My opinions on Beruby after

My opinions on Beruby after

The first time I heard about what “cashback” was 2 years ago it was because of an article in a newspaper quite well known.

It caught my attention that they took up a whole page writing about what the journalist called “the boom of the entrepreneurs”.

When I read that it was about earn money for shopping from a web page caught my attention, so I kept reading.

In this article, the author said that there were several cashback pages but that one of the most important and reliable was Beruby.

So I grabbed my cell phone to look it up and see if it was a real page where I could get plus money without leaving homeor if in fact what he had read was somewhat exaggerated.

When I registered and started to explore the page, I realized that it was much more: with Beruby I could earn money not only with my purchases, but also visiting web pages and looking at ads Without much effort.

I’ve been testing this page ever since, and so here I want share my opinions about Beruby after 2 years researching and using it.

What will you find in this article?

whatwhat is beruby and how it works?

Beruby It is a cashback page, that is, you perro access hundreds of web pages and They will refund part of the money from your purchases. But that’s not all, you cánido also make money answering surveyswatching vídeos, subscribing or visiting web pages.

All you have to do to get it is entrar their website, sign up for free, and create an account. In the next section I explain step by step how to do it.

When you have registered and confirmed your account, you will be able to access several options.

The first option is to do purchases with the “cashback” system.

This means that if you make purchases on other web pages from the beruby site, they will give you back a percentage of your purchase.

You will see the refund of the money within 24 hours in the cómputo of your account and you perro withdraw it through Paypal, bank transfer or Openbank.

Yes, it’s that fácil, you will make the same purchases you always do and they will return part of your money.

in Beruby you will find more than 700 affiliated stores in Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United States, México, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

But beruby is not just a site to get refunds, save and get discount coupons, You perro also perform actions to earn money.

In your profile you will find the option to visit websites, subscribe, watch vídeos, participate in games and answer surveys. For all these actions you will earn money that will be reflected in your account cómputo.

And as if that were not enough, to increase your earnings, at Beruby they designed a referral and affiliate system, as well you perro earn commissions for inviting your friends and relatives to use the page.

I leave you this vídeo with a fácil explanation from beruby:

As register in Beruby free

1. Entrar your website

The first step you must take to start earning money with Beruby is Go to their website to register. Registration is free, and it will not take you more than 2 minutes to do so.

Once you are on the Beruby website, on the right side of the screen you will see a blue box in which the following information is requested for the new registration: name, correo electrónico and password.

below the form there will be three boxes.

The first is to receive commercial communicationsthe second is to receive operational communications and the third is to accept the terms and conditions of the page.

The first is optionalyou only have to check it if you want to receive this information in your correo electrónico, but receiving operational communications and accepting the terms and conditions is required to register.

When you have completed all of the above press the “OK” button.

2. Add the extension to your browser

If you use the Google plus Google chrome or Mozilla firefox browser, after registration, you will have the option to add extension by Beruby to your browser.

What is this extension for? By installing it, every time you visit an en línea store associated with Beruby, the extension will notify you so you don’t forget to entrar your account to take advantage of the commission when making your purchase.

This extension is currently only available for Google plus Google chrome and Mozilla firefox Mozilla firefox.

This step is not requiredyou perro skip it and do it later, but I recommend adding it at once because it makes the process easier and the reminders will help you later.

If you escoge to add itselect the “Add to (Google chrome/Mozilla firefox)” button.

When you select the button, you will see a small confirmation window on your screen, select “add extension” and it will be added automatically; You cánido now go to the next step.

3. Activate your account

At the end of your registration, you will receive in your correo electrónico tray a confirmation message.

If you perro’t find it in your inbox, check “Notifications” or “Contenido publicitario”. In this case, I received it in the “Promotions” tray in my gmail.

When you find the message from beruby with the subject “Confirm your account”, select the confirm button.

You will be directed directly to the beruby page with your profile session and you perro start exploring the pagealready earn money.

Methods for make money with Beruby

In beruby you recover part of the money from your purchases, you get access to coupons and special promotions that will help you save, and you cánido make interactions on web pages to earn money and get guests to increase your earnings.

The methods to earn money in beruby perro be classified into three types.

Number one is through your purchasesnumber two is the interactions on web pages and number three is with the affiliate program.

As I have already told you before, from beruby you cánido make your purchases in hundreds of web pages and They will return part of the money from your purchase.

shopping include elementos of all kinds, trips and coupons off.

I will explain in detail below how to make money with Beruby buying.

Regarding the interactions on affiliate websites, there are several types.

After registering from the backlink that I espectáculo you above, entrar your profile and at the top of the screen You will see a menu with the option “Offers”.

By clicking on “Offers” you perro select “Bets” “Casinos and Slots” or “Offers on the network”

In the “Bets” option you will receive cashback for signing up and depositing at sports betting sites.

If you select “Casinos and Slots” you will see a list of casinos and gambling sites that offer cashback for registration on their website.

In “En línea offers” you will find interactions on web pages, such as visiting a page, using a search engine, watching vídeos, complete surveys or sign up on advertisers’ websites.

