Mudet » How does it work? earn free money

Mudet » How does it work? earn free money

mudet is a company operating since 2015 that offers different services, such as the sale of various products, advertising services to promote your business, different ways to earn money, among other services.

You perro earn free money in Mudet by watching advertisements, completing surveys, with tasks, etcétera.

Mudet belongs to Mudet Spain SL., a company legally registered in Spain.

Its location is: Mudet Spain SL Pol.


Partida Caseta, 52 Alqueria de Aznar, 03829 Alicante.

It is registered in the commercial register of Alicante on the date of December 3, 2014.

The legal data of this company They are as follows: Volume 3818, Folio 39, Inscription 1, Sheet A-142596.

This company is governed by Law 34/2002, of the services of the information society and electronic commerce (LSSI-CE)

Basic notions of Mudet

platform management Mudet has been operating since 2014 without problems with users, and is a company legally registered in Spain.

withdrawals They cánido be requested from 15 eurosand the means of payment are: bank transfer, Uphold and AirTM.

referrals It has a referral system 4 levels deep.

Languages Spanish, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

accepted countries Users from all over the world perro earn money.

Activity Advertising, Sales, Services.

Pay? Yes, Mudet make the payments No problem.

Registration and first steps in Mudet


Registration in Mudet the easy and free, and you perro do it by clicking here.

When entering you must complete the data (in the field called “nick” you must place your nombre de usuario), accept the policies, solve the captcha and send the information.

They will send you an correo electrónico to your dirección de correo electrónico so that you cánido activate your account, with which your registration will be complete.

You have done the registration in Mudet Club (extension of Mudet to obtain various benefits), with which you have become subscriber of mudet (Usuario who registers in Mudet Club), however, later you perro become a Mudet prescriber (Usuario capable of recommending the company to subscribers, prescribers and partners to the system).

Registration Form

You perro register to earn free money in Mudet from the following backlink: Go to Mudet.

Complete general data and verify identity

So that you cánido earn free money in Mudet, and be able to withdraw your winnings it is necessary that you complete the information of your profile and verify your identity.

For this you must entrar the “Your data” section (you do this from the option found in the upper right corner of your account).

In this section you have two different options: “Your Data” and “Validation”.

The option “Your data” allows you to complete the general information of your account and the option “Validation” allows you to upload an identity document.

First it is necessary to complete the general information of your account and then upload your identity document.

Complete general data

To complete your data you must entrar the “Your data” option, where said data must match the data found on your identity document (The data related to the bank account is not necessary to complete, since this is for people from Spain).

You just have to complete the data and save information, with which you will be able to upload an identity document.

At this point you are a Mudet subscriber, but you still do not have the ability to become a prescriberand to achieve this you must first verify your identity in Mudet.

identity verification

After completing the data you must entrar the option “Validation” and upload your identity document so that the company perro confirm that you are a real person.

In this section you will see different boxes to add the front and back of your ID.

After adding your identification document You must send the information so that Mudet cánido verify your data along with the document you have sent.

You just have to wait for validate your accountbut you cánido start using the platform and earn money while your account is validated.

Other information to complete

In the menu that is found by clicking on the upper right section of your account you perro find other options to complete.

In section “your preferences” you perro select all your preferences, this is done to know more about you and to be able to win with surveys and other means.

The option “payment processor” allows you to add your account from the different payment processors that the company emplees to make payments.

In the option “Popular networks” you perro connect your popular networks with Mudet and thus have the opportunity to increase your earnings considerably with the other ways of generating income.

How does Mudet work?

Mudet is a legalized company that offers y también-commerce services, so you cánido buy various products.

This company has a Mudet Club, which is an extension of its y también-commerce of the common good, through which you cánido access different benefits derived from the philosophy of common well-being.

One of the objectives of Mudet Club is that its users become prescribers.

By being a Mudet usuario you will be able to earn money in various ways (will be explained later), buy y también-commerce products, acquire very effective advertising (it really is high quality advertising) using the Guide Mudeteven if you have a non-profit company, Mudet helps you spread your image throughout the world with Mudet todo Corazon.

Types of users in Mudet

In Mudet there are three different types of users: Subscribers, Prescribers and Partners.

These types of users that exist within Mudet will be described below:

Subscribers: Subscribers are those users who register with the company through Mudet Club.

From the moment you start recommending and helping users, then you become a prescriber.

Prescribers: Prescribers are those users who, once registered in Mudet (subscribers), have the ability to recommend other users to the company (Referrals).

The prescribers perro recommend the three types of users to the company (subscribers, prescribers and Partners).

partners: Partners are those users who register using a different registration form than subscribers and prescribers, since they register using the same registration form.

Partners use the platform for marketing purposes.

acquire advertising high quality.

