My first payment of clixsense and other herbs

My first payment of clixsense and other herbs

Good afternoon people!!, as I told you in a previous articulo, I consider clixsense the king of the PTC, it has since 2007 paying religiously and yesterday, September 9, 2016, he made my first payment!!

Yujuuu!!, no, it was neither 200 nor 300 euros, it was only 11.17 dollars (less than 10 euros –fucking change-), but something is something.

I got that amount NO REFERRALS (something super important when it comes to progress) and in only 15 daysfrom August 16 to 31 of the same month, and without “working” on weekends (I am very legal, only 40 hours a week, from Monday to Friday hahaha!!).

Well, as I was going, I’m messed up, I’m going to leave you the proof of payment, it took a little longer than I expected, but hey, it’s been collected.

Why has it taken so long to pay me? Well, I think it was because it was the first payment (in fact, they previously made me a small payment of 0.01 dollars) and also because of the small problem they had last week.

What is the problem they had? so what they hacked their accountyes, nobody is safe from piratas informáticos, and clixsense seems that it was not an exception, although, Your security system, names of referrals and others were not touchedwhen the users opened the page, a page appeared gay porn.

Yes, gay porn, which I respect and it seems fenezca to me, but damn….

Being heterosexual, well, I didn’t like it too much, really hahaha!!

But hey, as he informed all of us who asked him, they had just hacked their DNSwith which the accounts and the names of the millions of users were safe, it was only a small mess that lasted all sunday.

But Everything went back to habitual on Monday. and we were able to continue earning money with this page, for me one of the best.

Well, without further ado, here I leave you, very proud of myself, the proof of payment of my first charge (and it will not be the last) from clixsense, dedicated to all those who think that this is a fraud and who do not pay, yes, friends, they do pay, and if you want to earn money with me and get out of the crisis, here you are I leave a backlink to earn money, I will help you in everything I know, through vídeos, tutorials, etcétera…

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And here I leave the proof of paymentso you cánido enjoy it!!

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 My first payment of clixsense and other herbs
  My first payment of clixsense and other herbs
  My first payment of clixsense and other herbs

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