MoonDash: the best faucet to earn Dash

MoonDash: the best faucet to earn Dash

MoonDash is the one we are going to use faucets Coinpot to earn Dash. Is heThe last of the Moon family that we are going to add, a faucet to earn different cryptocurrencies for our microwallet CoinPot.

dash It is a cryptocurrency that is based on the same technology as Bitcoin. Unlike this one, Dash, thanks to the use of master nodes features instant transaction confirmations. This makes this cryptocurrency is really interesting, attractive and a value to take into account in the short and medium term.

Sign up for Moondash

If you don’t have a Moondash account yet, you’ll need to create one. You cánido do it totally free here. You cánido also do it in the upper banner. as in his sisters moonbitcoin, moonlitecoin and moondogecoinin Moondash you cánido create the account directly by entering your dirección de correo electrónico coin pot. This microwallet has the advantage that all your Dash claims will instantly go to the microwallet, with no minimum withdrawal required.

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Both to receive your income from the different cryptocurrencies both in Moondash and in the other moon coinpot, you must have a Coinpot account. Also, when you register, you must register with the same correo electrónico that you did in your Coinpot account.

How does Moondash work?

Once registered in moondash You perro now claim your Dash every five minutes. Although you cánido claim it whenever you want, since heThe dashes are cumulative. It will be enough to claim two or three times a day. The operation of the faucet is fácil, to claim you only need two fácil steps:

  • claim dash. As I told you, you cánido do it every five minutes (cumulative). You must do it by clicking on the button claim now.

  • Solve captchat. Once claimed, we will have to solve a small capchat.

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  • Then it will be enough to give the button claim.

And voila, it is an extremely fácil operation. You cánido repeat the process every 5 minutes. Although I recommend, if you don’t want to be glued to the computer all day, do it three times a day.

Earn more in MoonDash

In this faucet, as in the others of the family of fuacet coinpot, has its plus system with which we will earn more dash in each of your claims. The available bonuses are the following:

  • daily plus. Every day you access the faucet and make at least one claim you will earn 1%up to a maximum of 100% plus. Do not forget it any day, if you forget it, you will start again from scratch.