Moonlitecoin: the best faucet to earn

Moonlitecoin: the best faucet to earn

moonlitecoin is the third of faucet Coinpot I’m adding this week to the wallet coin pot.

As you know (I spoke a few days ago about this microwallet) you must be registered in this wallet in order to receive the benefits of all moon copints.

You perro learn to use and register me in Coinpot in this backlink.

Cryptocurrencies are rising in value, although they fluctuate too much at times.

In today’s example, for example Litecoin had a value at the beginning of 2017 that was around $4, today its value around $37.05.

On some occasions it has come to exceed $61.

Registration and first steps in Moonlitecoin

registration in moonlitecoin It’s really fácil, just like in other coinpot faucets of the moon family of which we have already spoken.

We simply have to create a free account.

The procedure is very fácil, you only have to entrar your address coin pot (your correo electrónico with which you registered) or put the address of your Litecoin wallet.

Clic on it top banner and go to where it says “sign in“.

There you will be able to introduce one of the necessary premises for registration.

As you perro see in the image, and as I have told you, you perro register with your Coinpot dirección de correo electrónico or with a litecoin wallet. The differences will be as follows:

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  • Litecoin address.

    The payments will be weekly, you must arrive at the 500,000 litoshi to collect.

    If in a week you cánido’t reach the minimum, don’t worry, accumulate for the following week.

  • CoinPot.

    He payment will not have a minimum and it will be instantly.

    Every claim you make will immediately appear in your CoinPot account.

I personally use the second method.

Since I automatically receive payments in coin pot and I don’t have to wait for a minimum amount to be able to collect.

It is the most efficient and fastest.

From my microwallet coin pot cánido i pass the cryptocurrencies to coinbase and from there to me PayPal or to my bank account.

How Moonlitecoin works

He how moonlitecoin works It is fácil and identical to its sisters moonbitcoin, moondogecoin and the rest of the coinpot faucets.

Once registered in moonlitecoinyou perro claim your litoshis every five minutes.

To do this you just have to press “claim now

After the claim, you will simply have to solve a little captchatafter that, you will have your litoshis available.

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And little more to add, claimalthough it cánido be done every five minutes, claiming it two or three times a day will be enough.

Referral system in Moonlitecoin

moonlitecoin like the rest of coinpot faucets It has a pretty good referral system, we will earn 25% of the earnings of our guests.

We will not have a limit on referrals, we cánido invite as many as we want.

For each active referral we will receive 1% of the litoshis claims (up to a maximum of 100% plus).

In order for us to consider an active referral, they must have made a claim in the last 72 hours, therefore they must request their claims every or almost every day.

It is the so-called referral plus that we will talk about a little later.

How do I earn more with Moonlitecoin?

With moonlitecoin You perro earn litoshis in more ways, you perro multiply your claims up to 100%. ways to earn more litoshis are the following:

  • daily plus.

    By cEvery day you entrar the faucet and make a claim you will earn between 1% and 100% at most.

    If you ever fail, the plus will reset and you will have to start from scratch.

  • mystery plus.

    This plus is a random percentage that moonlitecoin will always give you for using the faucet.

    The plus percentage will vary in each claim that is made.

  • Referral bonuses.

    getting referrals you will earn 25% of what they get.

    There is no referral limit, but there is only one level.

    Besides, for each referral you bring you will earn 1% up to a maximum of 100% plus.

    For a referral to be considered active, they must make a claim for litoshis in the last 72 hours.

Does Moonlitecoin really pay?

I have to tell you that yes, Moonlitecoin will pay us directly to our Coinpot wallet all the litsohis obtained.

You cánido see all the payments I get in this microwallet on my popular networks.

You perro follow me on instagram, fb and above all, twitter.

Always with the usuario @salgodelacrisis.

Moonlitecoin Reviews

As I have told you in previous posts, cryptocurrencies are something that we have to have no matter what, and Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies with the best future.

If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time on other faucets and I would register immediately on moonlitecoin, the best and most productive of the faucets for Litecoin.

Through these Coinpot faucets we will be able to earn fractions of cryptocurrencies that cánido be converted into many dollars in the future.

And as always, it’s totally free! Here is the registration backlink.

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 Moonlitecoin: the best faucet to earn
  Moonlitecoin: the best faucet to earn
  Moonlitecoin: the best faucet to earn

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