My 5 secret consejos for managing

My 5 secret consejos for managing

It’s not easy to earn money. To achieve this, you have to work hard every day so that at the end of each week or month, you cánido cover your expenses and give your family the life they deserve.

The problem that often arises is that you don’t have enough money for everything you want to spend.

When you ask someone how they manage their money (and I’m sure even you are), they just make the purchases they need and the occasional treat but they hardly ever keep a record of your expenses.

Since I was little, my dad taught me how to manage my money when I grew up, because as he says and many “Money is not eternal” And if you want it to really give you up, you must know how to manage it.

I know what it is to live short of money at the end of the month, so there came a time when I said to myself “I have to start managing my capital better”.

Many times, I had felt desperate or even upset because my money was not enough for what I wanted, despite looking for ways to generate some plus incomejust because I didn’t know how to manage it.

And I’m sure that you too, at some time, must have felt that feeling, that frustrationmore times than you would like.

You may have wondered what to do, how cánido you live without spending a lot of money, and ensure that the salary you have is enough for all the things you want to achieve in this life.

The truth is that this is actually easier than you think: it all depends on the administration, especially the strategy you use to do it and what you need to know to achieve it.

So here I want to espectáculo you various ways in which I manage my moneyfrom how I perro make the most of my monthly salary, to various consejos that have helped me grow my capital.

What will you find in this article?

How to live without spending much money

If you want to live without spending a lot of money, it all comes down to this: save and spend on what is necessary.

The problem we have when thinking that we cánido live without spending a lot of money is that you keep including a lot of expenses on your list beyond what is necessary And what should you cover?

So if this is your purpose, focus on saving as much money as possible and spend strictly what is necessary.

You don’t have to be one of those extreme savers, but it does start because every month you have something left over at the end of it.

So start by thinking about how to save more money and you will see that it is possible to live without spending so much.

If you don’t know how to do it, let me give you some consejos so that stop spending those plus bills.

First, make a record of absolutely ALL what you spend

Personally, at the end of each day, I sit down with a notebook that I have equipo aside for that and I begin to take note of everything I spent on, from a lunch or painting for the house, to a fácil colectivo ticket.

Writing down your expenses includes that keep your bills Take them and keep them at least in your pockets, don’t throw them in the trash cánido.

Because? It is very difficult that if you made several purchases or expenses during a day, you remember exactly the amount for each purchase, if you cánido do it excellent, but you should still keep your bills and receipts in case of returns or claims.

Doing this helps you keep control over your money, save as much as possible since by visualizing how quickly money disappears, you will start to control yourself a little more in your expenses.

On the other hand, don’t settle for one place to buy.

Many times, because we don’t want to walk a little more, we end up doing the shopping in the most expensive place in the whole city.

Search prices and choose well Where are you going to buy, do not settle for the first place you visit if you want to live without spending a lot of money.

Detach your needs from things they are expendable. Most of your money goes to things that do not have a value or importance that justifies the expense, so they are not necessary to live.

You do not need them to continue with your day to day and you will spend less money by eliminating them one by one.

Try to plan the expenses of the month and the rest.

If you live on a fixed salary, you know how much your income will always be.

Therefore, try to divide that money, always placing first what you really need to cover and leave a surplus, that you will have left over after paying the bills.

By looking at the money you will have left over you cánido see the amount you will be saving or how much you shouldn’t spend if you want to live without spending a lot of money.

If you feel up to it, you perro also try to equipo aside part of your salary at one time and save it, keep it in that secret place that we all have

To live without spending a lot of money, you must keep your mind fixed on spending only what is strictly necessary and save as much as possible.

If you feel that money still isn’t enough or you cánido’t live without spending a lot, the last option to your problem would simply be find another source of income to give you the money you are looking for.

How to manage The salary of the month?

To manage your salary for the month you should think mainly about what you should spend and what not, keep a tight rein on it and always keep in mind how much is the maximum amount you should spend on something you want to buy.

For many it must be a surprise that despite the fact that you try over and over again not to spend so much money or at least just enough to reach the end of the month with green numbers, there is always a number which tells you that you did not succeed.

Every time this happens, you must ask yourself why it is so difficult to come up with a positive cómputo.

The answer is fácil, You are not managing your salary well. Even if you think you are doing a good job, if at the end of the month it continues to give the same result, it is a sign for you to start changing the way you manage it.

