My opinion about Libertex after 6 months

My opinion about Libertex after 6 months

Every day more people are interested in finding better alternatives to earn money than a traditional job.

And a very attractive option that has become very habitual in recent years is that of do en línea trading.

Who wouldn’t like to earn some money with a few clicks? However, it is not as fácil as it seems.

You need to learn how the depósito market works, find a good broker and have some initial capital to invest.

That’s the hard part, and in which most people get discouraged.

That is why there are many who are interested, but few who manage to be profitable.

For me, one of the most difficult things at the beginning was find a safe broker, that offered a demo account and did not require a very high minimum deposit amount.

The same characteristics that you are probably also looking for or anyone who is just starting out in this invest en línea.

I am often asked about which broker would be the ideal one to start with and since I recently found one that offered all these facilities, I was encouraged to try the famous investment platform called Libertex.

They have a very striking advertisement with the famous soccer player James Rodríguez and seeing the good opinions of their users, I did not lose anything by opening an account.

In this articulo I will espectáculo you my opinions about this broker and I will teach you everything you need so that today you cánido start enjoying the benefits that Libertex offers. Go for it!

Note: Libertex does not provide services in Spain.

What is Libertex

Libertex is a en línea trading platform where you cánido invest in a wide variety of financial assets, including currencies, shares, commodities, etcétera., through CFDs (contracts for difference).

This stockbroker is over 20 years old In the depósito market, since it began in 1997 it has been gaining a good reputation, which is why its popularity has grown so much and it is found in more than 27 countries.

It’s found regulated by CySEC and has more than 2.2 million users in the world.

In addition, he is a member of the Financial Commission, Finacom.

This is an organization that guarantees an excellent service for solving problems between users and a broker.

The Libertex investment platform is web based.

No need to download or install any programa.

You just entrar their website and you perro start trading.

Even so, it has both a desktop version as a mobile aplicación, which allows your clients to be active from anywhere, at any time.

Libertex offers more than 170 financial assets on its investment platform, which is very easy to use and intuitive, as well offers a free demo account for its users to experience the service before they start investing with real money.

If you are looking for a broker to invest en líneaYou should definitely take that into account.

Note: Libertex does not provide services in Spain.

what is the forex market and how it works

The Forex market is the acronym for Foreign Exchange Marketand represents the global currency market. It is the international market where people buy and sell different currencies, such as dollars, euros, pounds, among others.

At Libertex, you perro invest in the Forex market through CFDswhich are contracts for price difference.

That is to say, when carrying out a purchase or sale operation of some currency, you are not actually buying or selling the currency, but you are investing a certain amount of money based on the increase (buy) or fall (sell) of the asset price.

This market is open 24 hours a dayExcept on weekends.

The Forex theme works as follows: on an investment platform, such as Libertex, you have a list of assets in which you cánido invest.

You must choose one of the many that you will have available.

Suppose it is the currency pair AUD/USD.

Now, each asset has a sale and purchase price.

This is the value that it is currently trading at and is represented by a graph that is constantly going up and down.

To invest you have to choose one of the two options, “buy” or “sell”.

Buying means that you are investing to the upside and that the price will rise.

Selling means the opposite, that you are investing downward and that the price will decrease.

Depending on your financial analysis, you must make the decision to choose one of the two options.

Imagine that the Australian dollar (AUD) is trading at $1.3333, Libertex does NOT use spreads (differential between purchase and sale price), but charges a minimum percentage per operation, which is less than 0.1% in most cases.

You see that the graph is going to increase many times and you escoge to “buy” by investing $50 with a multiplier of x20, so the trade size would be $1,000.

And you are only trading $50.

This it is known as leverage, where the broker gives you the facility to operate large amounts without having to have all the capital.

But it must be used with care, since just as it allows you to earn more, it cánido also make you lose money faster.

Continuing with the example, it turns out that you were right and now the AUD has a value of $1.3370 with which you escoge to close the trade.

That is, the price increased by 37 pips.

A pip is the minimum unit in which the price perro increase or decrease, the last decimal.

When you close the trade, the profits will be added to your cómputo.

These earnings are determined in proportion to the money you have invested.

That’s all! If your analysis was correct, you will have made a few dollars thanks to them.

If you start trading with larger amounts, your profits will be higher.

Note: Libertex does not provide services in Spain.