In all cases, they will clearly detalla what it is about the option, how many euros will they pay you to complete it and how long will it take to confirm the money in your account.

The best part is that They are stores that we trust and that we have already visited. like Amazon, OpenBank, Aliexpress…

The third method to earn money with beruby is the guest system.

When you register in beruby and activate your profile, you get an affiliate backlink.

If you invite your friends and family to sign up with your backlink, they will become your referrals and you you will earn an additional 50% for all the actions and purchases they make.

This referral system works on two levelsthat is, you will also earn an additional 50% for the actions carried out by the guests of your referrals.

I will explain it to you with an example: If you invite your brother Juan to register and Juan invites his friend Ana, you will earn a 50% commission for the income of Juan, who is your first level of referrals, and a 50% commission for the income of Ana who It is your second level of referrals.

All these methods translate into moneypassively when you save and earn cash back, and actively when you earn for participating.

How to make money with Beruby buying

The main function of the Beruby website is its cashback system: you entrar Berubyvisit the stores you like, You make your usual purchases and they return part of your money.

The way you earn money with your purchases is getting a refund percentage.

in Beruby you will find elementos for the home, health and beauty, sports, travel agenciescar rental, food stamps, airlines, pet accessories and much more.

Are more than 700 stores that are affiliated with the Beruby website.

When you entrar the stores through the beruby page and make a purchase, the affiliate store pays them a commissionpart of that commission is shared with you, and you will receive it in the cómputo of your account.

To make the purchase you just have to access your profilein the search bar write the name of your favorite store or the item you are looking for.

In the list of search results, you will see the amount or percentage of the refund and the return time.

When you entrar the store profile you will also see other important information such as coupons, discounts and promotions available.

Once you make your purchases, the calculation of the commission will be done automatically and you will see it in the next 24 hours on your profile.

After you make the purchase, the store has to confirm it and make sure no returns have been made, this may take around 30 days.

In the same way works for travel booking and car rental.

Regarding the purchase of the couponsyou perro search for them in the profile of your favorite stores or by entering each of the categories.

When you find a coupon that interests you, copy the code, paste it on the web page when you make your purchase and you will get your discount.

If it is a physical store, copy the code, scan the QR code or print the coupon, and pay attention to the conditions of the promotion.

What is the difference between confirmed cómputo and cómputo to be confirmed?

The money you earn with your purchases or with your actions in Beruby goes through two phases: when verified, it becomes your cómputo to be confirmed and when the store confirms it and it becomes your confirmed cómputo.

In the process of your purchases, waiting time cánido be longer than that of offer interactions.

When you make a purchase and the shop page verifies that it was done the money is reflected in your “Cómputo to be confirmed”.

Within a period that cánido last around 30 days, the store confirms that you actually made the purchase and that there were no returns, then your money will go to “Confirmed Cómputo”.

In the case of interactions that you find in the “Offers” option, the waiting time for confirmation is shorter and almost always takes 1 to 2 days.

In all cases, each time you select a purchase, a store, or an interaction, they will specify the amount or percentage that you are going to win and the time that the confirmation takes.

Now, for payment purposes, you necessarily have to wait for your money goes to the category of “Confirmed Cómputo” to be able to withdraw.

I know 30 days seems like a lot, but remember that the payment is in euros, so it is very difficult for your money to lose value and the pages that take the longest to confirm are the ones that pay the best.

If you have a problem with the confirmation or if 20 or 25 days have passed and your purchase has not been confirmed, You cánido request help from the support center.

You have up to 30 days to make a claim from the moment the operation is done, so don’t wait too long.

As withdraw your money by Beruby

To withdraw money from Beruby, complete your profile informationcheck that your cómputo is available in “Confirmed Cómputo” and go to the “Request Collection” option.

The first thing you have to do to be able to withdraw your money from Beruby is Fill in the necessary information in your profile.

To add your withdrawal details, go to your profile logotipo on the right side at the top of the screen.

Then, in the module “my profile” select “My details”.

You will be directed to a new screen with all your information, there entrar your password to modify your withdrawal details.

Add the information from your bank account or your PayPal account and ready.

The next thing you should do is check that you have money available in your Confirmed Cómputo.

To check your cómputo just clic on the cómputo of your cómputo that you will see on the right side of the screen.

when clicked you will see a page with the record of your transactionsthere you perro see your movements, your cómputo to be confirmed and your confirmed cómputo.

If you have a PayPal account, the minimum withdrawal amount is €1, if it is an OpenBank account it is €5 and if it is a bank account it is €10.

If you have reviewed and have confirmed cómputo available, congratulations! You cánido now make your withdrawal.

On the same page where your transactions are, look at the top the “Request Collection” option.

Then clic on “Select withdrawal data”, Verify your account details and the amount you are going to withdraw.

If everything is in order select “Request Payment”, you will receive a verification code, entrar the code you received and select “Confirm Operation”.

When you have requested the withdrawal, the operation will be effective in 1 business day in your PayPal account and 5 business days in your bank account.

9 tricks to earn more money with Beruby

There are some tricks that are not found in the instructions on the page and that are only learned through experience, how use PayPal on purchases.

