My secret trick to earn money giving

My secret trick to earn money giving

When I had my first regular job where I had to go to the site and keep a fairly strict schedule, I knew that it would never be mine.

The pay was not very goodI only made $47 a month working 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday), and even my position had an hour round trip by ómnibus.

That’s why, I decided to quit and stop wasting my time in a job that didn’t help me much, and find a job where I could earn the money I needed to help with my family’s bills.

I started searching Google plus for pages to generate an plus doing easy things how to translate textsmini jobs, or fill out paid surveys.

Just 3 months ago, while doing another search to find new methods of generating more profit, I came across Fanslave.

When reading opinions of other people who had used this platform, they said that just by giving likes on Fb and share some vídeos, you could earn money.

I didn’t know whether to believe it or not, but registration on the page is freeso I decided to try my luck: after all, if it didn’t work out, I would only waste a few minutes of my time.

Two months after using Fanslave, I have won 144 euros (about $166.97).

Do you want to know how I did it?

Well, here I am going to tell you everything about this platform and how you too perro start generating the same profits that I only with your Fb and YouTube account.

What will you find in this article?

As register in Fanslave?

1. Entrar your website

Registering in Fanslave is very fácil and best of all, is that it is free.

Hence you will not have to pay a membershipcommission or any amount of money that some pages usually request in order to use them.

It gave me a lot of security from the start with this and all I had to do is entrar the site through this backlink:

When entering, you just have to go to the option in the upper right corner of “Create account”.

2. Complete the registration data

you won’t have to give no bank account details or something too personal.

you will only need place your name, create a nombre de usuario, password for the site and a valid dirección de correo electrónico and where you cánido easily check the correos electrónicos you receive.

If the usuario you chose at the beginning is not available because someone else is already using ita window will appear to place another valid one.

so you shall write another nombre de usuario If this happens to you, no one is using it to be able to register correctly.

3. Activate your account

When you finish entering the data, Fanslave will ask you confirm your dirección de correo electrónico address and thus be able to activate your account.

Note that the only way to activate your account is doing this, so don’t go and put a fake correo electrónico address like some people do, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to create your account.

Go to your dirección de correo electrónico inbox, find the correo electrónico Fanslave sent you, open it, and clic on the backlink What do you have in the e-e correo electrónico?

4. Associate your popular media profiles to Fanslave

In order to earn money with Fanslave, you will need have an account in at least one popular network (like Fb) to get money by giving likes and becoming a follower of pages.

My personal recommendation is that you have account in more than one popular network because that way you perro generate much more profit.

In Fanslave you cánido earn money with Fb, Twitter, Youtube, and other popular networks; so I advise you to have a profile on at least two of these platforms.

To associate your profiles with Fanslave, you only have to entrar the page with your nombre de usuario and password, clic on “Gain”Then in “Promotions”and then clic on the “Connect” buttons next to each popular network as in the image below.

In that way, you will have linked your profiles and you perro start earning money.

5. Start earning money!

With Fanslave, in addition to money you cánido earn entusiastas, but of course, you and I are here because we need income to help us pay the bills.

However, you have the option to do both if you wish.

You cánido read all this information with the options on the main page and well even know about the affiliate program that offers.

But to earn money you don’t need anything more than your registration and count so, you’re completely equipo.

As works Fanslave?

fanslave It is a very fácil page where the possibility of earning money revolves around fanes and credits what do you get.

The credit method It is very afín to survey pages since you need to accumulate them and thus exchange them later.

Now, how do you get these credits?

This is where popular networks come into action and you, you just have to perform some interactions but of course, not in your networks, but in other people’s.

You perro leave the typical likes, share, articulo the odd comment and even upload content on the walls of someone specific.

Basically, you will be doing the same as always when you entrar your networks, but why do it for free and without benefits if now you see that you perro earn money with that?

For your interactions to be counted by Fanslave, you need to backlink your popular media accounts to it and so they cánido follow up.

What you must do specifically, will be given to you by the same page and depending on each interaction, the number of credits you get cánido vary.

for about 10 likes, they perro give you 20 or 50 creditswhile for sharing content about 60.

There are times when the amount will be less than or greater than those values, but they are so easy that I assure you you will want to do all of them to earn credits faster.

Your usuario level it also influences when you see the offers to earn credits.

A level 5 usuario perro earn 8 credits for just leaving a comment, while a level 15 or 20 usuario for doing the exact same thing perro take double and triple that.

This is another reason why it is relevant that you try to do all the interactions What do you get at Fanslave? and thus level up quickly.

When you have about 3000 accumulated credits, you cánido claim them in exchange for €15 or $15.

The currency in which they pay It will depend on what is available. for your country.

But keep in mind that the payment methods are reduced electronic money only or even Bitcoin.

If you like you perro also claim your credits for gift cards on Amazon.

what popular networks you cánido use to win money in fanslave

In Fanslave you perro earn money using Fb, Twitter and YouTube as popular networks, but also you perro earn money with other methods such as visiting web pages.

