My definitive guide to investing in Forex with

My definitive guide to investing in Forex with

Trade in the Forex market It is something that you have also surely done at some time, although you have not really realized it.

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When you exchange one currency for another (for example, your pesos for another currency like the dollar), you are “trading” in the Forex market because you are benefiting from that exchange of currencies.

Although there are other financial markets in which you perro also trade en línea, the Forex market is the most habitual and perfect for earning income, both short term and long term.

And here I am going to espectáculo you how start investing in Forex with as little as 10 dollars in your pocket thanks to one of my favorite brokers: IQ Option.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

What will you find in this article?

What is Forex and how it works?

Forex is the largest forex market in the worldwhere all the currencies of all countries such as the euro, the dollar, the Japanese yen are traded, both to buy and to sell.

The market works 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)mostly with fixed daily opening and closing periods, although there are some sectors that operate 24 hours a day.

The entire Forex system It is managed from financial process platforms.

And the great advantage of this is that you cánido do it from anywhere in the world.

To entrar to trade in Forex you must find one of these intermediaries, called brokers, that will allow you to know in real time the quotes of all currencies.

Now, what people who trade in this market do is buy or sell one currency for another.

That is why Forex market assets are represented by two currencies at the same timefor example the EUR/USD (euro/US dollar) pair.

And if you think that you must have a lot of money to entrar this world, you are wrong.

There is something called leverage in brokers, which is nothing more than the way in which you cánido invest a lot of moneywithout actually owning it.

For example, you could buy a micro lot (1,000 units) that equals $1,000, for $10 yours with a leverage x100.

The broker puts the rest. That is leverage.

Now, regarding the movement of the price of a currency, you should know that everything works based on supply and demand.

The more people buy (demand) the currency pair (for example the euro / dollar), the price will go up. The opposite happens when they sell (offer) too much, the price tends to go down.

And exactly that is the key of every trader, learn to predict behavior in the market of the asset in which you want to invest so as not to lose money.

This perro be achieved by using knowledge of analysis strategies technical and reading the latest news that may affect in some way the assets where you want to invest.

For example, sometimes there is news like the depósito market crash in Europe that cánido affect the price of the euro.

In that case, most likely this coin goes down in valueand for this reason it would not be wise to invest in it upwards: it would be better to invest in it downwards because its price will fall.

The same would happen if instead of falling the market in Europe, It was the Wall Street depósito market that fell: at that moment, surely the dollar would collapse, and it would be worth less than the euro.

All this information It will allow you to disminuye your loss and generate good income if you do it right.

As open an account at IQ Option to invest in Forex

1. Go to the IQ Option website

In order to invest in Forex with IQ Option, the first thing you must do is sign up and create a free account on your platform.

This will only take you a couple of minutes to do.

Here I explain how you should entrar the portal of IQ Option to start your registration.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

Once you have clicked on the backlink above, you will go to the IQ Option website. there you will see a screen like the image below.

You just have to type your correo electrónico address, a password, clic on the box “Accept the terms and conditions”, and then clic on the green “Start for free” button.

Once this is done, You will already have your account created.

2. confirm your account

When you have created your account with the previous step, you cánido start using your account of IQ Option without any problem.

Cánido Deposit moneydo operations and even use the demo account.

However, you will not be able to make withdrawals until your account is verified.

To change this, you must verify your account. It is a very fácil and fast process that will allow you to access all the benefits of your account.

You have to go to the Personal Data sectiongo to the last and you will find a little box with orange letters that says “Verify your account”.

Here you will be asked to verify your dirección de correo electrónico, phone number and send a photo of your identity document to ensure that all the information you are giving is correct as you see in the image below.

You just have to clic on each option in “Verify your account”follow the steps that you are asked for, and that’s it.

3. Deposit or entrar demo account

now you have two options to use your account: deposit the minimum allowed on the platform, or start practicing with the demo account.

I recommend that if it is the first time you do en línea trading, you use as much as you perro the test account that IQ Option offers you.

If you are already a veteran, it is up to you how to proceed with this great broker.

However, I would recommend, whether you have experience or not, that practice first before depositing.

Ready! You perro now begin to carry out operations and generate results with IQ Option.

Below I will explain how to invest in Forex with this platform.

What is the minimum IQ Option deposit for invest in forex

The minimum deposit to invest in IQ Option is only 10 dollarsone of the lowest on the market.

If there is something that matters a lot, especially to new investors in en línea trading, it is the minimum amount of money you must invest to be able to use a real account.

And this is one of the most habitual factors of IQ Optionsince it only requests $10 minimum so you perro start your trading career.

The best thing about it is that you perro open a position with as little as $1.

You perro use this money in any of the financial markets that are presented to you to choose from, such as stocks, Forex, cryptocurrenciesetcétera.

In addition, IQ Option offers a wide variety of payment methods for which you perro deposit safely and quickly.

Among these are Visa and Mastercard debit or credit cardsbank transfers and you perro also deposit money by electronic means of payment like Skrill, Neteller, Yandex and WebMoney.