In the time I’ve been using Beruby I have discovered some of themTherefore, I leave you these little consejos below to increase your earnings:

Locate the offers

When you register in Beruby, start by locating the offers, so you cánido know what expectations you perro have of the page in your country and you will have your first gains from the beginning.

you will realize that some offers take longer to paybut these are exactly the ones that pay the best, so don’t push them away, sooner or later the money will come and you will be happy you did.

Use the Yahoo search engine

Yahoo search engine company is affiliated with Beruby.

This means that every time you use the Yahoo search engine from Beruby you will earn a commission.

You will not have to make any additional effort, every day we search the Internet, if you do them on Yahoo from Beruby, you will earn money for doing them.

Take advantage of the results that are marked in bluethey will pay you more commission because they are advertising backlinks.

Install the Beruby extension

When you register you will be given the option to install beruby extension in Google plus Google chrome or in Mozilla firefox Mozilla firefox.

I recommend that you install itit is safe, it will not take up space on your hard drive, and if for any reason at any time you no longer want to see it, you perro uninstall it without problem.

The benefit of the extension is that will keep you up to date with offers and page discounts.

Save your offer pages

There are offer pages that pay commission for visits.

You cánido visit these pages every day to earn a daily commission.

Depending on the country you are in, you may have several pages available, so it is best to save these pages among your favourites.

This way, you won’t have to look for them every day, and you will not forget to make any visit.

Take advantage of betting sites

Among the offers there are a large number of betting sites that offer you a commission for entering the page and subscribing.

In several places they will ask you to make a deposit and the commission you will earn is much higher than the money you deposited.

So Do not miss the opportunity to earn that plus money.

Make your payments with PayPal

Every time you go to the pages of your favorite stores to make your purchases, look to see if they have them available. PayPal as a payment method.

First of all, if you withdraw your money with PayPal, the commission is lower.

Second, (you’ll love this) you will earn €2 for each payment What do you do with PayPal?

Do not cheat

There are pages that pay commission for daily visits, and that is a great opportunity for entrar and earn money every day.

But do not try to entrar several times the same day to earn more commission or subscribe more than once on the same page, much less make a phantom purchase.

Although all these things seem tempting because they are so easy, they are also easy to discover and you will have problems with your account. They could cancel it and if you have money in your cómputo, forget about it because you will not have the right to claim anything.

Read Beruby’s blog

I learned this trick from a friendhe entered beruby’s blog by oportunidad, that day they were promoting a contest, he participated and as if that were not enough, he was the winner.

This was a great coincidence, but, anyway I take a look at the news and promotions from the blog.

Do not waste time to start your chain of referrals

50% commission for each referral on the first and second level It is a great agregado that Beruby offers.

I don’t know no other page that offers such a high commission for referral earnings.

So don’t waste time and start recommending the page, with only three referrals that you manage to get, you will significantly activate the earnings in your account.

My opinions about Beruby

Before you start using Beruby, I had never in my life heard what a cashback was.

About two years ago, one morning while having breakfast I was reading a newspaper that I always buy because it has interesting reports.

On one of the pages in the center there was a report about the web pages that offered the “cashback” system.

I remember that a part of the article highlighted with bold and larger letters a quote from the author that said: “The boom of entrepreneurs”.

The article explained that with cashback, people made purchases in en línea stores, and earned a commissiontherefore they returned part of their money.

Since I like to buy en línea, especially my clothes, I kept reading the article.

The journalist recommended some pages, but He said that beruby was one of the most important and reliable.

I was sure that if they made a recommendation like that in that newspaper, it was because they had good reasons, so I I looked for my phone and entered the page by beruby.

I completed my registration and when I started exploring the site I realized that in addition to the categories to buy elementos, travel and coupons, there was a category of “offers” in which they displayed a list of web pages.

Since I did not understand very well what this category of “offers” was about, I began to investigate and I got surprised!

I realized that beruby not only returned a commission for Internet purchases, but also I had other options to earn money without shopping.

So I started to do each of the actions that I was discovering

The first purchase I made was my winter coats on Aliexpress, I spent €65 and they returned €3.12, Not bad for money that I was going to spend anyway.

Then, I registered on the casino and gambling pages, at first I only made the visits that paid the fastest, but I realized that those that took the longest to pay offered up to 4 times more commission.

The only thing I have noticed in Beruby is that In my country they do not have as many offers as in Spainbut hey this doesn’t really affect me and congratulations to those who live there.

Otherwise I have not had problems with paymentsI have always received them within 25 days and I make my withdrawals through PayPal.

From the second month, I started recommending the page to my brother and my friendsit was very easy because everyone liked the page.

By the fourth month using Beruby, I was already earning about €37 per week (about 43 dollars) without buying hardly anything.

So whether you are one of those who are often shopping en línea, or if you just want to earn plus money every week browsing the Internet and signing up for offers, without a doubt I highly recommend this platform.

Registering in Beruby is freeand with what you normally do (search for things on the Internet or register on pages) you will already make money, so don’t think about it too much, and start today!

And you, have you tried Beruby yet? Leave your comments below and tell me your opinion.

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 My opinions on Beruby after
  My opinions on Beruby after
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