Yes, in terms of popular networks in general it is a bit limited considering that Instagram and Snapchat are quite habitual nowadays, but the fact that there are only these three it also makes your job easier.

In the case of Fb, the options that give you credits are all those that you usually do when interacting with some other usuario on the network.

give a fácil like to a photo or following pages that normally look for entusiastas to grow, perro generate you credits and take you to have money.

You perro also share vídeos, but these are usually must come from the profile of a person.

That is, entrar the profile or a page and from there, share the vídeos that are posted on your wall.

Sharing these vídeos is one of the interactions that gives you the most credit, I got 35 by sharing just one vídeo.

Then there is Twitter.

The most common is to retweet someone else’s posts, which is a process just as easy as giving like to a Fb photo.

But do not think that you will only go to news and you will retweet every message that you see in your news.

You are going to retweet messages from some third party that the page indicates, of course, this is not all the time, but do not be surprised if instead of “retweet 10 messages”, you find as among the interactions that will give you credits “retweet 10 messages from “X” usuario”.

Don’t worry, they’re not going to be people secretly involved in human trafficking or anything like that, but companies or people who want to get more traffic at any cost in their networks.

You perro also follow users to get plus credits

As for YouTube, you don’t have to create a channel and start uploading vídeos, but to do something that practically all of us do nowadays when we try to watch any kind of vídeo on it: watch short vídeos.

Do you know all that publicity that appears on YouTube every time you open a vídeo?

Well, we both know that YouTube is getting a little richer on us every day from watching those vídeos or even dedicate those 5 seconds which is the moment where it gives us the option to “skip ad”.

So, why better not earn money with it in the same way?

With Fanslave, if you use YouTube to earn credits you will only have to watch extremely short vídeos which will hardly exceed 4 or 5 minutes.

some even last 30 or 60 seconds.

On the other hand, like those short vídeos that you see sometimes too cánido generate more credits but it all depends on the interaction that Fanslave indicates.

Whether it’s the popular network you use, the work will be very easy and you will earn money without leaving home and even from your cell phone or computer.

As earn credits in Fanslave

First of all, logically you need register on the page and fill in all the information requested as I explained above.

Then, have an account in the three popular networks if you want to use all of them to earn credits.

Retweet, watch short vídeos, like or follow people, It is something very easy and it will take you very few hours of your day

Doing any of the interactions on popular networks, you cánido earn creditsbut as I told you, the amount of credits you get varies.

now personally I recommend you use the three networks so you cánido earn credits faster.

Because? Because the interactions you cánido do to earn them are limited per day and they vary in some occasions the amount that they give you.

Today, Fanslave may give you 10 interactions vía Fb, but tomorrow it may be only 7 or 8. This only delays that you cánido earn credits and therefore money.

While if you backlink all three networks at the same time, you will have at least one bigger flow and continuous interactions.

As soon as you complete the interaction, Fanslave will give you your credits, if not immediately, don’t despair, it may take a couple of hours to credit you with the credits earned with each action you do.

In your Fanslave profile or in the transactions section, you will be able to see the amount of credits you have and how much it would be in dollars, euros or your available currency, if you escoge to change them.

You do not have to complicate much thinking about how to earn the credits.

If you have your account, Internet on your computer or even cell phone agregado these three popular networks, you cánido make money wherever you are without investing a lot of time and at the hours you want.

Later, that credit you perro change it for money.

As collect your winnings in Fanslave

You already knew the part to be able to earn credits, now your question must be how to exchange them for money?

The process is very fácil and it will only take you to select a couple of options so you cánido collect the money you expect so much.

You just need to log in and go to the section in the top bar where it says “Win”.

There, you will choose the option “charge” in the “earn money” part.

Once you are in the account statement window, which is where the option directs you, you will need at least 3000 credits to exchange them for 15 euros or 15 dollars.

Otherwise, a message will appear indicating that you cannot request a refund and that you still have 3,000 credits left. to even ask for the change.

Knowing this, you must collect from this number of credits onwards.

Assuming that you cánido already exchange them for money because you have enough credits, the option to select payment method in which you want them to give you the money.

PayPal and Amazon cards They are the most requested means at the time of collecting the money.

In the case of PayPal, you only have to entrar the dirección de correo electrónico so that Fanslave I cánido make you withdraw money on your bill.

For PayPal, the transfer is usually immediate, but it may take a couple of hours while the dirección de correo electrónico address of your account is verified and the number of payments being made.

If so, the process will appear in your account statement window as “earring”.

Once effective, the state of the transaction will be “paid”.

When you apply for Amazon cards, this process if it is certain that it will take a little more, even between a day or two so that they cánido send you the card.

But the procedure will be practically the same, you will have to put an dirección de correo electrónico where you want to receive it and that’s it.

