MoonCash: the best faucet to earn Bitoin

MoonCash: the best faucet to earn Bitoin

MoonCash is the last page we added from the Moon family.

Without a doubt, it is the best faucet to win bitcoin cash and you will have realized that belongs to the same manager as the rest of the familythat is to say: MoonBitcoin, MoonLitecoin, MoonDash and MoonDogecoin.

Like her sisters, MoonCash it is a cumulative faucet.

You will be able to claim your Bitcoin Cash a couple of times a day, although you perro do it every five minutes.

Bitcoin Cash is the result of the Bitcoin fork in block 478559.

It is currently a highly valued cryptocurrency.

Considering itself as the third in value and reliability.

Registration and first steps in MoonCash

Like the entire Moon family, in MoonCash payments will be made automatically vía CoinPot.

If you do not have an account in this wallet, I recommend that you read this articulo, there I explain how to register in Coinpot.

In the articulo you will learn to earn money on internetnot to learn how to remove glue from black clothes (For example).

You will also learn how to earn your first $9 in cryptocurrency.

Of course, completely free of charge, as always.

To register in MoonCash, you simply have to clic on this banner.

Then you will have to put your address CoinPot, verify that you are human (do not forget to solve the capchat).

And ready!! just clic on “sign in” (green button) and you will have your account.

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How does MoonCash work?

The operation of MoonCash is very fácil and identical to other bitcoin faucet from the same family that we are used to working with (except bonusbitcoin which has another system.

To win bitcoin cash in MoonCash We will have to follow two fácil steps:

  • You should look for the green button on the page claim now, you will simply have to clic on it.

    As I have told you above, claims are cumulative.

    Although you perro claim your Bitcoin Cash every five minutes, you will not care, since at the end of the day they will accumulate.

    Personally, I claim everything at the beginning of my journey.

  • Solve a little capchat.

    In this faucet, luckily, it is from Solvemedia, with which we will only have to solve a small text.

    Much easier and simpler.

How to earn more Cash with MoonCash?

The way that I have told you above is the classic way to earn BitcoinCas on this page.

If we are constant in our claims and ask for one every day, we will earn more, since they will give us bonuses and a higher percentage per claim.

In each claim we will earn a free percentagebased on your perseverance, your referrals or your mystery bonuses.

  • Daily Loyalty Bonuses (daily plus) If we are constant you will be rewarded.

    For each day you access MoonCash and make at least one claim you will earn at least 1% up to a maximum of 100% on your future claims.

    If one day you forget to claim, the counter will reset to zero and you will have to start over.

  • Mystery Bonuses (mystery plus).

    It consists of a totally random percentage that you will get when you make claims in the faucet.

    The percentage of the mystery plus changes randomly on each claim.

  • Referral Plus (referral plus).

    Inviting your friends or acquaintances, you will get 25% forever of all your claims in the faucet.

    Additionally, for each active referral you get you will receive 1% (up to a maximum of 100%) of your personal claims.

    For a referral to be considered active, they must have made a claim in the faucet at least once in the last 72 hours.

    If you remember, it is the same thing that happened in the different faucets of the Moon family.

As you cánido see, here in all bitcoin faucets of the moon family, fidelity is rewarded.

If you claim every day in the different faucets, you perro earn more and more.

Really when you are going to notice the difference is when you claim the payments, since you will see them increased.

It is worth making the claims, it does not take more than 5 minutes a day and the benefits perro be great

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referral system

As in all coinpot faucets, mooncash It also has a good referral system.

In this case, we will earn 25% of the profits that our referrals earn.

In order for a referral to be considered active and we cánido earn that 25%, they have to make their clicks at least once every 72 hours.

Although as always, if we do it every day, several times, we will have many more benefits.

Does Mooncash pay?

Yes, all bitcoin faucets that I recommend in this blog they pay.

The benefits we get cánido be transferred directly to our Coinpot wallet.

From that wallet we cánido either exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or transfer them to coinbasefrom where we perro transfer it to PayPal or exchange it for our local currency.

It’s been a while since I stopped putting payment receipts in posts.

To see the proof of payment of this and other facuets, paid survey pages and other types.

In addition to these vouchers, I inform you of the new articulo and offers that appear on the internet.

My usuario in the different popular networks (instagram, twitter and fb) is @salgodelacrisis.

MoonCash Reviews

if you want to win BitcoinCash completely free of charge, MoonCash should not be missing from your list bitcoin faucets.

A good iniciativa is to do it together with its sisters and other cumulative faucet pages.

and little more, encourage you to register in MoonCashyou will have a great opportunity to get Bitcoin Cash for free with this great faucet.

What are you waiting for to register? Don’t waste any more time and register now, you will only lose two minutes a day and you will end up with a good amount of Bitcoin Cash in your wallet CoinPot.

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 MoonCash: the best faucet to earn Bitoin
  MoonCash: the best faucet to earn Bitoin
  MoonCash: the best faucet to earn Bitoin

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