My opinion of IQ Option: Is it a broker

My opinion of IQ Option: Is it a broker

For invest in binary options There is something much more important than knowing the best techniques or controlling your emotions: choosing a trustworthy and quality broker.

If you have been searching the Internet for trading platforms, you have probably seen that IQ Option It is one of the most recommended brokers everywhere.

“This material is not intended for viewers in EEA countries.

Binary options are not promoted or sold to EEA retail traders.

The following article on this website is not investment advice.

But is it really the best, or it’s just another scam What are you going to waste your money on?

Here I am going to share you my personal opinion about IQ Option after having used this broker for some time, and also the opinions that I have found in blog comments and specialized forums of other people who have used this company.

My experience with IQ Option

About 3 years ago I decided to try binary options trading because it seemed a good way to increase my income without leaving my house.

I had no experience in this world, so I did what perhaps you have also done to get here: I got into Google plus and I looked for the best brokers to trade.

In all the weblogs and results that appeared, they always mentioned the same platforms: AnyOption, IQ Option, and 24Option.

I entered their three web pages, I registered without having to pay in none of them, and I waited to receive the welcome correos electrónicos where they would give me further instructions.

and this is where I received my first (bad) surprise…

Whereas at AnyOption and 24Option they asked me to do a deposit of $300 to start investing, in IQ Option the deposit it was only $10.

So I chose to start my trades with this broker. not because he was the bestbut because at that time I was the one who asked me for the least money to be able to invest.

Today I continue to invest with IQ Option as my main binary options broker because it has positive aspects that I like.

But also has some negatives that they should improve, such as the data they ask for to create an account with them.

When I checked in, they just asked me to I will fill out the form with my basic information to be able to create an account with which to operate and withdraw my money.

But when last year I recommended my wife, Jasmine, to sign up. at IQ Option for her to increase her income as well, they asked her for a photo of her ID card in addition to filling out the form.

So he took a photo with his cell phone of his identity card, and a couple of hours later They verified his account and he was able to start investing.

Here below I will continue sharing my opinion about IQ Option, and I will tell you all the positive and negative things What does this broker have?

Advantages and Drawbacks by IQ Option

IQ Option is currently one of the most used brokers to trade in binary investments.

Its growth has been significant in recent years, and right now it has users in many countries around the world, and millions of people have opened an account with them.

IQ Option has quite a few positive aspects that differentiate it from other competitors such as:

  • The lowest deposit to invest: Other brokers ask you to make a deposit of at least $300 to start trading.

    With IQ Option you cánido start investing with as little as $10.

  • A demo account to practice: At IQ Option you cánido practice for free with your demo account to learn how to trade.

    Most brokers do not offer this type of demo account.

  • Quick collection of profits: with brokers like AnyOption, the time that will pass from when you request your money until it is deposited in your account will be 10 days.

    IQ Option will deposit your money in less than 48 hours.

  • Available in multiple languages: many brokers are only available in English; IQ Option has 12 languages, including Spanish.
  • You perro trade from your phone: with IQ Option you perro make investments from anywhere and at any time thanks to its application for Android and iOS (iPhone).


But this broker It also has some negative aspects. What should be improved, such as:

  • It is not licensed in the USA.

    If you want to invest with IQ Option from this country, you will not be able to do so.

  • They ask for a photo of your identity card.

    Now they have become more strict, and they ask for a photo of your identity card to make sure that you are a real person.

  • They don’t have PayPal. In IQ Option they have different payment and collection methods, but they still do not have integrated payments and withdrawals with PayPal.
  • There is a limit to withdraw your money.

    The minimum required to withdraw your winnings is $2, and the maximum you cánido withdraw in a single day is $1,000,000 (one million).

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

Opinions about the platform by IQ Option

IQ Option has a platform for trading on the depósito market that they have created themselves (most brokers use the same platforms made by a single programa company).

In this way, they offer more flexibility for incorporate advances on your website (like their demo account) and also provide exclusive features that other brokers cannot.

The great advantage of all this is that they have an easy to use platform and in which just by passing your mouse over some sections, you will be able to see a small explanation about what each thing is and what it is for.

As I told you before in the basic data, this platform is available in many countries and 12 languagesincluding Spanish.

The negative part is that They are not licensed to operate in the United States; If you live in this country or in Puerto Rico, you will not be able to make investments on their platform.

The only people who cánido access IQ Option are those who live in Latin American countries.

Perro go to the IQ Option website from any computer with the browser you normally use (Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer…) and your nombre de usuario and password.

They also offer a aplicaciones for the cell phone with which you perro make your investments at any time and in any place easily whether you have an Android or iOS (iPhone) phone.

This aplicaciones it has mostly positive usuario reviews, and as you cánido see in the image below, it is one of the investment aplicaciones best rated in more than 20 countries.

One of the Negative opinions on IQ Option What I had when I started using this broker is that could not control more than one operation at once.

If you wanted to see different graphs of your investments at the same time, you had to open multiple tabs in your browserbut you couldn’t do it on a single screen.