For both PayPal and Amazon, you must indicate the number of credits you want to change, you perro have more than 3000, but maybe You only want to withdraw 15 euros or 15 dollars.

The process is always the same but sometimes you perro come across that it takes more than two days to send your money, but don’t worry, when you withdraw you will see an estimated payment date.

once paid, that date will change to the correct one at the time the payment has been made to your account.

how the FanRank by Fanslave

To find out how it works, first you need to know what exactly is it

Going back a few paragraphs above, I told you that to earn more credits with interactions, your level in Fanslave would also affect that, for example, give a like I could give you 20 credits instead of just 9.

Well the FanRank is the level you have on the site and which cánido earn you much more credits per interaction.

Continuing to how it works, it is very fácil, if you want to earn more, you need to level up in the FanRank.

For this, you need to have constant activity in the account, the number of friends in the popular networks that you have linked if they will influence in this case and finally, the number of referrals.

Before delving further into FanRank, you should know that Fanslave also has an affiliate program and yes, it is exactly to the majority the operation is the same.

If you recruit new users by sending the backlink that they themselves give you, you will earn credits and they are counted as activities for this purpose. level up in the FanRank.

You will also earn a commission for each time that your referrals earn credits or even when they sell them.

You have just learned about the affiliate program and as you will see, not only helps you earn more money but also to level up.

For each level you go up, the interactions you make will give you more credits arriving a habitual one to give you between 14 to 20 credits easily.

So the iniciativa of ​​this is very fácil, the more level you have the more credits and therefore, money you will earn.

You cánido increase your FanRank by also interacting on your popular networks linked to your Fanslave account and all the time you you dedicate to the page in general.

Yeah basically the longer you work the more level you get but do not worry, You will still have the greatest comfort in hours and place of employment.

My experience using Fanslave

Since 3 years now, I am always looking for ways to earn some plus money.

I live in Venezuela, and if you have watched the news a bit lately, our economic situation is not the best.

That’s why I’m always looking for pages that pay me in dollars or even in euros.

And in one of those searches that I sometimes do through weblogs and forums about generating income from home, it was where I found a new page called Fanslave.

I had already come across several websites that promised the same thing (earning money without investing a lot of time), but the only one that had actually served me had been Earn money in pajamas to earn money doing translations from my home.

But after reading that registration in Fanslave was freeand that I only had to like and follow pages on Fb as I did daily, I was immediately curious and that’s why I decided to give it a try.

So I entered the backlink that was included in the forum where I found this platform, and I started registering.

Doing everything is too easy and I have repeated it a thousand times, but seriously, it all took me a couple of minutes and linking the accounts was super easy.

Simply entrar my correo electrónico and password for each one and that’s it, they were already linked.

I’m not going to lie to you saying that since the first day i was earning a lot of credits.

In fact, the whole process is a bit slow at first when you don’t have referrals or affiliates and especially when your FanRank is not very high.

At first I didn’t understand any of that, so I read the entire FAQ sections to give me a summary of everything.

After doing it, I understood why the first day had been so slow to earn credits and that it would stay that way for a couple more days.

However, I had read and fully understood the trick to earn credits fastso I started referring a bunch of friends that I knew would benefit from it as well so I could climb FanRank faster.

With the passing of the days, I was able start earning more credits by interaction.

The first week I didn’t even get to the first 3000 credits, but after 15 days I was already able to get 4350 credits, a little more than the minimum.

that was great progress taking into account that neither It didn’t kill me or spend all day on the computer, I took care of it, but I didn’t forget my other income and responsibilities either.

By the end of first month I got 63 euros that for what I had done, it was very welcome money and that I had earned it without breaking my back.

I’ve been with Fanslave for 3 months and the second month represented more profit than the first. I reached 81.20 euros thanks to having gone up in FanRank and the affiliates he had gathered.

I am reaching the end of my third month and I am sure the profit will be a little more, maybe touching €90.

Sure it is something that is not making me a millionaire, but that at only invest maximum 20 minutes of my day, I have obtained that plus money that will never hurt anyone.

The page may take time 10 days to pay and I think that would be my only complaint.

The first time I requested my payment, it took 5 days to do itbut for the second one I had to wait much less: in just 2 days I already had the money deposited in my account.

It’s not the time of the century, but sometimes it cánido be a little desperate to wait for money, however, I appreciate that neither take the 10 days indicated at the time of request.

If you ask me directly if I would recommend it, my answer is yes.

After 3 months of testing it, I know that Fanslave pay safely and I cánido make plus money in my free time and from my cell phone.

This pay is enough for likes, basic payments and even, to pay some minimal debts that I have.

It sounds a bit far-fetched to believe that you cánido earn money for giving like in pictures or posts, but until you try, you don’t know.

It never hurts make plus moneySo I decided to give it a try and I verified that indeed it’s possible.

And you, have you already started making money with Fanslave? Let me know in the comments how it went and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them below!

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 My secret trick to earn money giving
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