MoonDash » Faucet to earn free dash. (Already

MoonDash » Faucet to earn free dash.


MoonDash It is a faucet or faucet that allows you to earn dash fractions for free.

The MoonDash page has been operating since 2015 without problems with users, and through it you cánido claim small amounts of dash every 5 minuteswhich you cánido receive in your CoinPot microwallet, so it is necessary to have a Coinpot account.

The MoonDash page belongs to the faucet group “Moon”, which is made up of other pages such as MoonBitcoin, MoonDoge, MoonLitecoin, where they all belong to the same administrator.

MoonDash is a platform that cánido help you earn a significant amount of dash daily for free.

MoonDash Basics

platform management MoonDash has been operating since 2014 No problems with users.
withdrawals They are received instantly for each claim in your Coinpot account.
referrals It has a direct referral system, from which you earn a 25% of the earnings of your referrals.
Languages English, but it perro be translated with the browser’s translator.
accepted countries Users from all over the world cánido earn money.
Activity Faucet and Offers.
Pay? Yes, MoonDash makes payments without problems.

Registration and first steps in MoonDash

Registration in MoonDash is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering you must entrar your correo electrónico associated with your CoinPot account (since all payments are instantaneous and are made through CoinPot), clic on the “Sign in” button and your registration will be complete.

CoinPot is a microwallet that will allow you to receive the fractions of cryptocurrencies that win in the different faucets, and you need to have an account on this platform to receive MoonDash payments.

You perro create a CoinPot account from the following backlink: Go to CoinPot.

Registration Form

You cánido start with the record in MoonDash from the following backlink: Go to MoonDash.

After registering on the MoonDash page you will be able to start earning dash fractions every five minutes.

How does MoonDash work?

MoonDash is a faucet or cricket which allows you to earn fractions of dash every five minutes.

After claiming your dashes, these they will instantly appear in your CoinPot account.

The operation of this platform is quite fácil, you will only have to clic on a button, validate that you are not a robot, with which you have made your claim.

When you make a claim for satoshis you must wait 5 minutes to make another one claim, and so on until the page exists.

Remember that when registering the correo electrónico you use must be linked to your coin pot accountotherwise the page will not allow you to register.

If you are very consistent in claiming dash, then for each claim the amount that you will earn will be greater.

You just have to register and start making claims so that what you earn is added to your coin pot account.

In your MoonDash account in the upper section you cánido see the amount of dash you have in your CoinPot account.

How to earn free dash in MoonDash?

The MoonDash page allows you earn fractions of dash in four ways that are: making claims, with offers, with special bonuses and with your referrals.

Below are these ways to earn dash on MoonDash:

claim dash

For only make claims every five minutes you will receive fractions of dash totally free.

After making a claim you will be able to see the dash increase immediately in your CoinPot account.

If you make claims with very often (several times a day), then you will start receiving higher earnings per claim.

While in your account, you must entrar the “faucet” section, where you will see the option to make the claim.

You clic on the “Claim now” button, you validate that you are not a robot and with this you have earned a fraction of dash.


The MoonDash page allows you to earn dash by doing various kinds of offers for free, The different offers require certain conditions to be met in order to participate in them and earn a certain fraction of dash through them.

To earn dash with offers, in your account you must entrar the section “offers”, where the different offers that you cánido make will be shown along with the amount of dash that you will win when you complete it.

You just select the offer and follow the steps indicated, where at the end of the offer you will get the dash in your CoinPot account.

special bonuses

The MoonDash platform has two special bonuses, which allow you to increase profits considerably.

The special bonuses are described below:

Daily loyalty bonuses: For every day you make at least one dash claim, you will earn an additional 1% for the next day.

This plus perro reach a 100%which indicates that if you are active every day, then you will earn twice as much.

Mystery bonuses: This plus is random and is granted by the web automatically for using the faucet.


The MoonDash page allows you to earn dash with the referral system.

The part of the referrals will be presented later.

Referral system in MoonDash

MoonDash has a direct referral system, which pays you 25% of the profits that your referrals obtain forever.

In addition to this, for each active referral you have will earn an plus 1% on the claims you make (up to a maximum of 100%).

A referral is considered active when they have made a claim in the last 72 hours.

You perro find your referral backlink and promotional materials from the section “Referrals”.

In this section you cánido also find detailed information on the operation of the referral system offered by the platform.

Payments in MoonDash

On the MoonDash page There are no withdrawal minimums and no withdrawals are requested., since these are made automatically for each claim you make or from the moment you earn dash in the other ways.

Payments will go directly to your CoinPot account.

on this platform there are no deposits of any kindsince it is a completely free platform, which means that you will not lose your money.


Most platforms of this type do not last very long, but MoonDash has been characterized a lot by the long time it has been operatingallowing users to earn dash fractions totally free and easily.

The MoonDash page is a faucet highly recommended, as it offers many benefits to users for free.

Despite this, you should keep in mind that with this platform you are going to get small profitsunless you make a large referral network.

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 MoonDash » Faucet to earn free dash.  (Already
  MoonDash » Faucet to earn free dash.  (Already
  MoonDash » Faucet to earn free dash.  (Already

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