Operation of the types of users

Any usuario perro register as subscriber or partner of mudet (It is not mandatory that the registration be through a backlink from a Mudet referral).

If you’re not usuario of mudet you perro register as a subscriber and then as a partner, and you perro also do it in the opposite way, however it is better to register as a subscriber and then as a partner.

It is not mandatory that you register with both types of userssince you perro only register as a subscriber and not register as a partner, and you cánido also do it in the opposite direction.

Benefits when registering as a subscriber and later as a partner

The benefit of registering as subscriber and then as a partner is that being a subscriber you cánido register as a partner using your referral backlink to attract partner (have various types of referral backlinks), with which you have also become a prescriber by obtaining a referral (yourself as a partner).

if you register first as a partner, then you will not have the possibility to register as a subscriber using your referral backlink, since partners cannot attract referrals.

If you want to register as a subscriberyou will have to do it with another referral backlink, and you will no longer be able to register as a partner using your referral backlink, since you registered as a partner before.

How to earn free money in Mudet?

You cánido earn free money on mudet in different ways which are: with the tasks of announcements, with radiomudet, with the Mudet challenge, with the Mudet guide bonuses, with the sale of products, with the sale of mobile recharges and with the referral system.

They are described below these shapes to earn free money in Mudet:

announcement tasks

In Mudet you cánido earn free money by watching diversity of ads.

It will only be necessary for you to see ads for a few seconds, with which you will receive a small commission in euros that will be added to your cómputo.

For this you must go to the “Tasks” section, where you perro see different ads and make a profit.

Radio Mudet

Radio moveyou It is Mudet’s radio, that just by listening to it you will be earning small fractions of money while you are listening to it.

to hear the radio you must entrar to the “Radio Mudet” section, play the radio and listen to it (you cánido mute the radio and use another page if you want).

From time to time you will have to solve a captcha on the radio.

Mudet Challenge

This challenge consists of fulfilling a series of objectives with the purpose of winning a €10 monthly plus + Premium ads (apart from the other earnings), and is only available to prescribing users.

To be part of this challenge it is necessary to be enrolled in the sameand for this it is necessary to have purchased a Mudet guide plan in the last 7 days.

The requirement to purchase a guide plan mudet It is only done once, and you will have the opportunity to win the aforementioned plus every month, as long as you meet the required monthly goals.

If you do not meet the objectives, you will lose your subscription, and you will have to start the process from the beginning.

To sign up for the Mudet challenge, you must entrar the “Mudet Challenge” section, and follow the steps for registration.

Objectives to meet to win the Mudet challenge plus

This challenge rewards the usuario’s perseverance, and to win it monthly you only have to perform announcement tasks every days, and at the end of the month you perro request the plus from the “Mudet Challenge” section.

Once you earn this plus you will be able to participate to win this plus every following month.

Mudet Guide

The guide mudet It is the advertising service of the company, and this will be described later, since in this part we will focus on what you cánido ganar through this guide.

Only prescribers will be able to obtain these gains.

Through the Mudet guide you perro earn bonuses every month by selling Mudet guide plans.

There are three bonuses for each plan, called: “Plus 4”, “Plus 8” and “Plus 16” each one of them having a different financial endowment.

The plans that you perro sell from the Mudet guide are: Atlantic Plan, Mediterranean Plan and Arabian Plan.

These bonuses are paid each month depending on the sales you make in the month in question.

Atlantic Plan

  • For selling between 4 and 7 plans: You get a Plus 4 = €50.
  • Sale between 8 and 15 plans: You get a Plus 8 = €120.
  • Sale of more than 15 plans: You get a Plus 16 = €280.

Mediterranean Plan

  • For selling between 4 and 7 plans: You get a Plus 4 = €30.
  • Sale between 8 and 15 plans: You get a Plus 8 = €70.
  • Sale of more than 15 plans: You get a Plus 16 = €160.

Arabian Plan

  • For selling between 4 and 7 plans: You get a Plus 4 = €12.
  • Sale between 8 and 15 plans: You get a Plus 8 = €27.
  • Sale of more than 15 plans: You get a Plus 16 = €59.

Mudet Guide Configuration

You cánido see all the statistics related to the sales of the Mudet guide in the section “Guide mudet”.

To sell Mudet guide plans you must promote your referral backlink for partners, which you perro find in the “Associates” section.

This also applies to any of your referrals who buy plans from this guide.

sale of products

One of Mudet’s strengths is his ecommerce, with which you perro obtain a percentage of profit for each product you sell.

For this you must entrar the section “Associates”, where you will have several referral backlinks.

You must use the product backlink to promote products and earn a commission per sale.

Sale of mobile recharges

You cánido also earn free money at Mudet by getting a percentage of the mobile recharge sales that you do When a customer buys a recharge through you, then you will get a profit on your account.

