Musely: Earn money by recommending products

Musely: Earn money by recommending products

There is some misinformation on the Internet about the aplicación museleysome websites report that it is an aplicación where you make money by recommending merchandise, something like Fulltip.

Actually, it is not about that, rather it is an aplicación that belongs to the Musely company that has aesthetic products and through the application provides options to generate money for its customers.

What is Musley?

Musely is an application for the sale of skin health and beauty products.

The most important product is a cream for the treatment of melasma, a skin condition that affects many women, especially on the face.

The cream Musely FaceRx, is the flagship product of the company and basically the entire Musely application works around its use.

Using the aplicación, the cream is purchased, a treatment is established, the treatment is monitored, advice is received from the community and professionals; In addition, other products are also sold from the aplicación.

The Musely aplicación offers the options to generate income to save costs using the treatment FaceRx or to acquire other products for the aesthetics of the skin.

It is a fácil aplicación to use, but it will not help you generate as much income as Userfeel.

How does Musley work?

museley not very difficult to useOf course, it’s all in English –it’s not like Wallapop that you get in Spanish–, so you should know a little about this language and understand how it works.

Above all, if you want to be part of their community, where you perro receive all kinds of advice, not only about Musely cream, but also about all kinds of skin products, which are shared there by other users.

You cánido see that the registration is very fácil, it is only a form to fill out

We are going to detail some of its functions so that you do not have problems, especially the two that are so that generate plus income.

Let’s assume that you have already installed the aplicación in the Play Store or the Aplicación Store and you have registered and logged in.

When you log in, you will be able to access the main menu with the following options:

  • My Treatments: is the follow-up of your treatment with the FaceRX cream.
  • My Orders: are the purchase orders for Musely’s cream.
  • MyRewards: are the rewards you have accumulated.
  • Musely Cashback: 8% return of the expense you make each time you purchase FaceRX cream for your treatment.
  • Musely Referrals: your referral code to generate income for each person who registers as a referral.
  • Musely eGift Cards: Send gift cards.
  • SPF & Cleanser: creams to complete the treatment.
  • Musely UpKeep: testimonials of results.
  • #MuselyWorks: news about Musely treatment.
  • Notifications: notifications.
  • Settings: settings.
  • More: your consejos and challenges.

How cánido you make money with Musely?

On the Internet you will find that it is a way to earn money by recommending products, but this is a lie.

Really, in Musely you earn money in two ways, the first is referring other people, with which you cánido make good money if they buy a Musely treatment.

The other way is with cashback, but it is obvious that you must spend your money on the treatment in order to obtain a return.

If you are a VIP, you generate more income than as a Estándar usuario (to be a VIP you must get the treatment).

Below we offer you a table in which you perro see the earnings you get from this application, both for VIP and Estándar.

Usuario type/form of income VIP Estándar
cash back 8% 8%
referrals $20 for you and 50% discount for your referral. $4 for you and 30% discount for your referral.

We must warn you that it is not among the best aplicaciones in Spain to obtain more income, due to the few options it offers.

How to collect your earnings?

Unlike the money-making aplicaciones we’ve described here, Musely doesn’t allow you to withdraw money to your Paypal account or an eGift Card.

But you cánido still take it out benefit from your time invested.

The way to take advantage of your money is by using your Musely points in “MyRewards” to acquire more treatment, a medical visit (in the USA), buy FaceRx and other products.

Indeed, it is not one of the best ways to earn money, but you perro take advantage of it to take care of your skin.

You cánido also use the points to buy the cream you like and then sell it to someone else in the beauty and health market, something like the aplicación to sell books that we already talked about.

Musely Referral Program

Your referral program is the best option to generate income passively.

Since when using cash back you need to spend a little money.

Therefore, it is not worth using the option much cash back to earn income from purchases, unless you really want to buy Musely products, otherwise it’s not suitable.

So referrals seems to be a good way to make money with Musely, since you earn $4 or $20 per invite every time your guest buys from the store.

It’s a bit disappointing, isn’t it? Without bitter, remember that in our blog we have an article about best aplicaciones to earn moneyis loaded with all the information you need to know the ways to earn money even with referrals.

Opinion on Musely (to earn money)

It is an application in which you cánido purchase cosmetic or health treatments for women and that’s it.

You cánido try to buy the products and sell them, but you must know what product to buy and how to sell it.

Musely will not help you generate a lot of plus income, however, you cánido take advantage of it if you need of your products.

On the other hand, if you want to really take advantage of your mobile, we have an aplicación for you to sell photos.

We say goodbye, we created this article about Musely so that you have all the information about it at hand, remember that our content is informative and that you escoge which option to try to generate money.

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 Musely: Earn money by recommending products
  Musely: Earn money by recommending products
  Musely: Earn money by recommending products

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