How does it work Libertex

Libertex is a investment platform very easy to understand.

It has been designed with a serious and easy-to-use interfaz.

It won’t take you long to understand it and learn how it works.

The first thing you will see is that it has two important sections: all the products and the menu of your account. These two are at the top of the page.

As always, I recommend that you initially try the demo account before investing.

Below I espectáculo you how to open one totally free.

In the “All Products” option you perro choose asset types In which you want to invest, you have Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Oil and Gas, Metals, Stocks and Agriculture.

Here you cánido also see a short tutorial that Libertex has prepared.

By default, you will be in the “Main Gate”where the most habitual assets and more categories appear, as well as financial news that cánido help you make investment decisions.

When you choose a category, the list of its assets will appear.

If you select one of them, a page will open with more information about the asset and its price chart, as well as the option “Open operational position”, used to invest money in the asset.

The first thing you will notice is that you have several tools at your disposal to make a good financial analysis.

You also have the option to change the chart style and timing according to your needs.

If you hit the button “Indicators / Full screen”, You will see the graph of the asset on your entire screen, along with various indicators to perform a technical analysis.

For start investingyou just have to clic on “Open operating position” button.

A box will appear with the conditions, such as the amount of the operation, the leverage, the Stop Loss and the Take Profit.

In this point it also tells you the commission that Libertex will take for the position you open, usually it is a minimum percentage.

here is the button “Technical analysis”, in which the same indicators appear as in the full screen option, only in a smaller box.

Once you are clear about the trend of the asset and the amount you are going to invest, together with the conditions of the operation, choose if you want trade up (buy) or down (sell). If you think the price will go up, you buy; If you think it will go down, you sell.

When confirming your operation, the confirmation message will appear with the exact amount of the commission.

Clic OK to continue exploring other assets.

When you want to close a position, you simply have to go to your profile menu (right side) and look for the section “Open trades”.

Here all the operations that are open will appear.

You just have to clic on the “x” and you perro close it.

You must bear in mind that if the operation is in loss, the amount you have lost will be deducted.

If, on the contrary, it is in profit, the benefit will be added to your cómputo.

In this section you will also be able to see the pending and closed operations and a history of the flow of funds, in which you will be able to see the movements you have made, even up to when your account was created.

By the time you are familiar with the demo account and want to start using your own money to invest, you just have to press the button “Invest Real Money”. It will redirect you to another page where they will ask for your personal information and the payment method you want to use to deposit the money.

As you cánido see, it’s not difficult at all start trading with the Libertex platform.

Now I will espectáculo you how to open your account totally free.

Note: Libertex does not provide services in Spain.

As register in Libertex

1. Entrar the official website of Libertex

For starting to invest with Libertex and open a trial account, you must first visit their official website.

Here I will leave the backlink for you to entrar quickly and register your new demo account.

On the main page you perro read and see the main features of this broker, including the main assets, testimonials from other investors and a brief history of them.

To continue to register, clic on the orange button that says “Start trading the market now”.

2. Complete your data

Once you press that button, a small window will appear to register your new account with your correo electrónico and password.

You must fill in those details and accept the broker’s terms and conditions.

Then press the button “To open an account”. All this does not take you two minutes.

3. Try the demo account

Now you will be redirected to the en línea trading platform, where a welcome box will appear to your new demo account with virtual $5,000.

You perro also deposit money to use your real account.

If $0 appears in your cómputo, it means that you are in the real account.

Libertex allows you immediately switch to demo account and vice versa.

To do this, you just have to clic on the top where your name appears and, in the drop-down menu, activate the demo account.

It will ask you if you want to switch from the real account to the test account, press yes and with that you perro enjoy the Virtual $5,000 to invest and test the platform.

Note: Libertex does not provide services in Spain.

Which is the minimum deposit by Libertex

He minimum deposit It is of escencial importance when looking for a broker.

This amount will determine if it is within your possibilities to invest with the platform of your interest.

You, as an investor, must at least have that minimum amount required.

Most brokers accept minimum deposits of $100 and up, and this is an amount that not everyone cánido afford, especially when you are just starting out in the world of en línea trading.

However, Libertex is one of the few brokers accessible to everyone as it has a very low minimum amount required. You only need $10!

I must mention that obviously, investing only $10 will not make big profits, it is recommended to start with more capital, like $100 or $200.