However, IQ Option has fixed this on its new platform, and Now they allow you to work with up to 9 different graphs on the same screen.

Something that surprised me a lot when I started using this broker is that it is the only one that allows to operate also on weekends.

Other investment platforms that I have tried they never let me make my investments on Saturday and Sunday, since their services are closed on those days.

But IQ Option does allow trading these days; so it is a great option if what you want is to generate income from your home, but you don’t have free time from monday to friday to do it.

Opinions about the service by IQ Option

This is the most important what you should keep in mind when choosing a good broker with which to invest in binary options: their service and the requirements that they will ask you to operate.

One of the things that surprised me the most when I started invest with IQ Option was the minimum deposit I needed: with only $10 I was able to start making several of my investments.

Other brokers that I had tried before such as AnyOption or 24Option asked me when I registered to make them an income of more than $300 to start.

In fact, 24Option he asked me for a deposit of $300 if he did it with my credit card, and a deposit of $1,000 If you did it by bank transfer.

Too much money!

On the other hand, with IQ Option I was able to register for free on their platform, and I only needed to deposit $10 to invest in real time.

General Risk Warning:
Difficult to understand product, the CNMV has determined that it is not suitable for small investors, due to the complexity and high risk involved. My readers are the most important thing in the world to me.and I don’t want them to spend money they don’t have.

When I registered, they did not ask me for any documents to start investing and withdraw my earnings.

However, My wife was asked for a photo of her ID of identity a few months ago to be able to collect his money because now they have become stricter and they want to verify that you are a real person.

For me this is a delay in your service instead of a breakthrough; but I suppose that if they now ask for that requirement, it is to make the platform more secure.

IQ Option too offers you a demo account to practice totally free.

You cánido use it to learn, see how their page works, or check the trading conditions they have without putting your money at risk.

This demo account has a starting cómputo of $1,000 so that you perro do the operations you want with this money.

One of the negative opinions What I had seen in comments from other weblogs and specialized forums is that you could not request a recharge of that cómputo.

When you ran out of that $1,000, you couldn’t keep investing with the demo account.

I have done some tests these last few days, and luckily the IQ Option team has changed that, and now you perro request a recharge of the virtual cómputo on the demo account.

That is to say: now, if you run out of $1,000 to operate with the demo account, you cánido request that it be recharged, and they will deposit you $1,000 more for you to continue practicing.

In addition to this demo account, IQ Option offers other services such as the trading tournaments that it organizesin which you cánido participate to win monetary prizes.

But where IQ Option really excels is in the en línea courses it provides to learn everything you need about binary options.

After registering on their platform, you will have at your disposal a complete free training with 22 vídeos on investments that you perro access at any time.

In these vídeos you will learn different topics about investing in binary options like:

  • Trade with binary options
  • Analysis deep market
  • AND exclusive techniques of binary options only available to its registered users

Assets to invest with IQ Option

IQ Option currently has over 300 assets from all walks of life to invest in.

So with IQ Option you perro be sure that you will have a good amount of options.

However, they have the main assets that other brokers have, such as:

  • currency pairs: Euros / Dollars, Pounds / Japanese Yen…
  • company values: Amazon, Disney, Fb, Heinz, Coca-Cola…

Are a sufficient amount among which to choose to start investing, especially if you are new to this world and do not know very well where to start.

But perhaps if you are already a professional or expert broker, this amount of assets you are a little short when carrying out your operations.

Opinions about the reliability by IQ Option

Yes, IQ Option has a pretty good and easy to use platform.

It has exclusive services for your users as your demo account to practice.

AND you only need $10 to start investing with them.

But Is IQ Option reliable and does it pay? Perro you withdraw your winnings without hindrance?

Both in my personal experience, as in the case of my wife and my students who I have recommended to use IQ Option, none of us have had problems withdrawing the money of our investments.

I use a Skrill account to receive the money from IQ Option, and here below I share a screenshot where you cánido see the last two payments I have received in June:

There is a negative point here, and it is that if you want your money to be deposited in less than 24 hours, you will need to have a VIP account.

I don’t have a VIP account, and the time it takes for me to deposit the money in my account is between 24 and 48 hours (between 1 and 2 days).

In order to withdraw your money They have different payment methods.: Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer, Moneybookers, Giropay, Sofort, and Visa, Profesor and Mastercard cards.

Unfortunately, IQ Option has not added PayPal yet as a means of payment or deposit.

So if you want to operate by transferring your money with PayPal, you will need to do it with other forms of payment.

Also remember that it is necessary for you to comply with security and anti-money laundering regulations by sending a proof of your identity like a photo of your identity card.

It is better for me pass this verification process when opening your account in IQ Option, to leave it for when you want to withdraw money, and thus avoid unnecessary time delays.

IQ Option is a pretty good good broker for invest in binary options if you want to generate income with this system, and for me it is the platform that has given me the best results so far of all the ones I have tried.

And you, have you already tried IQ Option to carry out operations? leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the Company carry a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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 My opinion of IQ Option: Is it a broker
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