It’s not logical you don’t learn from nothing how to do it.

I took a lot of hits along the way and almost always ended up in the red for not knowing how to manage it So I started to work on better methods, follow some steps and keep in my mind facts and ideas that led me to have positive figures.

to begin with, normally you use more than a quarter of your income to be able to pay for basic services such as electricity, water, cable, internet and telephone.

If you live in an apartment, possibly you must pay condominium or plus charges for services included such as cleaning the building.

the rest of your salary it goes into expenses that you make daily as a routine, transportation, snacks outside or some unforeseen expense.

So take the account, check how much percentage of your salary you invest in basic needs, and how much percentage in the remainder.

Considering all those points, you must manage your money based on it if you want to do it in the best possible way.

You must feel that the surplus is not as much as you would like, but in terms of numbers and money itself, is more than you think.

As long as you have 10% equipo aside for some emergency or situation, you will already be having a positive cómputo.

As learn to drive your personal finances?

To learn how to manage your finances, you must have order, discipline and be willing to invest enough time in the plans that you will develop to be able to learn and manage your personal finances.

Drive your personal finances it’s something quite fácil as long as you have the above qualities.

It’s all a matter of following certain steps that will help you manage it, you cánido learn how to do it as long as you give yourself the oportunidad to comply with each of them.

Managing finances is summed up in organization and planning. As long as you keep good control and records, you will be able to develop good planning in order to have the best possible management of your finances.

If you want to really learn how to handle them, I perro help you in the process by giving you the steps I follow every day to have an optimal economic state. So let’s get started.

start with really give yourself time for it. Finance requires you to spend at least an hour sitting at your desk, taking aprecies and reviewing everything you need, it’s not something that only takes a couple of minutes.

When you’re ready and available to do it there you will begin to follow the rest of the steps.

To maintain a stable finances, start by eliminate your debts There is nothing worse than carrying monthly bills that you must pay in addition to basic services and food.

Manage personal finances well = eliminate debts.

Once you take the weight off your debts, you perro start to put together a budget, plan your expenses just like when you want to save or manage your salary.

The difference is that this will be focused on something beyond the month or the moment.

Your personal finances are a continuous thing so You have to think short and long term. what will be the costs, expenses and investments.

On the other hand, personally my family and I are people who love to buy things to create a patrimony or dedicate ourselves to resale.

We decided not to save money and buy things that have more value than a fácil figure in a bank account.

Sometimes it’s not a bad iniciativa to even get a little into debt if it helps you build a heritage.

As an additional step or rather advice, stay away from credit cards.

Loans and credits in any way only make you deviate from the first step, eliminate your debts.

So if you go towards options that only make you create interests you will fail before you start to properly manage your finances.

With all of the above, you have just learned how to manage your personal finances in an easy and fácil way, without anything complicated in between.

5 strategies for manage your money

1. Get rid of your debts

One of the best ways to manage your money is get rid of all the debts you have as I mentioned several times.

How do you expect to see profit or have a positive cómputo at the end of the month if Do you always arrive with more than one debt?

Many people put basic services first on their list of priorities when they receive their salary or it is time to spend money, but instead of going into debt, they think too much about what they could buy or what they want to treat themselves to.

Every time I get my monthly payment, the next day the first thing I do is pay all basic services and then I move on to making the highest possible payment on each debt I have at the moment.

Normally, this works quite well for me since even if I sacrifice a little of the things I want or money for other things, I never spend more than 2 or 3 months with a current debt.

interest on your debts they are the main aspecto that consumes you when you have one.

So pay everything on time and if possible, in one go, It will help you not only to be able to invest then that money in other things that is not the debt but also, you will notice the plus money that falls to you by not having to pay interest each month.

2. Don’t be emotional when spending money

Have you ever bought or wanted to buy something for someone else.

In my case, I prefer to earn money on others rather than on myself.

Because? I find most rewarding give someone to spend hundreds or thousands on things for me.

On the other hand, when you have children, it is habitual that you spend more on things for them than for yourself, but there are times when you simply you cannot afford or spend.

Then the problem arises when they begin to cry or ask you over and over again for something that, being objective, It is not importante.

Your conscience or guilt often makes you spend the money you have for something else, that you have managed for an expense much more important.

So if you want to manage your money in a better way, separate your emotions of your expenses and the things you buy.

On the other hand, being very emotional when it comes to spending money makes you make hasty decisions that normally they don’t suit you at all.