However, if you reinvest those small profits, you cánido get to generate good profitability.

To deposit, you just have to press the button below the available cómputo that says “Invest real money”.

If it is the first time that you are going to make a deposit, you will be asked to fill in more personal information such as name, city, date of birth and telephone number.

then you must choose the amount to deposit and the payment methodwhich perro be Visa / Mastercard debit or credit card, bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, AstroPay, Cash Payment or SafetyPay.

Bank transfer is usually the longest process, as it cánido take between 2 to 5 days working days for you to have the money in your account, you must take into account that there is also a commission from the bank.

However, you may find some payment methods from your local bank (this will depend on your country), which only take a maximum of 48 hours.

Payments by credit or debit card and by Skrill or Neteller, they are instantaneous.

At the end it will espectáculo you the total amount that the Libertex page will charge and the commission that may apply.

Ready! Now you have your money on the platform available to start investing and generate profit.

Libertex allows make trades from $1, so if you start with the minimum amount of $10, you will be able to make 10 minimum trades.

Obviously, if your trades are successful, you cánido open many more and start making more money.

MetaTrader in Libertex

Libertex has available to its users the famous platform MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which are aimed at investors with more experience.

This platform is considered the most habitual for en línea trading of financial assets.

Has more than 140 assets where you perro operate directly and with trading robots to start positions automatically.

It also has the option of trailing stop, which is like a stop loss dynamic that adjusts when the market moves in our favor.

The best thing about this platform is that it has low spreads (from 0.06), 0 commissions and allows you to trade through your mobile phone.

You perro even have multiple accounts open at the same time.

You perro create an account in this version of Libertex, but you need deposit minimum $200 to start trading.

Also, the minimum amount of the positions is $1.

The only currency you perro use is the US dollar.

Leverage ranges from 1:100 to 1:500, depending on the amount of money that you have invested in your account.

Both platforms have their own demo accountso you perro experience first-hand the benefits that Libertex offers you with the two versions of MetaTrader.

So if you feel that you already have the necessary experience, you cánido entrar their website and go to the “Platforms” section in the top menu and choose the MetaTrader version of your preference to start today same.

demo account Libertex

Like many en línea brokers, Libertex also offers a demo account to test all the features of your trading platform.

And so your users feel safe before investing their money and time.

This espectáculos how reliable the platform is.

As I mentioned before, the Libertex demo account is totally free.

You have at your disposal all the tools that real accounts have, along with virtual $5,000 to try all the investment strategies you want.

In en línea trading, practice is essential.

Nobody has become rich overnight by investing on the Internet.

In addition to learning the basics and how to analyze the market, you will need to practice trading until find that investment strategy that, in addition to generating profits, suits you.

If you invest in something you don’t know about, you will most likely lose that money.

To avoid this, there are demo accounts, so you do not put your capital at risk and only start trading when you feel safe.

And Libertex has endeavored to provide all necessary tools so that anyone perro experiment and learn with the demo account they offer.

However, although this account is completely free, it only lasts for 30 continuous days from the day you sign up.

So to try all the benefits that this platform perro offer you, you must make the most of time.

Of course, if you spend the $5,000 before the 30 days, you will no longer be able to recharge this money for free.

In case you want to have more money in your demo account, you will have to have at least $10 in your real accountand request the extension of virtual money to the account management department.

The virtual account is a good method for learn how to use your platform deeply, which has an intuitive interfaz where it is easy to find the various financial assets it offers.

With the tools and indicators, you cánido improve the accuracy and disminuye the risk of your trades.

Although the demo account has its limitations in terms of time and recharge of virtual money, it is more than enough to try this broker and know if it is the right one for you.

Note: Libertex does not provide services in Spain.

my opinions by Libertex

Libertex is a broker with an impeccable track record as far as security is concerned.

By being regulated and being a member of several organizations, it ensures compliance with payments and transparency in its operations for all its users.

Has various platforms to be able to use it, such as the web version and the MetaTrader 4 programa, as well as its mobile version.

The latter being one of the most habitual that has been gaining in recent times, with more than 500,000 downloads.

The low minimum deposit of $10, the variety of financial assets available and the simplicity of its web platform, has made capture the attention of thousands of people Worldwide.

