My Profit Land Earn Money Playing Tutorial

My Profit Land Earn Money Playing Tutorial

MyProfitLand is a way to earn real money by playing for freeYes, as we are telling you, we are talking about a vídeo game that allows people to earn money just by playing it and spending a few hours on the internet.

We talk about a strategy vídeo game that has the same dynamics as MarketGlory, that is, the construction of a community where the player must achieve their survival and maintenance.

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    Registration is completely free and it is done through the internet, so the person should not download the game anywhere, just access the official website and create your profile to begin the mission of building your own development space.

    In this game the usuario cánido create your own development spaceobtaining goods and covering their needs, as well as building companies that allow them to raise the level of productivity that will be the one that will provide them with the highest points and with it, the highest income.

    But let’s talk about what is important, once the account is created by IP, which is done when the person goes to the option of “Register” and complete the form that is required, the player already has his profile within the game, then proceeding to finish the registration that would have to do with filling in the name of the person and assigning the nationalities, it is important to understand that in this game, two nationalities are requested, that of the country of origin of the person, and that of the fictitious country that the person chooses in the game.

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  • The key to choice of game nationalityis that the player chooses a nationality and where there is a lot of commercial movement and therefore, manages to generate more money, some examples of the best nationalities in the game are: Portugal, the United States and Serbia.

    How to earn money playing?

    The first thing we must take into consideration is that in this game they are handled three types currency as in MarketGlory, so we highlight local currency which is achieved by doing common jobs and by selling the products of the company that the player has managed to consolidate.

    We also have gold that are obtained through the referral condition, which is when the player invites more people to register in the game, as well as participation in wars, bonuses that the company receives and the person converts to euros or dollars.

    Being this the other currency that is handled in the game, euros or dollars according to the preference of the player and the place where he is.

    Now, since we have discovered the money that is handled on the page, we need to pay attention to the ways to get ittaking into account that we cánido have the money in the game and invest it in it, as well as we perro request it physically and make use of it in real life.

    For earn money in the gamereal money, the player must go to the offers section where he will find a red button that indicates “GO” It is right there where the tasks to be carried out appear so that the person perro earn money that will be sent to their account according to their request.

    We talk about tasks such as filling out surveysmake records on pages, download applications and everything that has to do with the development of work over the Internet.

    For each job done, the person earns points, so for 100 points obtained the result is 1 euro.

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  • It is important to know that this game also has elements such as energy, productivity and wisdom that the player must maintain at high levels, since each time an activity is carried out in the game these levels decrease and that subtracts points and therefore subtracts money.

    How to get the money earned?

    The procedure is very easy, we are talking about a vídeo game that works with platforms like PayPal, being a means of earn money by PayPal playing en líneaSkrill, QIWI and Neteller.

    The payment request is made when the person has managed to collect a minimum of 20 euros, the action being to clic on the button that indicates “Withdraw” and after this clic on “New withdrawal request” and ready.

    The withdrawal of money is conditioned by a 20% commission so it does not reach the person completely, and the fact that it takes at least four weeks to reach its destination must also be considered.

    This is the dynamic that is handled in this game in which the person perro earn money completely free of charge, and in the best possible way, playing en línea, as many people find this as their long-awaited job.

    The truth is that he percentage of profit obtained is not much, but if the person dedicates enough time to the game these financial levels increase and then they perro bear good fruit, you will not become a millionaire but you will have additional money that will help you cover a good number of needs. MyProfitLand is another of the en línea games that allows the person to generate a strategy to find ways to survive in society, even if it is a virtual society, but we are talking about a vídeo game that allows the person to look for ways to make money both inside and outside the platform, giving the option of withdrawing the money if you wish or to invest it within the same game to achieve higher levels of profit and with it points.

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     My Profit Land Earn Money Playing Tutorial
  My Profit Land Earn Money Playing Tutorial
  My Profit Land Earn Money Playing Tutorial

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