Most used nouns in English

Most used nouns in English

Nouns (Nouns) are perhaps the most used words in both English and Spanish, since their use is necessary when speaking or writing you want to make a reference to something or someone.

In the case of English, there are a series of nouns that are the most used by both native speakers and learners and are very easy to learn.

What are nouns in English?

The “Nouns” or nouns are those words that are used in sentences and that They are used to refer to a person, place, thing and even some iniciativa.

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The 100 most used nouns in English

In no specific order, these are the most commonly used nouns in English and their translation into Spanish:

1) Food

2) Love – love

3) Mother

4) Music – music

5) Sky – sky

6) Sister

7) Street – street

8) Water

9) Sound – sound

10) Movie

11) Light – Light

12) Hand

13) Glasses

14) Football

15) Father – papa

16) Country

17) Car

18) Building

19) Dog – dog

20) Charger – charger

21) Dress – dress or clothing

22) Cat – cat

23) Day

24) face

25) Girlfriend

26) Brother – Brother

27) Flower

28) House

29) City

30) Desk

31) Finger

32) Letter – letter or letter

33) Mouth

34) Pencil – pencil

35) rain

36) Shoe

37) Table

38) Uncle – uncle

39) Earphone

40) Umbrella

41) baby- baby

42) call

43) hair

44) hour

45) Life

46) Number

47) Money

48) size

49) World

50) be – sea

51) skin

52) party – party

53) direction – direction

54) heart

55) Island

56) Ice – ice

57) ball – ball or ball

58) corn – maíz59) egg – egg

60) eye

61) level – level

62) minute – minute

63) product – product

64) reason

65) Science – science

66) Window – window

67) Spring – Spring

68) Year – year

69) Rock – Rock

70) Ring – ring

71) leg

72) language – language

73) home – home

74) Crowd

75) Key – key

76) Pair – pair

77) past – past

78) note – note

79) stop

80) star

81) row – row

82) sugar – sugar

83) village

84) Seat – seat

85) Back

86) Book – book

87) Weight – weight

88) Map

89) Part – part

90) month

91) note – note92) rule – rule

93) Sumer – summer

94) lie

95) Meat – meat

96) War – Guerra97) side – side

98) square

99) Snow

100) sign

These are the most commonly used nouns in fácil conversations, however, in English as in any language, the list is much longer.

noun genders

In English, there are nouns that are used regardless of the gender to which you want to refer, for example:

Teacher: cánido be used to refer to a teacher or teacher.

Friend: Friend

Pupil: Student

Writer: writer or writer

But, it should also be taken into account that there are nouns that only vary their pronunciation and writing depending on the gender to which you want to refer, an example of this is:

king: king

queen: queen

Actor: Actor

Actress: Actress

prince: prince

Princess: princess

Good: God

Goddess: queen

Boyfriend: boyfriend or friend

Girlfriend: Girlfriend or friend

They are: Son

Daughter: daughter

Gentleman: sir

Lady: lady

As we cánido see, in English, when referring to a person, the variety of nouns is wider than in Spanish.

Practical exercise of nouns in Plural

In English, there are some grammatical rules for when you want to refer to a person, place, object or iniciativa in the plural.

Some of the most used are:

1) When a noun ends in “s”, “z”, “x”, “sh” or “ch”

In these cases, the norm indicates that when referring in a plural way to nouns that end in S, Z, X, SH or CH, an “es” must be added at the end.

For example:

fox: fox

Foxes: Foxes

Now, convert these three singular nouns to the plural:

1) Dish: Dish

2) Dress: dress

3) Church: Church


1) Dish – Dishes

2) Dress – Dresses

3) Church–Churches

2) When the “nouns” end with the vowel “o”

In these cases, there are two options.

If the letter preceding the “o” is a consonant, an “es” must be added to its plural version, for example:

Hero: Hero

Heroes: Heroes

Other nouns with which you cánido practice applying this rule are:

1) Tomato: Tomato

2) Potato: Potato or potato


1) Tomato – Tomatoes

2) Potato – Potatoes

But, in the event that the “o” is preceded by a vowel, only one “s” must be added.

For example: Radio – radios.

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 Most used nouns in English
  Most used nouns in English
  Most used nouns in English

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