Moonbitcoin: earn bitcoin for your wallet

Moonbitcoin: earn bitcoin for your wallet

moonbitcoin It is the first faucet that I am going to add for earn cryptocurrencies for our purse coin pot, which I already told you about yesterday.

If you don’t know how register in CoinpotI recommend that you read the articulo.

Moonbitcoin is a veteran faucet that will allow us to earn fractions of bitcoin (the well-known satoshis every five minutes).

These satoshis will go directly to our Coinpot wallet.

Registration and first steps in moonbitcoin

He Moonbitcoin registration It is very fácil.

just clicking this backlink you cánido have your address moonbitcoin.

Only you will have to put an correo electrónico.

Keep in mind that it must be the same dirección de correo electrónico address (as I told you yesterday) that you registered with Coinpot.

To register in Moonbitcoin you perro simply clic on the backlink above or through this button below.

Once clicked, an image afín to this will appear.

There you will have to put your Coinpot address.

As you will see, it couldn’t be easier.

Although you cánido also register with a bitcoin address from another wallet, it is better that you do it with your Coinpot address.

For two reasons:

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  • There will be no minimum payment
  • The payments are instant

If you do not choose Coinpot as your payment processor, you will need a minimum of 25,000 satoshis to be able to request a payment.

And those payments will be weekly.

The comparisons were always odious.

But without any doubt coin pot It will be the most interesting microwallet to work with the different faucets Coinpot which we will talk about this week.

You perro have all the faucets unified in one microwallet and you perro withdraw your profits to Coinbase or some other wallet.

Sounds interesting right?

How to earn cryptocurrencies with moonbitcoin?

Once registered in Moonbitcoin you perro start to claim your satoshis every five minutes.

Although you will be able to accumulate them, I personally claim them three times a day.

You cánido do it in the section “Claim Now”by clicking on it.

After You only have to solve a small captchat and that’s it!.

We will already have our satoshis in our Coinpot account, directly.

Easy and fácil

How to earn more satoshis with moonbitcoin?

Apart from as a faucet, in Moonbitcoin too we have other methods to earn satoshis.

Are the offer panels and paid surveysaccessible from the menu offer and which, for the most part, we will know well.

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A week ago, most of the faucet moons were hacked.

Only Moondashcoin and MoonCash remained in their old format.

The others have a new format, so the offers have been removed

referral system

in all faucets Coinpot there is a good referral system.

In section “referrals” we will have our referral backlink.

we cánido invite Moonbitcoin to all the friends we wantwe will win the 50% of the profits that they have in moonbitcoin.

Apart from the referral backlink, we will have different banners, which we perro use on our popular networks or blog.

Furthermore, in all moon Coinpot, for each active referral we have, we will receive an plus 1% on our satoshi claims.

We will have up to a maximum of 100% claim.

so that the faucet Coinpot consider that a referral is active must have made at least one satroshis claim in the last 72 hours.

moon bitcoin opinion

We have to have yes or yes this wonderful faucet.

Even with their hack and come back to life, these types of faucets are one of the best out there for earning bitcoin.

If what throws you back the most in the faucets is having to be aware of the computer every five minutes.

With moonbitcoin That problem is over, since as I have told you before, the satoshis accumulate and we perro ask for them a few times a day.

As in its “sisters” Moondash and the rest of the Coinpot faucet are free pages and they will hardly take time to work on them.

Therefore, I recommend Sign up for Moonbitcoin if you haven’t already.

Here I leave you in banner for registration.

Many successes friends!

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 Moonbitcoin: earn bitcoin for your wallet
  Moonbitcoin: earn bitcoin for your wallet
  Moonbitcoin: earn bitcoin for your wallet

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