So separate your emotions from money if your goal is to manage it in the best way and start planning better your expenses, purchases and debt.

Be sure to manage your money so that when it’s time to spend it, reflect the purpose you have in the short and long term.

3. Disminuye your expenses

the internet plan More expensive. The television cable with all the channels but that you hardly use.

We always have one or some services considered basic that actually neither you nor I use Or at least not often.

Determine what you need and what cánido disappear Now for your bills.

Personally, I used to have a cable service quite expensive. All the national and international channels, but I hardly ever really watched televisión.

If I put it in hours, no more than 8 or 10 a week.

So instead of continuing to pay for a service that is not essential to me and took a large part of my monthly salary, I got rid of him and so I was able to start spending it on other things, whether important or for pleasure.

It’s a matter of prioritizing be honest with yourself.

Make a list of priorities and dispensables.

That way you will escoge little by little or once and for all what you could stop paying so that you perro save or invest it in something much more relevant.

Just keep in mind something that I have been constantly repeating, food, water, electricity and hygiene or necessary elementos are the things that should be only on the important side. The rest are plus, things that thanks to your lifestyle you have but could perfectly live without.

4. Create a savings account

Saving will always be the best option for manage your money.

You will always have funds in case of emergency or when you want to invest something in the future.

The reason why I have repeated so many times “save, save, save” throughout the article, it is because if you use this strategy to manage your money, it is possible that in a couple of years or when you no longer want to work, you may not.

One of the main objectives of creating a savings account is more than anything thinking about the future.

Live without the need to work one day, not having to worry about him and having to continue producing daily.

To get to this point, you must save until your funds cover annual expenses What do you usually do.

That is, it is not a small sum of money.

It may sound difficult but if instead of spending all that money on unnecessary things you put that in your savings agregado a percentage of your earnings as we saw before, in a matter of a couple of years you might be able to quit your job and live no need to kill you producing to make ends meet.

5. Equipo your financial goals

One of the reasons why manage our money and all that order that we want to have about it, is because that iniciativa is forgotten every time we You don’t know what to spend it on.

Goals play a very important role in one aspect financial and economic.

Proposing something in the short and long term is what helps you maintain a cómputo, either to invest or save your money.

It is much easier to have a good administration of it if you know what each thing is intended for, if you have something to worry about and you don’t want to spend the money you’re saving.

I know it’s not very fácil visualize the reason why you should equipo yourself a goal at least to have a better management of your money.

For example, when I started earning considerably, I didn’t have a goal for that money, a better purpose.

So I used to spend a lot, almost all of my money, on unnecessary elementos or services, I was just wasting my earnings.

When I decided to equipo myself a goal at least, at that moment, to go to the gym and pay for a dance school for reasons of improving my health, I knew that doing so would take not only paying for the service but also pay for the lifestyle I would lead from food.

So I began to better divide my earnings into my needs, gym and food. The rest of the money instead of wasting it as before, i used to save it in case i needed to make any changes to my diet or something came up.

After setting a goal, I changed the way I manage my money.

In order to better manage your money, you need escoge the strategy you will implement and finally, carry it out.

It is not a matter of making a mission impossible plan, but you need to have a certain strategy to know what should you do to be successful in managing your money.

For example, I dedicate myself to investing my money in things that I cánido resell and in addition to recovering my investment, I also have a profit margin.

This way I do not stay with a capital in my bank accountI pay just what I need and invest the rest to earn more money.

You do not have to follow my same strategy, in fact there are people who escoge to manage their money in other ways, what your strategy or the one you escoge to choose to do it with the others must have in common, is that you implement the steps to save, manage your finances and manage your salary.

5 consejos for Make grow your capital

1. Invest a part of your money

To manage your money well and above all, make your capital grow, invest a part of what you earn or have saved is the first thing that should come to your mind.

The money in the bank you don’t know when it perro begin to lose value and beyond that, it’s too slow a way to make any profit in the future.

On the other hand, if what you want is that every month, in addition to seeing green figures, you also have a cómputo much more than a fácil positive, then start investing current money in something that makes you increase your capital.

A good option is investment Property and another could be to start invest in binary options.

This is a kind of investing in the depósito market much easier because in these operations you will only have to choose an asset, indicate if it will go up or down, and the time you want it to last, nothing more.