At first I had my doubts, since there are many fake brokers on the net, but when I saw that I was regulated by CySEC, they were reputable and offered a free demo account; I was encouraged to try it.

As soon as anyone enters, they cánido realize how easy it is to manage their platform.

Registration does not take even a minute and the demo account has everything you need to get started in this en línea trading.

In turn, with the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platform, it offers more features for those more experienced investors who want to take advantage of the low commissions that Libertex charges.

Without a doubt, it is a broker that adapts to all types of users.

On the other hand, when it comes to withdrawals, and these are through bank transfer, the commission charged is a bit high in my opinion.

But as you earn more, it will look like very little money, since the amount of the commission is fixed.

However, if you managed to enable withdrawal through Skrill, it will be more feasible, especially for new users of the platform, since only charges 1% commission of the amount that you are going to extract.

Below I explain in more detail the different Libertex withdrawal methods.

Likewise, the quality of customer service it’s very good.

Both its platform and its support service are available at different languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, etcétera. and you cánido communicate with them through a 24-hour live chat.

However, compared to other brokers, it lacks other means of communication such as telephone or office, which are quick help in case of problems.

Something I like about Libertex is that it has a very complete educational area to help anyone understand from the most basic concepts to more advanced strategies.

On the other hand, something you should know is that in the terms and conditions there is a clause that indicates that if you have 1 year of inactivity on the platform, they cánido charge you up to $20.

And if you don’t have that amount, they could close your account.

So the best thing is to always stay active and avoid not logging in, even better if you perro go to operate a couple of times a week at leastsince as you see that it is giving you results, you will entrar more and more time and you will earn more money.

I recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to try such a fácil broker to understand like Libertex, especially if you are new to the world of en línea trading.

Note: Libertex does not provide services in Spain.

As withdraw funds in Libertex

One of the most important factors, if not the most important, is the withdrawal of funds from the broker to your account bank or preferred means of payment.

In fact, most of the problems that traders register with their brokers are usually with money withdrawals.

This is not the case with Libertex.

In the time that I have tried it, I have not had any problems when withdrawing money, everything has been very clear about its commissions and waiting times.

The process itself is very fácil: once you are on the platform, you must go to the upper right area, where you will see your profile menu.

Here you must press the option “Withdraw funds”.

A box will open indicating the withdrawal requests you have made.

As it is the first time, you will have to press the button “New request”.

It will direct you to a window where you must entrar the amount to be withdrawn and the withdrawal method.

At Libertex you have 3 methods available: bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller.

It should be noted that you cánido only withdraw through Skrill or Neteller if you made the deposit of money through one of those means.

If you deposited vía Skrill, you perro withdraw vía Skrill.

The same goes for Neteller.

By these means, Libertex does NOT charge commission.

In Skrill you perro withdraw at least $1 and in Neteller, from $10.

In both payment methods, the transfer is done instantly.

While by bank transfer, you cánido withdraw regardless of the method by which you have deposited money.

It cánido take between 2 to 5 business days and the minimum amount is $49.

Withdrawal fee is $29.

Unlike other brokers that charge you a percentage commission based on your withdrawal, this commission is fixed.

It may seem like a lot at first, but if you plan to invest long term on this platform, you will find that the more you withdraw, the less that $29 represents.

Customer service agents recommend having available a dollar accountto avoid exchange rate problems when deposits are made to our accounts.

Of course, your withdrawal request is processed the same business day if it was made before 14:00 GMT, if it is after, it will be processed the next business day.

Remember that for security, withdrawals are made on account of the owneryou cannot withdraw money to third party accounts.

Taking all this into account, you will not have any problem when you want to withdraw your funds.

If you have any questions, contact them through their chat and they will attend to you quickly.

The offer of en línea brokers, currently, It is very wide.

And every day new companies and innovations appear on the market.

It never hurts to take other platforms into account.

Although Libertex has been a depósito broker for many years, it was not until a couple of years ago that it ventured into en línea trading.

Its popularity will continue to grow, as they have nothing to envy other brokers and its features are very attractive for any type of trader.

Best of all, anyone cánido open a free demo account and test for yourself the effectiveness of this broker.

And you, what feature of Libertex caught your attention the most? Leave me your comments below!

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 My opinion about Libertex after 6 months
  My opinion about Libertex after 6 months
  My opinion about Libertex after 6 months

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