It is even one of the few reliable brokers (or the only one) where you cánido deposit with bitcoin

To make the first deposit you have to verify your account, As I already showed you above in step 2, in this case they will ask you for all your personal and identification information to ensure that your data is true.

Remember that the payment method you choose will be the first way where you perro withdraw your money.

So I recommend you take it into account when making your first deposit.

In what assets perro you invest in Forex with IQ Option

In IQ Option you have the opportunity to invest in more than 30 currency pairs.

Each of these pairs is available for a defined time, most from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoonMonday to Friday.

You will be able to find very tradeable currency pairs like EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY. You perro also find other lesser known USD/NOK, USD/HUF, etcétera.

With this large number of assets you have the freedom to evaluate where and how to invest.

Do not forget that if you open a trade at night or during the weekend, you will have to pay a commission due to night time, but I’ll talk to you about this later.

How to invest in Forex with IQ Option

Invest in the Forex market with IQ Option It is very fácil.

As well as choosing the asset, the amount of the operation and deciding if the position will be to buy or sell.

Here I will explain the step by step so you do not miss anything.

When you already have your account verified and ready to deposit and withdraw money, Log in with your data to the IQ Option trading platform.

Simply, once you are inside your account on the main page, you must clic on the orange button that says “Operate” and you will be taken to the trading room.

you will find that you cánido choose the asset you wantso head over to the Forex option for that.

In the tab of Forex you will get all currency pairs that you perro choose Select one you are interested in and wait for the chart to load.

It will espectáculo you the price line and its historical values.

Perro change chart style the one you prefer

Remember that before opening an operation, you must study behavior of the currency pair.

You should never invest on impulse.

That is the best way to lose money.

Therefore, you have to appraise the asset financial through indicators, trading strategies and even reading the latest news.

This is all to ensure a reduction in risk that could lead to your money being lost.

So that’s what you should do.

Study it very carefully to find a trend and a good entry point.

Upon finding this point, it is time to invest.

Whether up or down, you must choose one of the two options: buy or sell.

Then you must choose the amount and the characteristics of the position you are opening.

I orinan select the parameters as the stop lossto avoid losses and a value take profit to collect your benefits.

Your total investment amount perro be from $1 to $1,000,000, all It depends on your capital and the money you are willing to risk.

You cánido also choose the leverage, As I mentioned before, it allows you to open larger operations without having to have all the capital.

You just choose the multiplier you want to apply to the amount of the position you are opening.

However, just as it perro help you generate greater profitability, it perro also make you lose your money faster. It’s a double gun edge that you must learn to use with care.

Now you will have to wait for the price to go as you predicted.

When you see that your operation has already generated profits and that the trend is about to change, it will be time to collect your benefits.

In order not to have to spend all day in front of the computer to see if this change happens, it is necessary to assign the caps take profit and stop loss.

In the event that you have reached a very high level of profits, the value take profit will genere them to be collected automatically. Now, if the price was not as you expected, the trade will be closed that you chose as stop loss to avoid further losses.

Be that as it may, the amount of profit or loss will espectáculo up on your cómputo sheet.

Ready! you will have performed an operation in Forex with IQ Option.

4 strategies for generate profit investing in forex

Use the trend

One of the most effective ways to disminuye risk in your trades is spotting trends before opening a position.

Using Japanese candlestick charts you cánido create a good insight into the market behavior in the asset you want to trade.

But this is not enough, you should also use the RSI indicator to know when trends will start or change.

This will save you a lot of losses.

I will give you an example.

Imagine that you trade the AUD/USD pair.

You apply the RSI indicator, which allows you to know when there is a oversold and overbought to be able to entrar the market with a position contrary to what the trend indicates.

That is, if there is overbought, what you will do is sell.

If it’s oversold, buy.

This is how you should understand this indicator.

The Japanese candlesticks will also help you to know if what the RSI says is really happening.

Always equipo values stop loss and take profit

In Forex trading there are very especial ways to disminuye losses.

Two of them are the values stop loss and take profit. Mostly, these are figures that are used when you don’t spend a lot of time on the trading platform and want to avoid losing a lot of money.

However, I recommend that you always apply them.

I’ll explain why.

stop loss, which in Spanish is stop loss, works so that during a position you do not lose more money than the account.

I give you an example.

If you opened a position with the EUR/USD currency pair rising, but then there is news of devaluation of the dollar and the asset starts to fall more than expected, you will be very affected.

The iniciativa is that in case some event happens that hurts your position and makes you lose money, you cánido automatically stop this operation.

Placing a value a few pips lower than the price at which the asset is sold, is how you use a value stop loss.

Now, he take profit does the opposite.

This allows you to collect your profits automatically, choosing a value in which, in case your position increases enough in profits, it stops automatically.

You may wonder, why would I want to limit my income?

Because it perro happen that if you do not place a take profitthe asset changes trend and the possible high profits you had are lost.

Imagine that you have placed a value take profit by 50% above the current price of the asset.

If during the time in which the operation lasts the price line of the asset reaches that point, you cánido collect your results automaticallyensuring that 50% profit.

