My opinion about Airbnb after 4 years of

My opinion about Airbnb after 4 years of

Going on a trip is not easy when you plan things well and put all expenses on the table. Unless you want to go backpacking.

Which unless you are an adventurer I highly doubt you want.

Although I consider myself an adventurer and yes I would, my work and other responsibilities they won’t let me take more than a week or two traveling, like to spend the majority mounted in the transport by queue or working to pay certain expenses.

In short: I want a pleasant trip in which I don’t have to worry for accommodation or food and enjoy my visit to that city.

But the problem is that wanting a trip of this type implies a lot more money, so I have to see all the possible options to save as much as possible, starting fully with the accommodation, which is among the most expensive things.

However, the solution to my problems appeared a couple of months ago when a friend showed me how easy and safe Airbnb is.

For my budget, I’ve always been picky about which hotels I want to stay in or which places I want to visit, so everything is twice as expensive for me.

Yes, I should just control my spending better, but For me, having a good trip is being able to feel as much as possible at home.

I don’t make trips that often and only every 6 months when I have already collected more money and cánido go more calmly, leaving my responsibilities for a week or two.

But it was being impossible for me to do it due to the cost of the hotels, so when my friend showed me Airbnb I said to myself “why not try it?”

When I entered Airbnb, I was able to find a lot of rooms and even better, houses or apartments for rent. for an even cheaper price and accessible than a hotel.

The trip I was planning for then was going to be a family one, so the need to rent something bigger that a fácil hotel room was urgent for me.

Airbnb came in handy for me and when I saw how cheap renting a small house for me and my family would be, I didn’t think twice and rented one.

Many of us are afraid when it is the first time and when it was time to travel and go home, I felt a little afraid that it would not be as they looked in the photos, but everything turned out amazing.

Since then, I’ve been back to traveling again and renting again with Airbnb.

Also, I decided to put that empty room I have to use and earn some plus money, because yes, you perro also earn money.

For all these reasons I want to give you my honest opinions about Airbnb and espectáculo you how it works so you cánido also earn money and save on each of your trips.

As does Airbnb work?

Airbnb works in a very fácil way, but from the outset you should know that it has two functions: you perro rent rooms or houses to save on accommodation from a hotel that would be more expensive, and you perro also earn plus money by renting out a property or room that you have empty.

Basically, On Airbnb you cánido be two things:

  1. Guest.
  2. host.

If your main goal is to be a guest and you are looking, like me, to save on accommodation on each of your trips, the process is quite fácil.

You just have to go to the Airbnb home page and register giving all the information requested.

Once inside, you perro start browsing to find the perfect accommodation and economic.

You will find a lot of ads that cánido be adapted to what you are looking for, but the most important, is that the one you find makes you feel at first sight that you perro be at home during the days you spend in it.

In addition, you will see several accommodations that are expensive, since Airbnb will espectáculo you apartments, houses or rooms first extremely beautiful and luxurious, but obviously expensive.

If you look a little more you perro find accommodations like this one that I am going to espectáculo you, which is an entire apartment with a double room, but which is suitable for 4 guests, since it has 4 beds and a bathroom, with activities to do nearby, has an incredible reputation the person who rents it and for only $33 a night.

A hotel is more expensive where you see it and the worst of all is that it is literally to sleep and bathe.

Once you have searched all the options and found one that fits your budget, you like what you see in the pictures and the reputation of the host is very good, you just need to book.

To do this, You just have to put your date of arrival and departure, how many guests will be and then to book.

On the booking site, You will see the payment terms that the host placed.

Most only accept credit or debit cards for more security (and even for you it is more secure), but this also depends on the host.

Now, canceling the rental is something that varies according to each host, since sometimes they ask you to cancel everything in a single installment or You have the possibility of doing it in several installments.

However, if your arrival date is two months from now and you must cancel everything at once, you will as soon as you make the reservation but the payment will be made to the host when you have already arrived at the property.

Due to installments it is a little different, normally you start by paying that small portion to confirm the reservation and then they are divided among several, the last one being the next date of your trip.

All these fees are paid to the host at the time you arrive at the site, so if there is any mishap you should not worry.

If you do not wish to stay on the site, always you perro request a refund and cancel the reservation at the last minute.

when you are booking also you perro contact the host directly, in case you want to change any way to pay or know additional information about the site.

