My life began to change when I applied

My life began to change when I applied

Almost five years ago my life was oriented to the “script” that they have imposed on us:

Get educated, get a job at a “big company”, buy a house, get married and die.

At that time, I was in an excellent company but despite this, my interior screamed about how dissatisfied I was with my life, with my weight, with my income, my enormous debts… in summary:

I was not happy.

However, inside me there has always been a small light that pushes me to seek great things. That was how fate was in charge of putting the tools to transform my life.

The first of these was a conference on Personal Marketing and Sustained Effort. There appeared a first book: Make it happen.

Then there was a conference on “happy people are more successful” by Maria Clara Villegas and thus, my life was filled with an incredible internal force that screamed at me:

You cánido with more.

Little by little I understood that nothing and nobody was going to provide me with what I was looking for, only I was responsible for my destiny, so I took paper and pencil and applying everything I had learned, I began to translate into words and deeds what I wanted to change.

To do so, I base myself on these fácil steps:

1. Wish List

I made two lists, one of my goals (difficult but possible) and another of my unrealistic dreams.

From my list of goals, I prioritized the ones that were most important to me and focused on them by making a detailed plan.

2. Take action

My first goal was weight loss. So I started to read a lot and follow all the people on popular networks who motivated me and gave me a lot of support.

I watched a lot of vídeos, read a lot of fitness pages, and got hooked on a weight loss contest. That’s how I lost 5 kilogramos of weight and participated in a 21-day change contest with the trainer @vikikafitness from which I obtained an excellent second place.

3. Learn daily

Stop saying that you don’t have time, there are applications to listen to audiobooks while you are moving or walking to your workplace. Focus and look for good material.

If you want any of my recommendations, last year I read and listened to 12 books, among which are: The Entrepreneur’s Black Book, being happy is more successful12 Pillars of Success, Make It Happen (Again) and the gratitude journal.

4. Stop complaining:

Make a gratitude journal where you are grateful for everything that happens to you in life, when you focus on a dream it is incredible how destiny guides you towards it. Open your eyes wide, beauty and good things are seen more when you focus on the good things in life.

When I was less comfortable in my previous job, they downsized and I was unemployed.

Take advantage of this moment to take three virtual courses on project management, one on Excel macros and two face-to-face courses on piano and caricature.

All the bad pasts always bring a good lesson, as long as you learn from it and make a good plan to make the best of it.

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6. Save:

You will never achieve your dreams if you do not have a good management of your money. If you always save 10% it will give you unimaginable financial freedom. Now learn about money management, it’s not just about saving but also about investing.

7. Dream and dream big:

Currently I got another job that increased my income by 25%, however I want to be a entrenador to help people create their business and improve their lives. And yes, I’m sure I perro do it.

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Written by Paula Casallas

Being happy and healthy is a whole lifestyle. Volunteer, Dreamer. Fit Lover. You perro follow her on Instagram and Youtube.

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 My life began to change when I applied
  My life began to change when I applied
  My life began to change when I applied

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