And best of all, there are brokers like IQ Option with which you perro start with only 10 dollars in your account.

That way you won’t have to risk too much money.

clic here below To read a complete article on how to start investing in this market easily:

You cánido also be a little more enterprising and escoge equipo up your own business.

It’s not as fácil as invest in binary optionsbut if you choose the correct area and educate yourself in how to make a successful business, your capital will increase more than simply double or triple.

2. Try looking for another job

Sometimes the best way to increase your capital is to aim for other form of income than you have now.

we’ve all had horrible job where the pay is horrible and the environment even worse.

Maybe that’s what happens with you and you just drown in a glass of water by looking for more capital instead of starting to find another better source of income. that produces more capital.

Now, if you have time, you perro also look for another job.

Sometimes we think too much about what options we have or what should we do to have more capital when the answer is very fácil.

If the iniciativa of ​​working on something else bothers you a lot, always try to look for a job related to something you like.

that you perro enjoy and don’t make your job so tortuous.

Make a hábito a job or an activity you normally enjoy, a source of income.

3. Calls for an increase

Surely you have never evaluated this option and it is that you should always feel a little self conscious to step on that ground.

As well as looking for another job, you perro always go for the option that is within your reach at that moment.

Instead of stressing out thinking of more options or ways, just go and ask for the raise you need and of course, believe deserve.

Most employers are not very open to giving a salary increase to any of their employees and that is, if you have been doing a job for the amount you receive now, they will always think that that is enough for you or the payment for your work.

Keep something in mind, if you want to increase your capital, you cánido’t finish year after year earning the same than the above, you should always aim to have at least a difference of a few hundred or if possible several thousand.

When a job is not capable of giving you that, especially when you have worked hard enough to deserve it, then start evaluating the following options but don’t jump into them without first having touched the ground that you consider so dangerous.

Go ahead and ask for the raise, you don’t have to think about more options and you will be increasing your capital.

4. Give yourself a time limit

Sometimes the problem of not being able to increase our capital does not lie in the way in which we do it or want to do it, but rather in the time we intend to achieve it.

Sometimes for waiting 5 more seconds you perro miss the opportunity of your life.

Especially in the world of finance.

Keep in mind that by setting yourself a deadline, you are also setting a little more pressure How long does it take to achieve a much larger heritage or capital.

When we go around so much when it comes to doing something, is when we lose too much time and opportunities.

For example, you escoge to put a 5-year cap on collecting certain amount of money in your savings, But have you started to think, what if I do it in less time?

Personally, I think that by giving such a period of time, we tend to spend the money in unnecessary things instead of taking them to our savings or dedicating it to the expansion of our capital.

Now, by not giving you a time limit, you just won’t amount to anything.

You will be delaying more and more the activities or actions that you must do to be able to increase your capital.

5. don’t stagnate

When you get a good job, a source of income that gives you more or equal to what you want.

If you finally managed to save all the money you expected, why stay there?

Grow your capital is something constant that it is not achieved just once and that is as far as our goal goes.

As I said, you must grow your capital on an annual basis, which each time see more profit than the previous year. For example, at the end of each year I aim to have at least a couple of dollars more in my capital.

At least $100 USD.

However, if I achieve my goal, that does not orinan that in the next cut or moment that I have to see my capital again, do not aspire to more.

For everything you always have to think beyond, aspire to more and never stop. Doing it is the same as being conformist with what you have and if you have already started a journey to increase your capital, then do not stop when you already get just a minimum percentage of the way.

Always try to invest in what you cánido and see that will give you profit and it will make your capital grow.

If you managed to get a job that pays better, even after a while, aspire for something better either inside or outside the place where you work.

When you have a capital that you aspire to or get close to, it is not a matter of keep trying 200% after that, but don’t give it up either.

You perro always get more when you escoge don’t get stuck in one place.

Everything in the world of money and finance is about innovation and never standing still, if you do, without a doubt. you will retrace all the steps that you have given to grow your capital.

Managing my money has not been easy.

For every time I tried something new I could lose or win but over time, I learned to use all strategies previous but of course, I have my favorite.

On the other hand, each of the consejos and ways of managing my salary have influenced so that I could get to where I am today.

It’s never too late to start managing your money in a better way.

Which of these consejos and steps will you use to manage your money? I’d love to hear about your experience, so leave me a comment below.

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 My 5 secret consejos for managing
  My 5 secret consejos for managing
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