Some place their profile so that you cánido contact them, without the need to book before, in case you are not so sure How to clic on the reservation option.

In the event that what you are looking for is to earn plus money, then host is your best option.

Most of us have an empty room full of utensils that we don’t need or that we only use to store. all the things that bother us around our house.

I know because I also have one.

In another case, you may have an apartment or house that is being lost due to lack of use or that you only go occasionally to see it to keep it in care and produces expenses only.

To go from guest to host, you just have to clic on the option that appears in the bar at the top of the Airbnb page “Become a host.”

Once inside the option, you need to fill in the basic data as the type of property you want put up for rent, the rooms, how many guests cánido stay and the basics of it.

Then you will proceed to put real photos (obviously) of the site and the services it provides.

In case you are renting out an entire apartment or a house, many offer the breakfast or dinner service to ask a little more for the rent, but of course, this is only if you wish.

In the case of rent a room the same thing happens, as with the services of washing clothes, using the Internet and all the basic things.

You equipo your conditions and it depends on each guest whether to accept them or not.

And don’t worry about having to accept every reservation someone makes, you perro accept them or not and if you don’t really like the profile of a guest who wants to book, you just reject it.

Imagine a MercadoLibre in this case, since guests and hosts have a rating system where they evaluate each other, if you see that someone has a reputation that leaves much to be desired, it’s as fácil as not accepting your reservation.

How does it work the pay from Airbnb?

All hosts have a defined payment method by which you cánido cancel your reservation, The moments in which you perro cancel it depends on the conditions that you equipo at the time of publishing the accommodation.

When you’re the guest and you’re giving it clic to the option to reserve, you need to entrar your information for payment, according to the method that both will use.

Once this is done you need to wait for the host to accept your reservation and at that moment, Airbnb will charge the full cost of the rental (as long as the host does not accept payment by installments).

There is also an option that is rarely used by web hosts. “Immediate reservation”.

This is where the payment is made as soon as you confirm your stay on the site, without the need to go through the host’s confirmation first.

Now, if you are the host, Airbnb will pay you all the money 24 hours later before the guest arrives at his accommodation.

This is a security measure so that the period where the guest cánido cancel the reservation and verify Once in the property, everything is as you mention in the ad.

For you, it also espectáculos more security since you won’t have to go through the process directly from have to return the money before a cancellation.

It does not matter if the reservation It was made for within two, three days or 3 months, the money will be credited to your account 24 hours after the arrival of the guest.

Depending on the payment method you chose, it may take more than one or two days to reflect the money in your account.

So keep this in mind in case you want to receive the money as soon as possible. past 24 hours.

As a guest, you also have the ability to request another payment method if you prefer one that the host doesn’t have as an option. But this is only when you are making the reservation, since once done, you will not be able to change it.

If this is your first time booking with Airbnb, they will offer you a coupon of $25 or euros (all depending on your country) on your first rental.

Airbnb opinions hosts

As I was planning my next trip and where I would stay, I was sitting at the desk in my room with the door open leads directly into the other room from my apartment.

I had the Airbnb page open and I also saw the option to host again for the thousandth time.

So I thought, that I could use some plus money and make use of that room that was not even full of utensils, that nobody occupied it and it was with everything necessary for someone to do it.

So I said to myself, it cánido’t be that hard.

My apartment is equipped with everything and I perro take the measurements of precaution necessary.

Before the iniciativa left my head, I gave the option to become a host and began to fill in all the data, I took my mobile and took some photos of the room and the rest of the things that could be used in the apartment.

In my case, I preferred that they make me full payment, since the cost that I put on the rent it was quite cheap compared to the other afín ones and located relatively close to my area.

Like the vast majority, I didn’t like the iniciativa of ​​not seeing people they wanted to make a reservation.

They could only send me requests and not make an immediate reservation.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that during the first week I received a reservation request, although he had no reputation and it is habitual for people to think twice before renting.

I would think so too and that’s why I know I should put me in his place

Finishing the second week already if I had more luck and I received two reservations.

You will call me crazy but I rejected one of them, since the guest did not have very good comments from other hosts and the last thing I wanted was to start with a bad experience That would leave me with doubts about whether to continue renting.

The other reserve looked much better and that is that Simón had an amazing rating of all the hosts in the places where he had already stayed.

So I didn’t think much about it and I accepted your reservation.

Simon had made it for a week from that day, so canceled the full cost, just as in my conditions and under the method that I had proposed.