For this you must promote your referral backlink to buy refills, and you perro find this backlink in the “Associates” section.


Mudet allows you to obtain great profits with the referral system.

The part of the referrals will be presented later.

Account cómputo in Mudet

The Mudet has two cómputos: the main cómputo and the consumption cómputo.

He main cómputo sheet It is used to withdraw your earnings, while the consumption cómputo It is the cómputo that you perro use to buy services in Mudet.

You cánido find both cómputos in the “Wallet/View wallet” section.

From this section you could make direct deposits to the consumption cómputo, but the direct cómputo deposits they were disabled.

Any deposit is directly when you are going to acquire a service offered by Mudet.

Referral system in Mudet

Mudet owns a 4 level deep referral system, and you earn 10% of the earnings that your referrals get from the ad tasks.

Your referrals they will make profit as long as they have activated their account by uploading their identity document.

You earn profits for the purchase of advertising that they carry out.

if you don’t give follow up your referrals (helping them with questions, etcétera.), then the company will remove these referrals so that they cánido request a tutor to help them (gold guardian).

You perro find your referral backlink, your referrals and their statistics in the “Associates” section.

Here you cánido request a tutor for you committed to Mudet.

Gold tutor in Mudet

If you are a usuario who commits to their referrals you perro be a gold guardian in Mudet and obtain higher profits.

Gold tutors get an advertising service called “Gold Advertising Service”, which is an advertisement with an extremely high level of quality, so with this advertisement you are going to advance on the Internet.

To be a gold tutor it is necessary to meet two requirements:

  • At least 5 of your first level referrals have obtained a reward in 25 of the last 31 days (Do all their tasks).
  • The number of your referrals on the second level has increased by 7 or more users.

Process to be a gold tutor

To be a gold tutor you must entrar the “gold tutor” section, clic on the “I want to be a gold tutor” and finally follow the indications provided by the system to achieve it.

Payments in Mudet

You cánido request withdrawals from €15, and the means of payment are: bank transfer, Uphold and AirTM.

As we have mentioned above (account cómputo in mudet), direct deposits are no longer allowed on the platform.

To withdraw your earnings you must entrar the “Wallet” section and choose the means of payment for the withdrawal.

You perro withdraw your earnings whenever you are active in task completions.

In order for you to have withdrawals activated in a given month, you must have in that month at least 100 ad tasks done.

Withdrawals are deactivated each new month until you meet the minimum number of tasks carried out in that month.

Mudet Guide (Advertising)

The Mudet guide is the advertising service main of Mudet.

Any usuario (subscriber, prescriber or partner) cánido acquire these services, and obtain high quality advertising.

This advertisement consists of three plans that you perro purchase, and these plans are: Arabian, Mediterranean and Atlantic.

These plans are annualand they will give you publicity throughout the year that you have bought it, but after the year is over you cánido renew the plan again, and continue like this getting publicizedd.

You perro also buy palabras clave (by plans) to better position the ads in the Mudet guide and increase the quality of advertising.

Below are the plans that you cánido purchase in the guide mudet:

Below are the keyword plans:

Mudet guide configuration

To buy the plans of the guide mudet You must entrar the section “Guía Mudet/Buy Ad Guide Mudet”, choose the plan and follow the steps.

You perro buy them keyword plans from the section “Mudet Guide/Buy Palabras clave Paquete”.

From the “Mudet Guide” section you perro manage your ads.

Other Mudet platforms

Mudet Stream

Mudet Stream is the Mudet platform that offers its users to enjoy content.

With this service you perro use Netflix and Stream televisión with greater benefits, such as that a group of users will be able to pay for a single subscription and use the account whenever they want.

you perro access Mudet Stream from the following backlink: Go to Mudet Stream.

You will also have your own backlink to attract users for Mudet Stream.

You cánido find this backlink in the “Associates” section, using the backlink for Mudet Stream.

Silence all heart

mudet All heart is a Mudet initiative that seeks to support non-profit entities and companies with sense and popular responsibility.

With the purpose of disseminating its institutional image in the different markets and manage the procurement of resources for its sustainability.

You cánido access this from the “MTC” section.


Mudet is a company reliable, since it is a legally registered company, which pays tax to the country where it resides.

We cánido see that there are people behind the platform, and they have a very promising future.

They have a stable business model, with the ability to last for a long time.

Mudet is a great project of y también-commerce for the Common Goodand in the Mudet Store there are more than 4,000 technology products, but they are beginning to have products of organic food.

This indicates the great evolution of the company.

Mudet has many other platforms that you perro see from the company’s home page.

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 Mudet » How does it work?  earn free money
  Mudet » How does it work?  earn free money
  Mudet » How does it work?  earn free money

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