern, it’s probably not worth it, although surely your current bank doesn’t give you anything for your money.


That is already a good reason to try MyInvestor.

In short, if what you are looking for is a bank that gives you a return on your money or to invest in the medium or long term with low commissions and little capital, MyInvestor is your site.

Investing in index funds with no minimum or doing it automatically from as little as 150 euros are features that few sites perro offer today, so at least I’m taking advantage of it.

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 MyInvestor |  The neobank for children
  MyInvestor |  The neobank for children
  MyInvestor |  The neobank for children

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