The communication as the days went by was quite precise and let me know some things that would like to have in the room if possible.

As a table lamp and a nightstand.

Of course, I wasn’t forced to but it entered into the things I already had, so it didn’t cost me anything.

Already the day of his arrival, he was at the site quite punctual (he even arrived 30 minutes early!) and it is that he had come from the airport directly to the apartment (although I thought it would take him longer to do so).

To begin with, it is the person who appears in your profile picture, it may sound silly, but many use someone else’s accounts or photos as to please at first sight.

He was very kind from the beginning and listened perfectly all additional conditions I put it as being organized and keeping a certain arrival time every night.

He did not spend much time in the apartment during the two weeks he was staying, as it was a trip both work and leisure.

So when I wasn’t doing something work-related, he went from here to there visiting all possible sites.

The last 3 days of his stay he did spend in the apartment and he even talked a lot with me about some things he could see in the city and if you recommend a lugar de comidas where to go before leaving

On the last day, he left absolutely EVERYTHING tidy and I think even cleaner than it was when it arrived.

It was quite a pleasant experience, since I was also able to meet a little more about Argentina which is where he was born and currently lives.

The exchange of culture It was incredible, especially for me, who is always looking for someone to share any experience with.

A small paragraph.

This was where I found out that in Argentina Airbnb’s service is more expensive than anywhere else, only for Argentine users.

That same night I realized that before he left, left the rating on my profile giving me a perfect 5 stars and a great comment.

I proceeded to do the same and most importantly, I wanted to continue being a hostess

The payment as indicated by Airbnb, was made effective within 48 hours.

And already 24 hours after Simon’s arrival, they had released him to my account.

Since then I have rented to 3 more people and the experience has also been good and without any complaint.

The most important: I also have that plus money that comes in handy every month.

Airbnb rental reviews

My first Airbnb experience was amazing.

I was able to take the family trip I always wanted to Florida and all for a fairly low price in accommodation and the best, that we feel at home.

After coming back from one of the best vacations of my life, I decided to start planning my next trip at once. for within 6 months, because I like to do it with time.

At first I wanted to go to London, but I ended up changing my destiny for a place that I always wanted to visit and one day I would even like to go live for a while: Amsterdam.

One of the reasons why I always put off my trip is because it is quite an expensive city when it comes to food and lodging.

The ideal was to rent something where, in addition to sleeping, you could cook, wash and the rest of the basic activities.

Keeping Airbnb in mind and that my first experience was quite pleasant, it was time to make that trip that I wanted to do so much come true.

So I started looking for rooms, since I didn’t want to spend a lot either, and I ended up choosing a studio apartment In an area very close to the city center, just what I was looking for!

In addition, it offered a place to swim, washing machine, Internet and all the services required for mainly save as much money as possible on it.

The cost per night was $45 so I didn’t give it a second thought.

In fact, I had to modify my travel date a bit due to the amount of reservations I had.

And it is that the reputation of the hosts let you see without a doubt that it was the right place.

As soon as I arrived, the hosts received me in the best possible way and the apartment was totally clean and furnished just like in the photos.

The only negative is that there were some details in two of the pieces of furniture that gave me a certain distrust to sit down, but the rest everything was in perfect condition.

They were very attentive and although it was not included, the hostess came to make me breakfast more than once and it was delicious.

If I needed directions or some guidance on something, they were very hospitable, with all the desire in the world to help me and that I never lacked anything during my stay.

They even helped me save over $50 in my purchases for food, because I was about to buy in one of the most expensive supermarkets.

I would definitely stay with Rob and Lisa again, more than for the price, for the good atmosphere they created during my trip and how they made me enjoy it to the fullest.

After this second experience, I won’t think about it anymore and I will continue to rent on Airbnb.

I cánido all those trips in my agenda that are “pending”, without a doubt I will do them.

Considering that in the last two trips I saved $635.

Although I admit that I also spent several of those hundreds going to restoranes or buying services that I also found on Airbnb, but I must say I don’t regret anything!

I won’t think about it anymore and if every experience renting with Airbnb will be like this, why would I go back to a hotel?

I just need to carefully choose my next accommodation and also, in my case as a hostess, choose well the people who want to stay in my room.

Do you want to be a host, a guest or perhaps both? Tell me about your experience below in the comments!

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 My opinion about Airbnb after 4 years of
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