Most common Excel errors and what they orinan

Most common Excel errors and what they orinan

When we work with formulas in Microsoft Excel, a letter, a number, a symbol or any data entered in the wrong way would create an fallo that would make it impossible to perform the desired calculation in the application.

Luckily, Excel helps us to detect the cell where the fallo is, classify it and solve the problem.

Most common Excel errors and their solutions

Excel has 4 different techniques to identify different types of errors:

  • value in cell
  • Symbol top left of cell
  • dialog box
  • Fallo running a macro

The first 3 fallo identification methods refer to entering a elabora that cannot calculate the result, either because the function does not exist or because the data we provide to the function is incorrect:

Dialog Box: Usually, when we make a mistake while entering some data in a elabora, the dialog box will pop up, giving us a suggestion to fix the mistake.

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Symbol at the top left of the cell: This sign appears when Excel identifies a possible fallo such as an inconsistent elabora, a value in text format when the adjacent cell is a numeric value, etcétera. -A drop-down list automatically appears indicating the possible fallo made as well as how to proceed to correct it.

Value in cell – It is possible that we make a mistake when entering the required values ​​of a elabora or function by not being able to perform the calculation, in these cases Excel perro espectáculo some of the following values ​​in the cell:



Excel errors examples

Knowing each of these errors will allow us to know their origin and solve it.


This fallo occurs when Excel does not recognize the elabora text entered in the cell, either because the elabora is misspelled or does not exist.

Example – if we want to calculate the power of 3.4 raised to 15, we have to entrar the following elabora or function in the corresponding cell “= POWER (3,4; 15)” in the case where we write “= POWER (3, 4; 15 ) ”Would Excel espectáculo us the fallo # NAME? Because you don’t have the POWER function registered.

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This type of fallo occurs when Excel detects that calculations are being performed with different types of data, such as numeric data, text, or the date and time.

Example: the power of 2 raised to a letter or a text “= POWER (2; A )” will return the # VALUE! Fallo, because it is not possible or does not make sense to perform this calculation.


This common fallo occurs when Excel detects a elabora or function that requires numeric data and non-numeric data such as a letter or date has been entered.

It is also possible that the result of the calculation is so large or small that Excel cannot display it.

Example: Calculating the power of 2000 raised to 205 will result in # NUM! Mistake! because Excel perro’t espectáculo such a high value for this calculation.


This fallo occurs when Microsoft Excel detects that we have calculated a number divided by 0 (zero) or by an empty cell that does not contain any numeric value.

Example – If we try to do the calculation in a cell that contains the following elabora “=3/0” it will result in the fallo #DIV/0!


We will encounter this fallo when Excel detects that a function or calculation intent has been used with invalid cell references.

Example – This fallo usually happens when columns or rows that contain data linked to formulas are deleted, since they do not have such data, the formulas cannot be calculated, so we will have: the fallo #REF!


This fallo is generated when we want to relate data ranges or cells that do not intersect through a calculation or a function will result in the #NULL fallo


This fallo is generated in Excel spreadsheets when using lookup or matching functions for data that does not exist in the specified lookup range.

Example: Use the function “VSearch” to find a value that does not exist in the specified lookup range.

##### – We perro find this fallo when:

  • The value entered or calculated in the cell is greater than the width of the column.
  • A negative value has been calculated or entered for a date.

Example – Trying to calculate a date by multiplying by a value of -3 (negative 3).

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 Most common Excel errors and what they orinan
  Most common Excel errors and what they orinan
  Most common Excel errors and what they orinan

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