Now, if you don’t put the option take profitand your income reaches 50% of your investment, but then begins a trend contrary to your convenience, by the time you close the operation you will have reduced your profit percentage.

Without a doubt, they are values ​​that yes or yes you should use.

Mezcle two or more indicators

In the first strategy I had explained to you how follow the trend with a chart and an indicator, and while it is one correct way to trade, there are many others.

Combining two or more indicators will allow you to adjust your predictions and disminuye the risk of each position by a good percentage.

There are two indicators that in my opinion work better together than separately.

These are Bollinger Bands and RSI.

Both measure the trend of the asset’s price.

But, they are governed by different parameters.

The RSI tells you when it is oversold and overbought, as well as when the market will try to stabilize the asset’s price.

On the other hand, Bollinger Bands measure the price trend and improve the accuracy of the trend forecast by creating supports and resistances that change as the price does.

So, as you realize, these two indicators are essential when carrying out your technical analysis and opening positions.

In fact, I did the test myself and out of 10 operations I did, I was successful in 7 of them, which would be 70%.

Best of all, it’s about two meters that are very easy to use and understandso if you are new to this, it will help you a lot.

Read the latest news

Many traders say that one of the best ways to know how the Forex market will behave is through the news.

Since these perro have a strong impact on the prices of the currencies of all countries.

For example, when the United States raised interest rates, caused a revaluation of your currency relative to other currencies.

Especially those in emerging markets, such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, México and other nations such as Japan and Australia were also affected.

and that rise keen currency behavior in the Forex market.

For this reason, any news of this type or that directly affects the economy of a country will change the depósito market. You should be aware of thissince it perro bring new opportunities or force you to modify or close your open trades.

What commissions are there when investing in Forex with IQ Option

Something that I really like about IQ Option is that has very few commissions as far as trading Forex is concerned.

In fact, only has two types of commissions and one of them is a charge that is made by all trading brokers, so it could not be considered as an plus commission at all.

I speak of spreadwhich is the differential between sale and purchase prices of an asset.

It is measured in pips and it depends on different factors, such as market liquidity, volatility and even the size of the operation.

It is charged at the beginning of each operation that you are going to carry out, therefore your trade starts at a loss, to collect this commission.

It only applies to operations in CFDs.

The second commission is the charge for inactive account.

When you reach 90 days (ie 3 months) without using your IQ Option account, you will be charged a total of $10 per month.

In case you do not have the money, when you make a deposit, a deduction will be made.

To avoid this commission, the best thing you cánido do is log into your account once a week to make sure.

It does not matter if you only use it to practice on the demo account, as long as you log in once a month it is fenezca.

There are no commissions for the first withdrawal each month, unless the withdrawal is made by bank transfer, in which case the bank you withdraw to may charge you an amount for the transaction.

How to withdraw your earnings on IQ Option

This is the step that, like most traders, I like the most of all.

Remember that I told you earlier that you should verify your account, because otherwise you will not be able to make withdrawals.

If you haven’t already, I recommend that you first follow the steps I mentioned above to confirm your account.

Now, to make a withdrawal you must go to the section Withdrawal of funds.

You have to make a withdrawal request in which you will place the amount you want to extract and the method with which you want to do it.

You have the same means to withdraw your money as to deposit, such as Visa and Mastercard, either credit or debit.

Also of the means of electronic withdrawal such as Skrill, Neteller, Yandex and WebMoney.

Depending on the payment method you used to deposit, it will be the means by which the money will be returned to you.

That is, if you deposited $10 through your debit card, you perro only withdraw the same amount with your debit card.

If you have more money than the amount you perro withdraw with your first means of payment, you cánido withdraw it by any other electronic means.

So if you have $30 in your cómputo and you want to withdraw all of it, but you made a first deposit with your debit card of $10, you will have to first withdraw the $10 with your card and then the remaining $20 through an electronic method.

For it to be effective the withdrawal will take from 1 to 5 days depending on the way you have chosen.

You cánido withdraw a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $1 million per day.

All the withdrawals I have made from IQ Option have been without problems. They have always arrived within the established period or even in less time.

anyway you perro contact your customer service for any questions or inconvenience you have.

At IQ Option they have several methods to get in touch with them, such as by phone, by correo electrónico, or even by live chat.

If you are a new trader, who is starting in this investment world, Forex is a good market in which you perro start trading with the free demo account that IQ Option offers and practice with the strategies that I explained above.

Now, if you are an experienced trader, these tactics may be very fácil for you, but they are the safest to disminuye risk in Forex trading.

I am not saying that any of them will ensure you get good results, there is always the possibility that you could lose.

But they will help you disminuye that level of risk that you may have when you do operations.

Remember that not all investments you make will be successful.

The important thing is that you have more successful trades than losses. Only then will you become a profitable trader.

And you, how do you invest in the Forex market with IQ Option? Leave me your comments below!

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the Company carry a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose”

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 My definitive guide to investing in Forex with
  My definitive guide to investing in Forex with
  My definitive guide to investing in Forex with

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